The Best Of Desi Lydic In The Field | The Daily Show

Published on March 8, 2021

From finding Florida Man to blowing the lid off the Mars One scam, here’s the best of Desi Lydic in the field. #DailyShow #DesiLydic




  • Keziah Auma 10 months ago

    Desi is the best

  • Zachary Henson 10 months ago

    Lol I needed this video this morning!

  • Fernan 10 months ago

    Im a Florida man and i approve this message

  • Derby Mods 10 months ago

    “Beef curtains” 💀

  • order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness 10 months ago

    Every time joe opens his mouth, ONLY LIES are spoken. At this time, he and most democrats don’t know what truth is anymore.
    Thank you my President Donald Trump for all the good that you did and gave for this country of the United States of America and for the people as well. you are the best president of all time my respect for president donald trump because he earned it Thank you I’m so proud of the Trump family. They are all excited to be Americans. They spread that love wherever they go. President Trump, we will always call you President. Mount Rushmore needs you!!💜💜💜💜 Democrats hate small businesses bc they are mostly owned by rational, conservative minded people. It’s why they’ve protected big business and destroyed small businesses during the pandemic. An obvious strategy

  • Hatori Hanso 123 10 months ago

    She is priceless 👍😂❤️🇳🇴🤣😂🙏
    The hairy legs 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christopher Haddock 10 months ago

    hey, this Desi is pretty damn funny….

  • Lightning Farron 10 months ago

    I think this is the longest video on this channel. 😂🙂

  • Allen Dean 10 months ago

    Do men really tell women- strangers- to smile more? Seriously? That’s ridiculous….

  • Steven Burrell 10 months ago

    This is fantastic!

  • abdurrahman khan 10 months ago

    The Italian guy was legendary

  • Cravid Ana 10 months ago

    “Mental health issues?” This makes me laugh really hard and deeply sad at the same time.

  • Florian Fahrenberger 10 months ago

    I think since he now lives in Mar A Lago, we should just keep calling the former president “Florida Man”. Makes for great news all the time.

  • Aaron Burr Atwood. 10 months ago

    I grow up FloridaBoy as soon as I hit 18 I was out. It sucked me back in for a couple of years later on but I was out again after that. I went back, met my wife, had a baby and realized she did NOT need to grow up in Florida and moved to The mountains of NC.

  • uhayile 10 months ago

    God’s waiting room

  • Racheal Maaron 10 months ago

    Stimulus checks are not for play play

  • tragic Laila 10 months ago

    Welp she gone 😂😂

  • Eric Alejandro 10 months ago

    I fucking love Desi lmao 😂 😂

  • Katelynne Hansen 10 months ago

    The bit about translators is actually really valid. They don’t get across how truly asinine and hateful he really is.

  • Coyote the Pangolin 10 months ago

    I can see what Trevor said in that interview, about how one of the things he loves about Desi is her ability to ‘bring out the weird’ in people and then to engage that weird in a non-judgmental way. She and Dulcé are such Daily Show icons 💖💖💖


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