The Best of Michael Kosta – Saving the Lakes, A Statue Tour & Looking Like Don Jr. | The Daily Show

Published on September 22, 2018

The Daily Show salutes some of Michael Kosta’s finest reporting, including an effort to save the Great Lakes and a look at a controversial crime-reduction program.



  • StClemmons 7 months ago

    Ass pizza…isn’t that already Papa Johns?

  • Hassan Nour 7 months ago

    10:19 Hillary Clinton came out with a book called “what happened” with the same font and colours of the book in the video.. How!!!???!?

  • xxmyyoursxx123 7 months ago

    Finger in the butt maybe

  • kieran 7 months ago

    Only about 5 minutes in. Had to pause because couldn’t stop laughing at the whole “It’s a lake A**HOLE” bit. Hysterical! Just an aside, I miss Jordan Klepper.

  • edward lubin 7 months ago

    one triick pony. idiot white guy. not too funny sorry.

  • apirate namedjohn 7 months ago

    And today is the day little timmy turned to a life of crime. For he had never been to disney land before.

  • Salma Abdi 7 months ago

    WHO thought that he was weird and NOT fun

  • Patricia A 7 months ago

    Michael Kosta can get it 😉

  • Janet Gabriel 7 months ago

    Michael Kosta is HOT!!

  • Ian Pilcher 7 months ago

    Ronny Chieng snuck pizza out. Kosta is sneaking it in. Ah, the beautiful circle of prison pizza is complete.

  • DarkRubberDucky 7 months ago

    “Its a lake.”

    “Fucking Dan!”

  • EchoBrightstorm 7 months ago

    Anyone know what the background music is in the last segment (starting at 18:54)? Or even what production library the Daily Show gets their music from? It’s very pretty. Thanks! 🙂

  • Amethyst Pixii 7 months ago

    I love Michael lol. He’s really grown on me

  • Leslie B 7 months ago

    I fear that whoever writes for Michael kosta, and the people responsible for releasing it to the public, should ask themselves, what damage they are doing because the mass unfortunately believes everything it sees, even though it’s entertainment. The piece about the Great Lakes, for example, was damaging to the people who care about restoring the them and about the Great Lakes themselves. Many of the reports that Kosta does probably has the same effect or feel of a Trump objective without the incoherence’s. I don’t know if Kosta is a moron or is an intelligent man being told to behave like a moron for entertainment purposes. I don’t know why other people don’t see this and I feel that it is more damaging than it is funny. One of the few things that I thought was entertaining was when Kosta jumped out of the lake from under the water. It was very creative and very entertaining until he sat in the office of the person is trying to save the Great Lakes. The jumping carp is a very serious matter and when we screw with nature it always screws us back and reminds us how much more powerful it is, than us,

    Your daily show has lots of followers and 95% of that show in my opinion is fantastic and what Trevor Noah is doing is very entertaining but it only takes 5% to really destroy something so I urge you to reevaluate how Kosta reports on some things like when he interviewed the Prime Minister of Canada. Some of it was funny but a lot of it was damaging. Not because I’m a Canadian because I think I believe that I have some kind of balance and I think you know what I mean. What the American public does not know is that every single person that comes in to Canada is recorded with a very sophisticated facial recognition program that goes into a very special database of an organization called CSIS. I know that you guys think America is so great but I will tell you that ceases is even stronger than your CIA. As scary as it is that this organization also as a record of every single Canadian, it also has a record of every single visitor. However no system is perfect. It was I that found an Al Qaeda cell running out of a location somewhere around the Mississauga area close to Toronto Pearson Airport. And it was only by accident that I stumbled over it. After reporting the information to Homeland Security who didn’t take it very seriously, I contacted the RCMP. When the information fell on deaf ears I contacted the CIA. Your CIA is a good organization and contacted back the Canadians about my report and my Intel. They did catch the people in that cell through the efforts of the Canadians and the Americans. Please try to praise the Canadians in their efforts to do what they think is right. We don’t lock up the children of the people trying to get into our country we welcome everybody because we believe in the diversity of people. What Trump is doing is bad but what you are doing in some cases is similar and might be in some cases equally as damaging..

    It may not even be Kosta’s fault as I know. It is edited and approved by your producers and probably a whole legal evaluation is done before releasing stuff to the public which I’m sure you guys examine and how people will perceive the information that you deliver to them. I just think you need to be more careful. In a world that’s teetering on the edge of annihilation from you know who, I don’t think it’s wise to add fuel to the fire.

  • Braeden 7 months ago

    Man, this is poorly edited and cropped together

  • Luana Arturi 7 months ago

    This guy is the worst thing about The Daily Show

  • Veteran Nintenerd 7 months ago

    Best of -Jordan Klepper-

  • axel with an x 7 months ago

    It’s funny how he said amerikkka (first terrorist group that was protected by the United states)

  • Janet Chima 6 months ago

    The Sheriff Story is Nigerian-ish.

  • MR. MAKO 6 months ago

    i live in alabama and even i thought that was illegal


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