Thank You Notes: Steve Bannon Leaving Breitbart, Wearing Colorful Socks



  • Nicole Butler 1 week ago


  • Wonder Woman 1 week ago


  • noreen claire 1 week ago


  • BnaBreaker 1 week ago

    Words cannot express how much I love JAMES!

  • BeckChiddy 1 week ago

    “Don’t call me a ho” 😂

  • Christina Rai 1 week ago

    Yes Jimmy!

  • New Message 1 week ago

    Thank you, Steve Bannon.. for showing the medical community that you don’t need a functioning liver if you just sacrifice enough kittens to the Dark Lord.

  • Harnoor kaur 1 week ago

    lol didn’t even realize until now that me and jimmy have the same birthday!! 🙂

  • saberkix 1 week ago

    best one of 2017 yet

  • PleNteNiouS 1 week ago


  • RonsonDenmark 1 week ago

    The worst thing is that you can see all the interactions are rehearsed.

  • Sara Wilcker 1 week ago

    Why does everyone always hate that Korea guy so much?? One of my teachers like says nice things about him all the time like he’s actually not as bad as the country says..

  • .AccessoryAddict. 1 week ago

    “James, do you have fun socks?”

    Hilarity ensues


  • # 1 1 week ago

    * * * *Do you have a dollar bill??? Have you ever noticed the (((Jewish))) 6–pointed Star of David on the back of the U.S. $1 bills, disguised as thirteen individual stars? The blue and white Star of David is on the U.S. Great Seal? Does (((ISRAEL))) own the UNITED STATE? I am confused. Can someone please verify???* * * * Also, why do Jews like Jon Stewart change their names and hide from society?

  • Spider Jeranimo 1 week ago

    “James can i get some ‘Thrown under the bus by EVERYONE music’ please.”

  • Blak 1 week ago

    Bannon is not the “Before picture” of a racist P.O.S., he’s the “Current picture for that”.

  • Floppy Bird 1 week ago

    2:38 – this looks inappropriate

  • HOE BUDDEN 1 week ago

    how he raise his pen has me dying lmaooooo

  • Tammy Whatever 1 week ago

    Dear Jimmy Fallon,
    I have always loved you. From SNL, to all movies I have always stopped my days, to watch. They will be forever in my memories.
    I cannot watch, listen or contribute to the late night shows anymore, due to your continued Trump bashing content, you feel needs to poison your talented & fun shows you put on each night. I just can’t. I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER. It is so not like you, to promote HATE and you are probably losing fans left and right – who am I kidding, only the “right”… I digress. I have to delete you from my subscriptions, along with no longer watching that channel. It’s sad that the “celebrities” feel that they have to tell us little folk what is best for our lives & our country, when you don’t need to worry about everyday life, bills, taxes, etc. I hope some day that you REALIZE what this President is trying to do for little folk like me. Until then, I WON’T be watching, your movies will end up in the trashcan, and will hope for a miracle that you get off the celebrity moral train & see what you are doing to your fans.
    A sad goodbye,
    Tammy 🙁

  • brightbite 1 week ago

    Christmas trees thrown on the streets- one of the most disrespectful after holiday traditions.


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