Texas Gov Greg Abbott Bans Vaccine Mandates, Ted Cruz Helps Launch Imaginary Crisis & Gruden Resigns

Published on October 12, 2021

Today is the 10th anniversary of the dreaded Typing Awareness Indicator on IMessage, The Las Vegas Raiders are looking for a new coach after Jon Gruden resigned in the wake up multiple unearthed offensive emails, Moderna has announced that it has no plans to share its vaccine recipe with anyone, the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott is doing his best to bring COVID back by signing an executive order that bans vaccine mandates, Ted Cruz is helping to launch an imaginary new crisis, “Pop It” toys are spreading across the country and wreaking havoc, Lego announced that a plan to eliminate any trace of gender bias from their products, an important update about Dog the Bounty Hunter, and while Donald Trump plans to sell the lease on his Washington D.C. hotel, President Biden plans to get in on the hotel action too.


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  • Jorge Elías 1 year ago

    Jim the Irresponsible Kimmel

  • Richard Slapped 1 year ago

    I got my 20th Covid vaccine today lol Not!!! Why would I inject cell therapy drugs when my natural immune system seems to recognize and fight off Corona viruses? It’s not my responsibility if you get it. It’s called America were a free country.

  • Alex O 1 year ago

    Little Fauci and the Democrats have an arsenal of gain of function variants ready to be deployed as needed. They use these media whores as mouthpieces

  • Mark Bunge 1 year ago

    Geez kümmel sucks these days!

  • Miles 1 year ago

    I’m from the UK and not seen Kimmel in ages. It popped up on my suggestions so had a look. Imagine my surprise when all the jokes were about Conservatives and Trump. SO boring – have these idiots in the lefty circle jerk got nothing else to talk about?! Also, it’s come out that it was indeed refusal to get vaccines that resulted in a pilot shortage and all the flight cancellations so it’s not even factually accurate, either. What trash.

  • Nolan9 1 year ago

    Why won’t Jimmy make fun of Hunter selling $500K blow paintings, seems comical it would be a funny skit??

  • Lupco Kotevski 1 year ago

    Biden bans freedom.

  • Martha Allen 1 year ago

    jimmy, when you stand in front of that one building, it looks like you have a crown on your head. move! you look silly.

  • alfredo walter gutierrez maldonado 1 year ago

    laughs in Angola (50% of people is poor)

  • Robert L. Ross 1 year ago

    DOG came up lame?
    Might have to destroy him.

  • Anthony Dean 1 year ago

    Lol love you Jimmy ❤️

  • Bill Toma 1 year ago

    McDonald’s burgers in Europe are smaller than in the USA.

  • Unkle Karl 1 year ago


  • Daviddo 1 year ago

    Let’s go Brandon!

  • Parris Price 1 year ago

    Dump immediately hired the fired nfl coach…to be his speech writer….🎯🤡💩☠

  • jamie jangula 1 year ago

    I thought this show was cancelled.

  • Will Dockery 1 year ago

    Cute kid and is he Will Smith’s or Martin Lawrence’s kid? Those 👂s 😂😊
    It’s just a joke and an visual observation!!

  • Jermel Purse 1 year ago

    The Ledo story was interesting I’m not sure now that would work or if children really care about gender necessarily.

    There is a problem with gender bias and Legos. The problem is it was never with the product it was always with parents society in general. When we gave out Legos to our children for holiday gifts or toys to play with we usually gave them two little boys and Legos for a little boys tended to spark creativity imagination. Now and social scientist study how children develop creativity and imagination innovation you know when they’re mine to get to thinking you know why they ask you all those questions that you don’t wanna answer mom why this mom why that that’s good for developing children. Turned out they learn how to problem solve they learn how to think. However when we as a society decided that this toy was better for boys and not for girls do you see the problem now. It actually showed how we force the stereotype on men versus women lo and behold people started thinking that men could think their way out of a problem and women couldn’t I’m not saying the whole Lego issue led to that idea and stereotype but you can see why some of our major problems we have today in stereotyping people get their roots with some very simple ideas we came up with that were terribly wrong. Don’t believe me go back and examine Barbie. Look at how we taught little girls to think about beauty and their character and career path for decades with a toy.

  • Fixed 1 year ago

    Palms on the background are too high.

  • Grabarz 1 year ago

    You are a puppet who make fun of the Jewish agenda that is being forced on to the world. You a discrase and I don’t no why your channel keeps popping up on my YouTube wall !!!


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