Texas Leadership Is Trying To Turn Back The Clock – Beto O’Rourke On The State GOP’s New Platform

Published on June 24, 2022

The Democratic nominee for the governor of Texas, Beto O’Rourke, returns to The Late Show to discuss the effect of new voting restrictions in his state and the extreme positions staked out in the state GOP’s new political platform. Stick around for another segment with Beto O’Rourke! #Colbert #Beto #BetoORourke

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  • Rose DiMatteo 2 years ago

    O’Rourke is such an incredible inspiration to all Americans! He’s unwilling to give up, and THAT’S the message for the nation!

  • TheBurmeseDude 2 years ago

    GOP, esp the one in Texas, has gone hideously nuts, worshipping and taking the same path as pathological liar, worst presidentever Trump.

    If you consider yourself a traditional republican or value conservative values, then you really should punish the current republicans who are in power and vote for this guy Beto. That’s the only you can save your party and more importantly country as this applies to all states.

    Current GOP has been infested and corroded by Trump. It is an unrecognizable monster that harms and will harm this country to its core.

  • Tona Miller 2 years ago

    My 92 yr young mom used to be proud to tell that she was born in Texas….

  • Makeda Moore 2 years ago

    I’m late. Where is John Batiste?

  • Chris Dawson 2 years ago

    I hope that Texas votes for this man

  • Raj Sharma 2 years ago

    Here in Texas. Help!!!! Go Beto!!

  • Sonia Quintanilla 2 years ago

    My family and I are ready to cast our vote for the right man for the job….BETO O’ROURKE!
    If we want Change we must vote.

  • Mitchell Krouth 2 years ago

    F that

  • M K 2 years ago

    F that!,, !!! MINORITIES WILL BE THE MAJORITY!! Black,brown, Pacific islanders, Asian, Latinos, Everybody!!!!!! Starting with TEXAS!!!! Come on TEXAS!!!! Do it CHEEEEEEEEEEHUUUUUUUU! Aloha!!!

  • sukidawter 2 years ago

    Beto has my vote.

  • Laura Castillo 2 years ago

    I live in Texas, and I will definitely vote for him!

  • martha harper 2 years ago

    This Texan is voting blue for Beto!!!!

  • Serendipity Shop 2 years ago

    I sure hope TX Dems are prepared to vote in person with every piece of documentation they have. 13% rejections of mail-in ballots is WILD. And though this may affect everyone, you can bet the R’s will be more critical of mail-in ballots from Dem areas.

  • insaneapples 2 years ago

    This is all fine and well but O’Rourke won’t beat Abbott and they’ll just become more emboldened and continue what they’re doing.


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