Tegan + Sara Perform ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’

Published on September 28, 2019

The beloved indie rockers return to The Late Show to perform this track off their latest album ‘Hey, I’m Just Like You.’ #Colbert #TeganAndSara #Music

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  • Alexander Campbell 3 years ago

    Tegan & Sara AND “Degrassi High The Band”

  • John-Edward Alley, Jr. 3 years ago

    My comment is, I watched them because the were on The Late Show, and they were good…. There are many musicians around the world that are more creative, but they have good things to say and so I’m glad I watched… I’m so glad so many people really like these two very nice young ladies, just not my style. ???

  • J Sotelo 3 years ago

    All of the excitement that “The Con” brought has totally disappeared… I mean, this song is fine, but it’s flat-out bland, unoriginal, pop-rock. Also, why does everyone keep praising the drummer? She smiles a lot, but she’s a very average player.

  • Saeryf 3 years ago

    That was fantastic and the drummer was rocking out, too, I definitely need to toss that album on my iPod.

  • ShadyShadok 3 years ago

    Drummer is getting a lot of love in the comments <3

  • frawgy 3 years ago

    That drummer was GITTIN IIITTT!!!!!!

  • Tracy Montez 3 years ago

    I feel like I’ve heard this song in a movie in the early 2000s

  • Johnson Johnson 3 years ago

    I know nothing about twins so I was actually kinda surprised that Tegan and Sara each had distinctive singing voices. Sara’s voice is higher and more melodious while Tegan’s voice sounds very grounded and think I can really hear a Canadian accent.

    I like them. They’re cool.

  • Libby Scott 3 years ago

    Hell yeah Sarah on the drums!!! Killer performance ???

  • Juanita Vernik 3 years ago

    Drummer looks like a comedy act.

  • Kyle Mouttet 3 years ago


  • Torontopia 3 years ago

    That drummer is really into it! She’s lovin’ every minute of performing!

  • dirtbiketours 3 years ago

    oh my, how did these cat howlers get on stage??/
    they Cannot sing a note…terrible

  • Esther B. 3 years ago

    The drummer is so rock but also like an eccentric high school biology teacher

  • Rachel 3 years ago

    Incredible performers! Always!

  • TeddySpaghetti 3 years ago

    The flashback feels growing up listening to tegan and sarah ahhhh

  • parkjammer 3 years ago

    Couldn’t reach “meh” with a big ladder

  • Sakinah Abdussamad 3 years ago

    These sisters are talented and smart artists. Have always loved them and surprised to learn twins don’t automatically like each other ??????

  • avoidconfusion 3 years ago

    This is very “The Con” – love it.

  • Elithrae 3 years ago

    I’m so glad other folks showed love for their drummer and appreciated her ’cause she’s KILLING it. Love Tegan & Sara so much.


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