The 5 Stages of Coronavirus

Published on March 12, 2020

As worldwide cancellations continue, Jimmy shares the 5 stages of Coronavirus, Donald Trump addresses the nation after weeks of spreading mixed messages, the #ELBUMP continues to gain steam, Marianne Williamson is doing her part to fight the disease, disgraced TV Televangelist Jim Bakker faces trouble after selling bogus remedies, and Joe Biden moves into the lead for the Democratic nomination.

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  • Boris Grishenko 2 years ago

    Corona is funnier than you ever were.

  • Sylo bloc 2 years ago

    Try to find a Kimmel video that doesn’t mention Trump Challenge!

  • Pvt Read 2 years ago

    ok well, that lady clearly needs the men in white coats to come get her

  • juker59 2 years ago

    I hope u get covid-19 and make a joke of it, so no crowded place yet audience attending

  • rm army 2 years ago

    I’m definitely at stage 5 smh.

  • HR-Vex 2 years ago

    Now I understand why TP is sought after so people stay home longer

  • William Simkulet 2 years ago

    8:00 warning? How about you seize his assets Government? Don’t let scam artists run for President.

  • no one 2 years ago

    Putin been in power all my life and I dont think I can make it till he steps down

  • Zahiya F 2 years ago

    Accurate lol

  • New Message 2 years ago

    If you trust the judgment of a guy who married Tammy Faye, you deserve to eat a bucket of reconstituted slop and water.

  • David Christ 2 years ago

    Mary Ann Williamson , means well but what a idiot. Now go wash your hands! Hilarious!

  • A YouTube Guy 2 years ago

    when u become known as the dude who shut down the NBA. didn’t that dude joke about it

  • tms117 2 years ago

    Yes please keep that info about Putin from Trump. It’s bad enough the whole white house spouts Russian Progananda and half of Congress we don’t need Trump actually trying to repeal the 22nd amendment

  • ye Mighty Ozymandias 2 years ago

    that jim baker guy is being sued by missouri for suggesting fake cures… idk how people dont remember the colloidal silver trends already from before and how people thought it cured everything and or made you never get sick.. then for the first time on earth.. silver mutated us our first real living smurf.. go youtube it. silver literally permanently turned this guy pure blue.. this jim baker guy should be thankful he is being sued now before anyone else get smurfed haha..

  • Dan Serrano 2 years ago

    This is Not a Joke People.
    There’s a Time and A Place!
    And this ain’t the time to make jokes

  • blue dog 2 years ago

    Lol, toilet paper is the first line of defence with multiple applications. Butt wiping, nose blowing, cough catching, wadded in hand to touch public surfaces, not to mention the architectural magnificence of the toilet paper fort I have built in my lounge room. Cheers to my American friends and be safe, from Australia.

  • Future04 2 years ago

    Trump better keep building the Wall so we’re safe from the coronavirus from coming in even more!

  • minkya1010 2 years ago

    actually Williamson is right… go ahead and laugh, it’s good for you

  • David North 2 years ago

    Let’s try snappy salutes; distance, man, distance

  • Bryan C. King 2 years ago

    I guessing this is how Resident Evil started


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