Texas is OPEN, Trump Wants Vaccine Credit & Jimmy Pranks 4th Graders

Published on March 10, 2021

Alaska became the first state to offer vaccines to every resident over the age of 16, Texas’ state-wide mask mandate is officially over and the bars are open, the House passed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill in spite of Republicans, we look back at what people on the street said about Coronavirus one year ago today, Donald Trump wants us to remember he “helped” with the vaccine, and Jimmy pranks a 4th grade class at Ellis Elementary in Las Vegas.


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  • J- Doh 2 years ago

    Am I immature to have laughed so hard at Mr. Cracker’s song and the kids reactions?!

  • Joe Hunter 2 years ago

    He missed the part in the bill where most of it has nothing to do with COVID lmao keep bullshitting jimmy

  • jezaeiri 2 years ago

    This week and next week are spring break in Texas.. I work for an establishment just over the border in OK and we still have a mask requirement on our property and I haven’t, thankfully, had a single complaint about it from our visiting Texans. They have even agreed with our pool opening delay to allow a greater portion of the population to be vaccinated. The Texas Govenor may be a moron but it seems most of the general population is still smart enough to recognize we’re not out of danger yet.

  • unbootablebot Io 2 years ago

    Glad that Texas is open. The number of people on planet is to high, so…let’s start from somewere

  • Snow 2 years ago

    6:51 LOL

  • Amalia Rincon 2 years ago

    Waiting to see how high the Covid death goes up in TX. California should pose a travel ban from TX.

  • TJ Michael 2 years ago

    Freaking alaska gotten a million doses of the vaccine for their thousand of legal residents.

  • NirvanaFan5000 2 years ago

    That “meteor” is climate change. And yes, they have responded with “no we don’t.”

  • Paula Keller 2 years ago

    Republicans freedom kills innocent people by not wearing masks nor social distancing, ignorance at it’s finest. The GQP don’t care of other people’s lives. They only care of their stupidity.

  • michael fernandez 2 years ago

    The word of the day.. Cattlecube..

  • Robo 2 years ago

    Boy cover your mouth

  • Linda Grant 2 years ago

    Thanks Jimmy for shout out to Alaska I live here and got my shots already Used to live in Texas they aren’t part of US anyway they dance to a different tune dem good ole boys make their own rules read a little Mollie Ivins try Mollie Ivins can’t say that can she? It’s a book and great fun reading and if you are not bilingual you cannot work in Texas go Jimmy go chip away at trump he’s a monster

  • Utha 2 years ago

    OMFG, I was crying with laughter after that substitute teacher segment. Those kids were hilarious.

  • Slim Shadetree 2 years ago

    Lmao she said ” I like wine and toilet paper”

  • John Lujan 2 years ago

    Jimmy’s humor is such that he could insult me, I’d know that he was insulting me, yet I still wouldn’t be angry with him.


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