Thank You Notes: Viral Photo of Trump’s Tan Line, Candlelight Dinners



  • allison osheim 7 months ago

    Jimmy I love you so much and I want you to know that you saved me marriage, you made us laugh again and I know if you invite us on you showed you will seal the deal

  • Obverse Singularity 7 months ago

    Corona on out side. Vodka on inside

  • Obverse Singularity 7 months ago

    Sorry but Conan is better.

  • Abir Dominguez 7 months ago

    Anybody remember tasteicles

  • TRISHA SA TX 210 7 months ago

    Watching now?

  • hugh oliveiro 7 months ago


  • Giant Booger 7 months ago

    3:22 Lets hope we have four more years of Trump or else all we are going to get are these bees jokes. What will you do?

  • Aleezah Zaidi 7 months ago

    Today is my bday wish me!
    14 feb

  • Nic , 7 months ago

    This almost felt like a 7am podcast

  • Bubblegum 7 months ago

    This episode is so damn good. I love how calm and relaxed they all seem.

  • Guy Incognito 7 months ago

    Omg, Jimmy is unbearable. L8r

  • J P 7 months ago

    What happens to all these thank you notes?

  • NorthernCurry Catering 7 months ago

    Everyone Reading This Have A Great Day!!!!!!

  • You Matter 7 months ago

    I’d take some honey please.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 7 months ago

    where it says that DJT is against gay? see they say mentioning that homophobia exist is nowclll homophobic remark. so strange these people what they get offended about?

    do u see more sabotage by VV Barr against president Trumo?

    so VV Barr basically canceling investigations against Gabe who is not a president friend

    and actually they try to present that President Trump did to want Gabe to be persecuted but actually he was the one starting Russian investigations and accusing president Trump So Barr behind closed doors starting more problems? Releasing people that are not friends of president Trump and the cut videos to sound like President trauma is asking VV Barr to do this?

    What is going on and they threaten Juliani also. 

    Basically Barr is trying to undo impeachment and starting to prepare to throw president Trump to prison nd start war with Russia and that is why Turkey attacks in Iglib? is that Nato?

    Barr revisiting Russian investigation and trying to turn it around to accuse Juliani gan cause he is very competitive and Juliani is a rival. Barr get to quit the position he is really hurting situation basically behind close door what is he doing is president Trump even knows this oneIs Barr a pedophile?

     because why defend so much and why is he blackmailed and by who 

    if there were affairs with any of the epstein females same as epstein epstein should not have been persecuted. basically there are real pedophiles liek biden creating problems. 

    why president is getting angry at mike? 

    personal like they do not have to disclose is personal information. Good or Bad.

    why rape 92 yo? they give this personal information was it a robbery?

    grandma last seen? suicide? basically is so odd how many 92 yo get raped?  main reason went rape

    violant robbery? 

    was it retaliation was a women active in some capacity etc? 

    was it just happened? to say someone they beautiful when they describe rape? what did she sea ? was she asked to say beautiful speech? 

    in terms of encourage someone to share grieving ? so they not shy ?

    is very odd they provide night pics

    what is someone steal the money and there is not any wall. why they did the pics at night ? maybe all teh wall is all u see on teh pic

    aldo they say is easy to cut a bar out and sneak in so someone cuts the bar and there is a way to sneak in and also pass bribed and drugs thru the barrs

    barr is launching attack from the inside

    talking revisiting russia attack 

    and they pst it it is attack on russia support gabe and trying to have rodger testify

    that is y ALL edge ed lie?

    please u never talk about people who already settled nd need help with immigration forms

  • Jorge Echevarria 7 months ago

    Cats what a let down??? but sonic that was amazing

  • Jon M 7 months ago

    It you the media that make this country look ridiculous. Regardless if you hate Trump or not you spit on the voters who voted him in. You parade thru the streets with your LITTLE ANTIFA gangs of bearded mustaches and thick rimmed glasses freaks of nature in an effort to teach an already mindless class of people that the Republican party is bad.
    You say Trump is a racist but cannot show one video of him being a racist.
    Sure you say because he is stopping illegal aliens from coming in and sucking our welfare system dry that he is racist, but you never heard him say a racist word.
    He did call a shit hole country a shit hole country. That doesnt make him racist, it makes him a real American. Someone who is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. But you all are so afraid to speak out against anyone on the left because you will.lose your job, your home, have your and your childrens life threatened. You’re cowards for not speaking up against anything the democrats are doing. Because there is a crap load of illegal activity in the democratic party.
    You are just to blinded by your ignorance.
    You do no research at all
    You take a snipits of this and a snippet of that and you convince a brainless crowd that it’s the truth.
    I was Democrat but never again until we have a moral one that speaks the truth.
    I dont see that happening any time soon since Satan runs the Media.

  • Nilla Mig 7 months ago

    Candle light dinner one: that’s so sweet! He knows I hate my… well, everything! ❤️

  • Faris Alheloo 7 months ago

    I subedsucribed

  • antonio volpe 7 months ago

    Jimmy Hat


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