The 2020 Republican Commemorative Plate Collection (Feat. Will Arnett) | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on November 4, 2020

Celebrate this historic group of Republicans with a special commemorative plate made from the one thing Republicans love: horse shit! Narrated by Will Arnett.



  • Edric Aldones 3 years ago

    I oppose capital punishment on principle, but if a beneficent fairy saw fit to turn these gents into plates, I’d drop each and every one of them.

  • Patrick Kruger 3 years ago

    Oh, Arnette you proud? Yes you Arnette.

  • Steve Johnson 3 years ago

    0:28 Moscow mitch!

  • King Kayton 3 years ago


  • Mondo Shredder 3 years ago

    Sounds appealing, and thanks for the offer Sam, but I really do not want to tarnish my world class flying disc collection with these GOP bed pans.

  • PicoNano 3 years ago

    What if Trump wins again?

  • Shannon Jacobs 3 years ago

    They are still counting the last ballots, but I already know who lost this election. America lost. The age of America’s leadership of the world is over. America is a weak house. A house completely and hopelessly divided against itself.

    I think the winner is probably China. Other possible winners? Putin is likely to make a play for Russia to lead, but I doubt he can do much without some major disturbance–though he might be planning something. Most optimistic outcome would be if Europe or Brazil took over, but I think Brazil is basically at Japan’s level of weakness even if Bolsonaro is ambitious. Europe doesn’t want to lead, and their house is pretty divided, too. Seems to leave China as the winner, which is the normal state of world affairs as the Chinese see things.

    New theory on what’s wrong with America. I still think that Trump’s coalition of haters is important and a major weakness, but there may be something even bigger than that. It goes back to people believing what they want to believe, and most people want to believe in certainty. Heck, even I would prefer to believe in certainty, but maybe I’ve just been too brainwashed into the scientific perspective that requires me to challenge authority and question everything, no matter how much I’d prefer to have a concrete and certain answer. Trump’s supporters are certain about Trump, but they are wrong. Trump is NOT the true answer to anything.

    There a few extremely rich and influential people and corporations who are glad that America is weak and fractured. Trump thinks he’s one of them, but he’s just a deluded bankrupt puppet. Tax returns? I’d rather see his phone records and know who the puppeteers are.

    Not a solution approach, but kind of a silver lining. I was never that keen on the idea of American leadership. To me it always felt like something we just sort of stepped into after WW II. Not exactly an accident, but not an objective or target.

  • Robert Duncan 3 years ago

    I’ve been suffering covid for a week, this is the only thing that literally made me throw up.

  • Stealthydragon 3 years ago

    How did they capture Turtleface’s 1000 chins so well?

  • Toneloke 3000 3 years ago

    Did you say 1820?

  • Jeremy Toh 3 years ago

    Mitch was re-elected, so it shows the will of the people is to let the scoundrels keep embezzling

  • SuperDaveRC 3 years ago

    Cruz does need to shave off that patchy highschool ‘first beard ever’ monstrosity, and give his facial hair a fighting chance to cover that abomination of a face.

  • bgt125 3 years ago

    Those are about as authentic as Democrats claiming to represent the American poor

  • Deanna 3 years ago

    Hope the madness stops soon!

  • Ted M 3 years ago

    I’ve never killed anyone, but I do look forward to reading about they’re deaths. Ever last one of them

  • Victor Brown 3 years ago

    I need target practice.

  • David Pascoe 3 years ago

    They are too much even if they were free unless you are going to use them for target practice and still wouldn’t pay more than two dollars for the lot.


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