Terrible Ted Cruz Rescues Herschel, Trump Goes Bananas After Midterms & Jimmy Interviews Elon Musk

Published on November 10, 2022

Election Day has turned into Election Week, Democrats have a decent shot at the Senate is because of young people got out to vote, Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock have already started to campaign for their runoff next month and Republicans are sending in the big guns, Republicans want Donald Trump to push his campaign launch until after the runoff, Donny posted an unusual message on the digital ghost town known as Truth Social, former VP Mike Pence has a boring new tell-all book called “So Help Me God,” election deniers have been out screaming about fraud, MyPillow Mike Lindell is on the case and has definitive proof, the Twitterverse is fired up about Elon Musk’s new verification policy, people have been convicingly impersonating high profile individuals, we go to Twitter HQ in San Francisco for an interview with Elon Musk (Kathy Griffin), and a special Midterm Election of Unnecessary Censorship.


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  • EdricLysharae 1 year ago

    Mike Pillow is God’s gift to comedians.

  • steve cannon 1 year ago

    The fall of Dumpy Dan is a wonderful thing to see.

  • Peter Pan 1 year ago

    Mike pillow is totally off his head.

  • Jackson d 1 year ago

    More ways than one to skin a cat a cat Jimmy

  • david arnaud 1 year ago

    why are you talking politics ??? who is paying you ??? sad show sad sad sad !! like if you dont know what is going on ahah that day with Jim Carrey on the program did reviled it all .

  • Roo’s Nest Gaming 1 year ago

    thank god for Kathy Griffen!

  • Turppa21 1 year ago

    Brainwashing the masses

  • The Ghost 1 year ago

    Hershey bar can’t even formulate literate sentences and this is a candidate? My god I am ashamed to be in this country most times….

  • Bill Phillips 1 year ago

    I don’t know who’s more brain dead Lindell, Walker or Trump….the first 2 have a excuse…crack and brain injuries

  • abocas 1 year ago

    Get off Twitter!
    It doesn’t hurt ….

  • Miodrag Cristian Iovanov 1 year ago

    I love the show, and will keep watching, but gave this a thumbs down just for one reason: I think it is quite distasteful to make a joke suggesting a father says “I *** my daugther” (instead of his line endorsing his daughter), regardless of who that is (I think at least currently Cheney among the most decent republicans, and showed some backbone). The crowd sensed that too – very uninspired. Perhaps an apology would be waranted. I love seing satire no matter if it is Trump, Biden, Musk (although granted some are just so much easier to make fun of than others), but there has to be a good taste to it. I also thought Musk’s part of the video was quite non-sensical. The richest man deserves being made fun of more and more lately, but this looks more like a missed shot than anything else…

  • Porco Rosso 1 year ago

    If they my pillow guy distrust machines… Why does he even have a website hosted by a machine….

  • Shawnlize Leatherdale 1 year ago

    Wow, Elon looks and sounds like Michael Jackson if he had survived – hmmmmmm

  • Rayn 1 year ago

    jimmy kimmel stopped being funny years ago

  • Catbert 1 year ago

    The pillow guy is a parody of himself! Boy, we’ve got some real nut jobs out there– both funny and scary because of the power they wield. Heaven help us!

  • Allydog 1 year ago

    OMG Lindell is snorting again big time. What a freak.


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