The All-Seeing NostraDonald

Published on November 25, 2015

Donald Trump has the world’s greatest memory AND he can see the future… the classiest, most beautiful future ever.

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  • mariokarter13 4 years ago

    I personally prefer “NosTrumpDumbass”

  • Sunset River 4 years ago

    Let’s say for arguments sake there was a group of people cheering, why
    should the rest of those group of people be tarred with the same brush?
    make way for more fear and attacks on the women since the arab women always
    get attacked because they are more noticeable with their headscarves! Even
    women with hats and hoods are getting attacked

  • John Lee 4 years ago

    I love when you rant about donald trump

  • Vaibhav Gupta 4 years ago

    you’re looking for 3:46

  • KGP 4 years ago

    The yogurt shop line had me dying ??? like 3 have gone down in the same
    spot this year

  • jcabsolor 4 years ago

    I’m a fan and still am to a lesser degree but colbert not as funny as he
    used to be

  • martinaee 4 years ago

    How can so many people actually be for this man becoming president? If
    something like this happened after 9/11 it would have been a story over the
    past, I don’t know, **14 years!** It didn’t happen and the fact that we
    have a man blatantly inciting racism is disgusting and more importantly
    seriously dangerous for our country. Where does he stop? Are the blacks
    dangerous next? Maybe all Mexicans? Maybe all Jews? What should we do?
    Round them up and maybe keep them all in camp-like resorts where we can
    monitor them? Maybe we need some sort of solution finally to this…

  • ethan philpot 4 years ago

    Trump himself is a joke, what’s legitimately scary though is that there is
    a huge number of people who not only take him seriously, but are cheering
    for him BECAUSE he is openly racist

  • coldfire0007 4 years ago

    He has the gift!

  • Mary G 4 years ago

    Trump needs to be institutionalized in a mental institution, now and
    permanently. He is delusional and is legitimizing bigot and racist hysteria
    which will kill our country. I counted about 63 people who lynched a
    dissenter in Alabama, constantly egged on by Trump. We are a hair-breath
    away from Nazi-Germany. A special shoutout to the guy in the blue-checked
    shirt who would come in and pummel the dissenter while he was held down by
    civilians, but twinkle-toe away like the lilly-livered, spineless,
    jellyfish that he is the minute the dissenter started getting up. If Trump
    can’t get enough security for a lousy rally, how is he going to secure our

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    More like Nostradumbass.

  • Recon Div 4 years ago

    We are all voting for Trump, I wonder how many people actually laughed at
    Colbert’s joke? his writer needs to be fired he wasn’t funny Colbert also

  • carpetfluff35 4 years ago

    I predict that many people in the US will risk having Donald Trump as
    President just so they can have more segments where Stephen Colbert rips on
    him. (Don’t let that one be true).

  • tylertyler82 4 years ago

    So Don was just hanging out in Jersey in a Muslim neighborhood at 9am on a

  • TheUnatuber 4 years ago

    Taking a cue from Sharron Angle, I think Trump requires a Second Amendment

  • B2BG Bear 4 years ago

    if trump is one of the candidates vote Hilary Clinton we are not having
    that racist fuck in the white house who cares about guns you can always
    have a warrant

  • VacuousSloom 4 years ago

    People usually vote for the people they can relate too… its sad.

  • SheWhoWalksSilently 4 years ago

    “Fifth sense” haha

  • Jefferson Benavides 4 years ago

    Take note on everybody who supports trump so you know in the future that
    their opinion doesn’t mean shit in any topics.

  • Hm Me 4 years ago

    Muslim cheering 911 story was from Washington Post. It did happen. Fcuking
    political correctness, nobody even dares to mention it now.
    Political correctness is destroying USA.

    USA is becoming third class country.
    Huge trade deficit more than 10 years, $19 trillion debt, 48 millions in
    poverty, politicians controlled by special-interests/lobbyists, a country
    without border, refugees influx…You will love all this if you are not an

  • William Bradford 4 years ago

    Here’s my question: Can’t the GOP just NOT nominate him? can’t they simply
    elect, say, Rubio or (yeesh) Cruz so long as they get a minimum amount of
    primary votes? Even in the most conservatively biased polls, Trump doesn’t
    fare that much better then them, general election wise. I admit I don’t
    think much of the GOP, BUT when even Bill O Reilly thinks someone is too
    extreme, you gotta (naively perhaps) think even the GOP can’t stoop to

  • MercuriallyStatic 4 years ago

    What a fucking narcissist.

  • Jackmonster3231 4 years ago

    Stephen is the best late night host on TV.

  • MassiveScore 4 years ago

    My favorite thing about Trump is that he’s the ultimate one-up man. He’s
    said he has the world’s greatest memory, he said he has the highest IQ of
    everyone in the world, recently he said he’s the least racist person on the
    planet. It’s hilarious every time.

  • VirtualVictory 4 years ago

    “The world’s greatest memory.” Ayy lmao, what a fucking joke.

  • xingalingaful 4 years ago

    for the longest time, it almost seemed like a bad practical joke that this
    piece of shit could be the leading candidate in one of the two major
    american parties. somehow, this segment broke the glass and made me all of
    a sudden realize that this is real. donald trump is an actual thing that is
    actually happening to the actual u.s………………….

  • Northborn513 4 years ago

    Just like a “Polock” burned down the Reichstag pure fantasy and lies

  • Aasmaa S 4 years ago

    The hunger games advertisements tho ???

  • Blak 4 years ago

    Careful Stephen! DON’T BURN YOUR ARM!

  • Caroline Adel 4 years ago


  • An Actual Dinosaur 4 years ago

    Just think about it, if anyone in the US was celebrating the WTC going down
    right after it happened they would’ve been either lynched by an angry mob
    of neighbors or arrested immediately on suspicion of involvement with the
    terrorist act, especially a freaking crowd of people with video evidence.
    Can anyone be more of a moron than Trump?

  • Sam Nee 4 years ago

    Donald Trump has the world’s best memory? But I thought elephants had the
    world’s- That’s it, Donald Trump is part elephant.

  • Greg Barbosa 4 years ago

    I cannot stop laughing at the movie times segment of this bit. Lolol

  • Bailskywalker 4 years ago

    Donald Trump has a serious disease. “BigAssEgoitis”. Please call this
    number to help cure it :REALITY-CHECK

  • Jonathan Taylor 4 years ago

    Republicans took control of Congress because Democratic voters didn’t vote.
    Democratic voters didn’t vote because there sadly weren’t
    any candidates worth voting for who were running for Congress. Republicans
    could win the Presidential election if Democratic voters again do not vote.
    However, there is someone running for President who is worth voting for and
    that is Bernie Sanders. Democratic voters might make the mistake of
    nominating Hillary Clinton which would be traumatic for the US and the
    world because Hillary Clinton will enact policies that further strengthen
    the upper class (her primary financial backers) and the system of political
    corruption. Perhaps Democratic voters want to be part of an historic vote
    to elect the first female President, and that feeling is understandable,
    but being a woman does not excuse Hillary Clinton for being a conniving
    corporate tool. Bernie Sanders is the only real choice for President among
    Democratic voters. Not only to crush the arrogant, ignorant pride of
    wealthy fools like Donald Trump, but to send a loud message to the modern
    Democratic party that Hillary Clinton is not the kind of Democrat that
    Americans want.

  • LoquaciousApe 4 years ago

    “It’s as if Trump has some sort of *fifth sense* that let’s him see what’s
    on newspapers and on tv”

  • flipmaya 4 years ago

    Part of me wants to believe that Donald Trump is enacting the Zero Requiem
    from Code Geass.

  • prabasha thilakaratne 4 years ago


  • ChBro37 4 years ago

    Trump is probably the biggest disgrace since Hitler

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    I confidently predict that Donald Trump will say something even dumber next

  • Aigg Ebe 4 years ago

    Batman is to the Joker as Stephen is to Trump. One cannot exist without the

  • bigwingedkuriboh 4 years ago

    I love how accurate the pandering part was

  • Adhi N 4 years ago

    Wow, a dude who lie, racist, just batshit crazy is still a serious
    candidate for a president.. Murica never fail to amuse me..

  • MegaFunnymonkey123 4 years ago

    should’ve mentioned his promise to to get all muslims to register, like,
    you know, the nazis did with the jews?

  • Mint Berry 4 years ago

    Trump is funnier than Colbert.

  • Louis Kellam 4 years ago

    Trump is the type of person on facebook that likes his own statuses… then
    brag about how everyone of his statuses are liked

  • Rovshan Taghiyev 4 years ago


  • TheJankren 4 years ago

    I really cant wait for Donald Trump to be president. The world is going to
    get a lot more interesting.

  • Saul ofTarsus 4 years ago

    I am totally convinced now. Trump is doing a scientific experiment where he
    asks the question, how far will idiot Americans let him lead them? He can
    say anything, even ideas that are dangerous, and there are significant
    enough numbers of people who are very, very scared in their imagination.
    Society is changing and so is the position of the white, under educated
    white man’s place in it. As this group’s numbers fall in proportion to
    national population, and continue voting against their own best interests,
    some among them will become violent once they understand they are no longer
    protected as the dominant group anymore. Western European culture and
    society now are subject to repercussions and consequences caused by their
    own cultures choices in the treatment of others which they encountered
    throughout history. But, I digress. If Trump believes what he says, he is
    fucking dangerous. And, if Trump is only playing the crowd, how fucked is
    that for the angry white men of America?

  • J&J Plays 4 years ago

    Lol, so reminiscent of Mentok The Mind Taker.

  • Hatchet L 4 years ago

    Liberal Colbert last in ratings for being too liberal for audiences.
    Everytime he attacks republicans he drives away 1/2 the audience, bad host,
    bad business model.
    Colbert has no class, at least other late night hosts try to be apolitical,
    Colbert is a screaming leftist shill for democrats.

  • Kevin Li 4 years ago

    talk about beating a dead horse. we get it, trump is a joke and should be
    dismissed. now can this show stop going for the comedic low hanging fruit
    and make fun of other candidates across the board.

  • JKPancake 4 years ago

    You know something is wrong when people won’t believe you when you say you
    saw a bunch of people being assholes in new jersey

  • sponge007 4 years ago

    I hate it when politicians use 9/11 to try and get sympathy or to get
    political points. It’s beyond disrespectful and pathetic. This goes for
    Trump and Hillary too.

  • Tal Moore 4 years ago

    The celebration in the streets after 9/11 was by the Palestinian Arabs.
    Google that one.

  • Joseph Maring 4 years ago

    saw it with my own eyes people dancing in the street of bayridge brooklyn
    nbc your a fucking joke and your crowd are a bunch of sheeps

  • angelwolff90 richard doom 4 years ago

    I TRULY HATE THE MARXIST SCUM!!!!!!! In this county ! Steven you are a mere
    puppet of the leftwing scum that Despises America! One day my kind will
    Rule over this land and make it Great again? Instead of the 3rd World Pants
    up Dont Loot” Black lies Matter” politically correct cesspool it has
    become!!!! Steven GO TO HELL!! Along with your fans!

  • Ian Macias 4 years ago

    TRUMP 2016!

  • houseasian 4 years ago

    This show already jump the shark and it has not been a year yet!!!

  • Mark Love 4 years ago

    I predicted the sun would fall tomorrow” Donald Trump

  • Mark Aven 4 years ago

    Was I the only one who really liked the creepster music at 4:30?

  • Aero Windwalker 4 years ago

    I was told by a bunch of Chinese people I recently met in China that they
    were celebrating 911 when it happened. Also they told me to get the fuck
    out of their country. :/

  • TheBig Phenom 4 years ago

    The 5th sense to read newspapers

  • chasemebaby 4 years ago

    I used to love laughing at Trump now i’m afraid that even if he isn’t the
    nominee he has stirred up some crazy shit in that party that can’t easily
    be undone.

  • Nereidhar 4 years ago

    When Trump joined the race: hahahahahhhh, gotta love the US, this guy is so
    fucking entertaining!
    Winter: ok, it’s not funny anymore… please stop…
    Spring (prediction over a fortune cookie): WHAT ARE YOU DOING! STOP IT,

  • mastersimonsays 4 years ago

    how is that idiot still high up in the polls?!

  • Orange Leader 4 years ago

    “Peace in the Middle East-” *pop* “-is pretty darn unlikely.”

    Well, he’s not wrong.

  • Samuel Evans 4 years ago

    I’m gonna vote for Trump. No reason. Just because. lol

  • 5143hello 4 years ago

    The amount of weird stuff in Stephen’s desk always amazes me.

  • KMC 4 years ago

    This whole Trump thing speaks more about the Republican Base than anything

  • Arran Ray 4 years ago

    Why do people even watch Jimmy Fallon? That schoolboy ain’t funny.

  • Little Pinky 4 years ago

    Maybe he saw it on Alex Jones? Lol. This was just so hilarious with
    Stephen’s “predictions.”

  • Devlin Burgess 4 years ago

    That spooky noise Stephen made convinced me the Mentok! The Mind Taker! had
    returned for a second.

  • Photo Not Available 4 years ago

    Trump is not the problem. It’s the fact that there are many right-wing
    racist around the country that support him.

  • TheLeaderman 4 years ago

    Trump is an idiot

  • Emily hancock 4 years ago

    For god’s sake America, don’t let him win

  • he11b1ade 4 years ago

    Trump is so brilliant. He knows people are uneducated and to say he knew
    Bin Laden was trouble in a certain year will make most people think he knew
    it before most people.

  • Frank Boyce 4 years ago

    NostraDonald < Nostraskamus

  • Persona Simon 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure Donald is an alien

  • Pzark 4 years ago

    It’d be nice to see Colbert go after Hilary the same way he goes after
    Trump. They’re both pretty bad. I’d honestly be scared to have either one
    of them as president, but honestly I think I’d rather have Trump, at least
    he’s consistent

  • luomio 4 years ago

    I’m voting for Trump. He’s going to make a great president.

  • Kratos Grey 4 years ago

    1:51 All hail squirrel Jesus!

  • Kwality Kontrol 4 years ago

    In the year 2000.

  • linda fromowitz 4 years ago

    actually the washington post reported on the celebrations Sept 19, 2001

  • Nuclearkitty 4 years ago

    I wonder if Trump is elected how many people will move to Canada and

  • rurisapphire 4 years ago

    Magic 8-ball would have been perfect where the Snapple cap was.

  • 〈CaptainCole〉 4 years ago

    The planes should’ve hit Trump Towers

  • El Jeran 4 years ago

    That was beautiful Stephen. Thanks. Needed that.

  • TrevorSpace Animation 4 years ago

    Donald Trump is amazing, but not as amazing as Kanye West! #Kanye2020

  • Bryce Lancaster 4 years ago

    It’s really dissapointing that Colbert isn’t apolitical.. Honestly kind of
    ruins the show.

  • 84chevypickup 4 years ago


  • Xcogames Co 4 years ago

    I love you Colbert and I am not a Trump supporter (Hillary 2016) BUT I also
    saw that footage, it was actually all over the news right after 9/11
    showing Muslims in their country cheering when they heard the news of the
    9/11 attack… This is common knowledge! Not sure if this video has been
    removed since than, but I remember it very clearly, And I actually do have
    perfect memory! 😐

    Having said that there are TON of Muslims who love USA!! – And I Believe we
    should always move forward with COURAGE & COMPASSION :D

  • Saint Val 4 years ago

    But didnt the govt. claim “there was no way to know”. Not to defend the
    eccentricities of the Donald, but existence of prior knowledge of 9/11 was
    highly debated in the aftermath and still consequential today.

  • Ghost2Coast 4 years ago

    Trump 2016
    America will be great again

  • Lord Sauron 4 years ago

    Trump needs a small loan of a million dollars

  • clarkeclarkenson 4 years ago

    I kind of feel like this is the only country that Trump could get as far as
    he has in the election.

  • Mary Cummins 4 years ago

    Thanks for featuring a “certain” opossum on your show last night ;-)


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