The Best of BTS on The Tonight Show (Vol. 1)

Published on July 6, 2021

Jimmy Fallon and members of BTS talk about their secret career dreams, participate in the Fortnite Dance Challenge, serve pastrami sandwiches in New York City’s Katz’s deli and more.


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  • R-jay Esposo 2 years ago

    So excited for BTSonFallon next week!!

  • Matt Barker 2 years ago

    Just wanna point out how excellent their English was in the subway interview. They all sounded so good, they should be proud.

  • Stay safe 2 years ago

    Our boys are amazing …..we purple you Jimmy for loving and caring our boys….they are comfortable around you

  • marina candelária 2 years ago

    boy i miss them so much

  • Neema Kamala 2 years ago

    you spelled september wrong

  • Sangi Phaeton 2 years ago

    Suga mentions in one clip that their music reaches teens, twenties, and thirties. But I am here to admit I am 56 and I am Army through and through! If my day is bad, a little BTS goes a long long way to lift my mood and propel me forward to a smile and a better day!

  • Sandi 2 years ago

    They’ve come a very long way! Its amazing how now theyre very much loved WORLDWIDE

  • LietSayri 2 years ago

    Can I say I just love Jimmy Fallon for how he engaged with and was respectful to BTS. He celebrated them and made it a wholesome experience for everyone – no putting them down or making negative comments about the language barrier. I can’t say how much it means to see a mainstream Western personality like Jimmy Fallon invite BTS with wide open arms, because that wasn’t always the reception BTS received. <3 Jimmy!

  • Elvira Vara 2 years ago

    Yoongi knew it. They went to the grammy. Just see his face


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