The Best of BTS on The Tonight Show (Vol. 1)

Published on July 6, 2021

Jimmy Fallon and members of BTS talk about their secret career dreams, participate in the Fortnite Dance Challenge, serve pastrami sandwiches in New York City’s Katz’s deli and more.


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  • seewendy1 12 months ago

    Can’t wait for tonight 💜

  • bts seokjin 12 months ago

    Seokjin me alegra el día 💜

  • S S 12 months ago

    new single “permission to dance” coming july 9th!!
    watching their old appearances on this show and the new ones ahhh i love this THEYVE COME SO FAR 😭💜💜

  • R-jay Esposo 12 months ago

    So excited for BTSonFallon next week!!

  • Matt Barker 12 months ago

    Just wanna point out how excellent their English was in the subway interview. They all sounded so good, they should be proud.

  • Stay safe 12 months ago

    Our boys are amazing …..we purple you Jimmy for loving and caring our boys….they are comfortable around you

  • marina candelária 12 months ago

    boy i miss them so much

  • Bijin 24 12 months ago


  • Susan G Lim 12 months ago

    Love watching this video 😘🥰😍💖♥️👍👏😘🥰😍♥️♥️♥️💜😃🤩

  • Neema Kamala 12 months ago

    you spelled september wrong

  • sprite from McDonald’s kind of life 12 months ago


  • Sangi Phaeton 12 months ago

    Suga mentions in one clip that their music reaches teens, twenties, and thirties. But I am here to admit I am 56 and I am Army through and through! If my day is bad, a little BTS goes a long long way to lift my mood and propel me forward to a smile and a better day!

  • Sandi 12 months ago

    They’ve come a very long way! Its amazing how now theyre very much loved WORLDWIDE

  • Helly Minz 12 months ago

    BTS the best 💜☁

  • smilesinthesummer 12 months ago

    The way Yoongi tilts his head and presses his lips together before his little “go to Grammy” makes my heart flutter 💜

  • LietSayri 12 months ago

    Can I say I just love Jimmy Fallon for how he engaged with and was respectful to BTS. He celebrated them and made it a wholesome experience for everyone – no putting them down or making negative comments about the language barrier. I can’t say how much it means to see a mainstream Western personality like Jimmy Fallon invite BTS with wide open arms, because that wasn’t always the reception BTS received. <3 Jimmy!

  • Who Am I 12 months ago

    I was having a bad day because I wasn’t being T.S., B T.S., thanks for reminding me. I really have to change alot of my addictions. I am not my addictions earth. I seen some comments on here today about BTS and I agree, you are really good role models and I hope you always retain your inner child. That is the He Art in all of US eyes on Earth. We the People of Earth all are born good, it’s just that along this journey we forget that none of US eyes on earth are Adults. And my main problem is that I had 4 Father’s who didn’t see that I was someone’s child also. But it’s hard to see sometimes when everyone is stealing your mother’s love from you. See a Child that has 4 Father’s has 3 to many, and a Father Possesses his child. So if I have 3 to many Father’s, I also have 3 Father’s who are possesive of their offspring and that creates a divided house. I don’t like being the first born of my Mother who was told by my father to abort me. It drove my Mother away from me and into the arms of Father’s who did not want to possess me. I became a ward of the state. A.C.A.B. I had 4 Father’s. And my Brothers and Sisters and Relatives don’t see Mitakuye Oyasin. And this is why I am Crazy Whores, Crazy Hoarse, Crazy Horse. Pointing at Mount Rushmore and the Woman liberty who stood on many waters. But when you are forced to take a walk around the world to ease your troubled mind, you end up with ink cryptonite, and get asked if you are a threat to yourself or others because you really aren’t a criminal, because you wanted everyone to love and like you, but didn’t belong to any cliques/clubs/etc., and than people again thought that if you didn’t pick sides, a club, that somehow you were not on anyone’s side. I am on everyones side, this is why I ain’t good at making choices. Because I know that everyone on Earth is the product of He 💔 Art, and that happened somewhere in the center. A first born child died when he ran after his Mother the D Ark S Kin woman stolen from A Freak Ah and brought to M Heir He Ka. A Time Time and a half Time to Put the He Art back together. ❤️, <<< Life Blood of what 7 Faith's would call a great flood. A 🌈. A promise that we would never leave anyone behind ever again. Because no one was running after slaves when they died, someone was running after their Family Member a Shulamite, D Ark of the Covenant.

  • ɪʀɪs ᴠɪʟʟᴀʟᴏʙᴏs 12 months ago

    Like Rm say go to youtube and wrire bts with Jimmy Fallon…..

    Me 10 min later..

    OMG there are soooo cute Hahaha i am an army and i love bts i am the only one?
    👇💗💗 I purple U

  • Elvira Vara 12 months ago

    Yoongi knew it. They went to the grammy. Just see his face

  • Nicole Saldino 12 months ago

    The friendship they have is like a chain. They’re inseparable. Very close to each other. 🥺🥰

  • domija 12 months ago

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