The Bern That Keeps On Burning

Published on March 12, 2020

James Corden recaps the news of the day, including Senator Bernie Sanders announcing he’s staying in the race for democratic presidential nominee, despite losing another round of primaries, and James look at a story about a flight from the UK to Spain that had to turn around twice to drop off passengers who were too drunk on the plane.

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  • Honey Van Wyk 3 years ago

    Omg James😂😂😂ur so funny

  • Depression Beard 3 years ago

    The brief impression of someone eating an everything burger @2:34 was better acting than the whole of CATS

  • DonGsoOn TV 3 years ago

    Hahaha what’s a funny gay😂

  • Zafer Özkulluk 3 years ago

    Waaav 😃

  • Jennureah Xiong 3 years ago

    Oop…that hairline though…

  • CJ Whitmore 3 years ago

    Usually I love your commentary; but dude, you’re from the U.K.. How can you say universal health is a mathematical improbability with a straight face? On top of that, being a European, you know plenty of countries that have achieved free college and universal childcare as well. I’m open to the debate on whether or not we as a country should prioritize our tax dollars on those items over other issues (personally I’m not for all of Bernie’s spending plans myself), but don’t pretend like it’s not even within the realm of possibility.

  • Reaper RE 3 years ago

    Carpool karaokê slipknot

  • I am a Army bts 3 years ago

    You papa mochi i grandson mochi i love bts pls comment james cordon you the man with the plan

  • D Sohn 3 years ago

    free health care and education is mathmatically impossible?
    Iraq and Afghan wars: $4-6 trillion.
    wall street bailouts: $12.8 trillion.
    big oil subsidies: $37.5 Billion/year.
    F-35 Jet program: $1.5 trillion.

    This is not to time to use your platform to make irresponsible jokes. The candidates need 1,991 delegates to win the nomination and Biden is only at 799 while Bernie is at 663. “Biden is closing in” my ass.


  • Daniel Platonov 3 years ago

    Can Dems admit yet that Trump is better than Biden?

  • Secular Scot 3 years ago

    *#Bernie2020** **#NeverBiden** **#NeverTrump** Yours sincerely, a citizen from Europe*

  • Harry Schmidt 3 years ago

    Yeah bro

  • rain segaran Alfaran 3 years ago

    James Corden wants Trump to Win.

  • Tony Stark 3 years ago

    Corporate shill through and through, honestly I’m surprised so many people still haven’t realized it yet, I guess people just prefer being brainwashed.

  • frey bentos 3 years ago

    Lost a hell of a lot of respect for James Cordon here. He’s from the UK like me, he knows that universal healthcare is definitely possible, in fact, hes lived through the best performing national health service here growing up. Our healthcare would still be performing well if it werent for cuts and no wage growth in 10 years.

  • Eric Gyamfi 3 years ago


  • CDOSRUN 3 years ago

    If you want a dictator vote joe

  • Matt A 3 years ago

    I felt the Burn once.. now I use condoms.

  • Matt A 3 years ago

    They’re really scraping the bottom of the nursing home barrel this time around.. a senior with advanced heart disease vs another senior with advanced dementia.. fighting for the chance to take on the senior cheeto with advanced obesity lol why is America doing everything they can to hit the self-destruct button

  • Louise Daniels 3 years ago

    Unsubscribed. Bernie 2020!


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