Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Threatens to Arrest Democrats Who Fled State: A Closer Look

Published on July 14, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the governor of Texas threatening to arrest lawmakers who fled the state to block a draconian new voter suppression law designed to keep Republicans in power.

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  • Nic Bogata 10 months ago

    All other first world democracies figured out DECADES ago that voter suppression and autocratic power attempts are possible, that’s why as much as a pain in the @$$ it is, voting is MANDATORY. By making voting mandatory the parties has no other choice but to keep changing policies to better the nations to draw in voting numbers.
    Tf is wrong with you ppl? The “united” states, fkn LOL.

  • jack prier 10 months ago

    Caucasian People Angrily Complaining =CPAC (Stephen Colbert)

  • Zambonii 10 months ago

    Impression camp… you mean your couch? We noticed the extra 1.3 Lbs Seth!

  • Lord Xerus 10 months ago

    Republicans have crap ideas so now they’re all like “Eh, why don’t we give fascism a try? Is authoritarian dictatorship really so bad?”

  • Philip B 10 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz go it wrong: normally passengers are exempt from the TSAr requirement to show ID before boarding a private jet.

  • W F 10 months ago

    Would anyone care to donate to homeless veterans, instead of politics?

  • Robert Turner 10 months ago

    Correction: Texas isn’t trying to make it harder to vote. They’re making it easier. If you can’t vote, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Matthew Dovidas 10 months ago

    New York, California and New York combined means that no conservative in the white house? So New York IS voting twice? 😂

  • Day Dreamer 10 months ago

    The guy at 3:30 said “The combined votes from New York, California, and New York …”

  • Alexander Liptak 10 months ago

    12:26 Texas politician who fled state by plane criticizes Texas politicians who fled state by plane

  • Kadui Saui 10 months ago

    The bugs are organ donors

  • Disa Pointmont 10 months ago

    I’m moving to Texas in 2 weeks and I hate it. But I’m moving FROM Iowa so really, it’s just trading bullshit for bullshit but hotter

  • Brad Smith 10 months ago

    they do realize they are hypocrites right!?

  • Suzannah Irwin 10 months ago

    It seems like even Texan delusions of grandeur are bigger.

  • Mac Swanton 10 months ago

    We love you too, Seth

  • Marvin Martion 10 months ago

    I’m so sick of republicans and there eternal whining and lies!

  • Bubber Cakes 10 months ago

    Maybe Texas needs to be split up into two or three smaller states?

  • STAROMEGA54 10 months ago

    Similar thing happened in Oregon except it was Republicans for climate change laws i think was the reason.

  • sugarcayenne seVen 10 months ago

    “FLED?” didnt they just take a little fieldtrip to dc?

  • Yrofddragon - Shane Cutting 10 months ago

    I am not going to lie, this show has grown on me over the Pandemic… like a fungus… caused by too many Vince Vaughn impressions.


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