“That Won’t Stop Putin” – Julia Ioffe On The Effect Of Sanctions Against Russia

Published on February 25, 2022

Julia Ioffe, founding partner and Washington correspondent for Puck News, lists the ways that Vladimir Putin has silenced internal opposition in advance of his offensive against Ukraine, and explains why that may help him withstand the domestic pressure that can result from international sanctions. Stick around for more from Julia Ioffe. #Colbert #PuckNews #JuliaIoffe

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  • New Message 2 years ago

    “He’s not afraid of his own people in any way?”

    What are they gonna do, vote him out? He doesn’t even bother to pretend to count them.

  • mueffe 2 years ago

    Sanctions only makes the People suffers even more. Just like what happaned in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan. Its kind of obvious, what the efects of sanctions would do.

  • Bayonet300 2 years ago

    Especially now if China is truly planning on supporting him

  • Sterling Archer Lanor 2 years ago

    US needs to take the blame for the situation it caused in ukraine with russia. nato for instance.

  • w.d.g 2 years ago

    I love Julia and all her online interviews. Thanks for getting her on your show Stephen.

  • Nick Jones 2 years ago

    The West will have to fight at some point their will be no choice but too stop him we have been here before the weapons to be used He does not care .

  • Mephisto 2 years ago

    Putin will save us from the woke culture

  • Cynde Sadler 2 years ago

    Thank you for having Julia Ioffe on.

  • larry785 2 years ago

    Well, obviously Putin should be eliminated. Who wants to save Asia?

  • Tom Gucwa 2 years ago


  • Chirag Majithia 2 years ago

    Get TulsiGabbard on show.

  • Oroksis 2 years ago

    “He’s not afraid of his own people in any way?”

    Our russian army has about 900k troops. Only about 150-200k are in Ukraine.
    On top of that, we have ROSGVARDIA who has 340-400k men with special training and equipment to put down any resistance from russians.
    Our major cities are too far away to help each other.
    Guns are illegal – most of russians don’t have any firearms, not even non-lethal.
    There is no way for we can force Putin out of the office by force.

  • Crypton Reef 2 years ago

    Russia isn’t a superpower anymore. Let’s remember that.


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