Ted Danson Hopes The Good Place Isn’t the End of His Career

Published on October 6, 2016

Ted Danson chats with Seth Meyers about being back on NBC with The Good Place and what his ideal “good place” would look like.

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  • B. Smith 3 years ago

    Dan Tedson

  • Ganna K 3 years ago

    is this is the most boring man alive or something

  • CiviliNation 7 3 years ago

    lol last thing i watched last night was a half episode of cheers. i wake
    up, turn on my screen and there he is on the late night show
    reminds me of a london bus,…no see for ages, then twice at the same time

  • Javon Christian 3 years ago

    I REALLY hope this isn’t his last time, he’s totally out on “CSI:Cyber”,
    because it’s cancelled


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