Texas Teaches Opposing Holocaust Views & China Flies A Missile Around The World | The Daily Show

Published on October 19, 2021

A Texan school administrator tells staff to teach “opposing views on the Holocaust,” nobody knows how China was able to launch a hypersonic missile that flew around the world, and New Zealand banishes a famous wizard. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoyWoodJr




  • stéfan hoïmes 3 years ago

    I’m a simple dude… I see Roy Wood Jr and I immediately tap the shiny box.

  • Kelly G 3 years ago

    The world really is a better place when Roy Wood Jr. is around.

  • GuyVader Productions 3 years ago

    I see how it is Trevor. Its easy for you to make fun of other peoples profession when you only work, at best, 6 months a year. I thought you were better then that but whatever!

  • Isaac's mom 3 years ago

    yay! bye bye Texas. Florida, too. we shud just cut it off and set it out to sea, it’s only partially attached to US anyway.

  • Zephyer Min 3 years ago

    American has been this crazy neighbor for soooooooo many years.

  • Scldragonfish Armond 3 years ago

    ROY WAS READING MY MIND!!! We don’t need Texas. Let them be their own country.

  • Jesus' Fish Room 3 years ago

    texas already has a queen, Cancun Cruz.

  • David Quinn 3 years ago

    I am NZ and originally Christchurch the wizard has been a fixture there since the 70s

  • Dyannand Maharaj 3 years ago

    I total agreed German..British Columbia

  • BAMs 3 years ago

    @trevor Noah this guy should come to Nigeria and see real wizards

  • Diogenes The Cynic 3 years ago

    Mind you, intercontinental ballistic missiles were originally built from the systems that launched Sputnik.

  • Fiona Clapham Howard 3 years ago

    The young Wizard in the background is the apprentice who’s being trained to take on the mantle when our main man chooses to retire or turns up his toes. And he isn’t on food stamps! The NZ$16k a year will have been a nice top up to his state provided superannuation, or pension.

    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and am a big fan of the Wizard. He’s been part of our city for decades and is actually a very educated man who can put some interesting philosophical points across. Plus, Wizard! What’s not to love about more diversity?

  • H Pham 3 years ago

    lol allllll theses correspondents are great on the side too


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