Texas And A Confederation Of State AGs Carry Water For The President As He Eyes Supreme Court Fig…

Published on December 10, 2020

A baseless election lawsuit brought by the Texas Attorney General and backed by the Republican AGs of 17 other states is giving the president hope that the Supreme Court will somehow prevent Joe Biden from taking office. #Colbert #Monologue #ALateShow

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  • Scott Feeney 2 years ago

    Well with the inaction on climate change there must be plenty of CO2 ready to freeze

  • topfuel29 2 years ago

    Trump is moving a Air Craft Carrier Group to Lake Michigan. LoL

  • Dave Bartosh 2 years ago

    Now I know why my store was out of spray cheese. Stephen is obviously hoarding it.

  • Cory Leska 2 years ago


  • Sojo Truth 2 years ago

    What can you expect from a State that seceded from the Country just because they couldn’t keep people enslaved. I think we’ve just picked up the banana republic banner; ignorance, lawlessness and corruption has become a rallying cry.

  • M Masters 2 years ago

    https://jeffreyprather.com/ Dec 10 – just Posted. US Naval Resources positioned off East and West Coast. Breaking News – Listen Up ASAP.

  • D D 2 years ago

    Trump was always a fascist. His fascist base, whether they identify as fascist or even believe the are fascist, or not.. are going to continue to be a problem.

  • B- Minus 2 years ago

    Democracy takes two or more. So there’s always that as well.👌

  • Code Exodus 2 years ago

    NASA space shuttle still the earth reentry belly flop champ.

  • Flagro 2 years ago

    Seems like what America really needs is another Reconstruction. Or rather, finally finish it rather than abandoning it to accomodate the racists.

  • Zenocide0x 2 years ago

    HA HA HA, that was not cheese…

  • Cargo Van Killa 2 years ago

    I love Colbert but his ignorance of the SpaceX prototype test does not equal humor and misinforms the general public of what was truely an amazing feat.

    They launched a 12-story steel monstrosity 12.5KM into the sky and out over the Gulf of Mexico, got it to flip on its side, demonstrated controlled lateral movement like a sky diver to traverse BACK to the launch pad, got it to flip vertical again and attempt a landing. The test was 95% successful and nearly all of it was something that has never been attempted in the history of rocketry.

    I don’t understand why journalists and media want to destroy what was an amazing accomplishment this is and disregard the massive step forward that has been made on a technological level simply because it didn’t stick the landing which wasn’t really the main focus of the test to begin with. SpaceX has proven they can land rockets, thats not questionable. It was a 6 minute and 42 second test. It went perfectly for 6 minutes and 37 seconds but everyone wants to talk about the last five seconds.

    I just wish media and entertainers would focus more often on the 95% positive in the world instead of the 5% negative.

  • Edward Mercedes 2 years ago

    The second party was later and it had the strippers….

  • i cant splel 2 years ago

    so trumps supporters shout count every vote but trump and his doggies are suing to throw out millions of votes. hey whats the definition of hypocrisy again?

  • Martin D 2 years ago

    In fact I think Wisconsin had a hefty chunk of Alamos about seventy years before but there weren’t enough Catholics around to make rubbing it in a State Heritage. Fund. Thing. Cult. Knitting group. Federal gang stalker posse.

  • Gina Wagner 2 years ago

    Musk is now sounding like fascist 45! ;@

  • CptKirk FPV 2 years ago

    Thay picture is NOT SN8! Smh

  • Purple Flame Tarot 2 years ago

    TANG… that’s a cool spaceship!

  • S J 2 years ago

    Achromatic describes gray? Wrong. I paint and mix my own colors. The right mix of green and red can make a gray. A gray can be a blue gray or a brown gray. There are lots of ways to mix a gray, and they all include – COLORS. The only achromatic gray is a mixture of black and white. Whoever wrote that definition of gray is probably color blind.

  • Mike S 2 years ago

    Ugh, I literally gagged when he squirted that crap in his mouth.


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