Ted Cruz’s wild Nazi salute rant

Published on October 28, 2021

When Ted Cruz defends the rights of parents to make Nazi salutes at school board members, the Nazi Salute Defender begrudging steps in.

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Clip air date 10/28/2021

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  • Jeremy Warren 1 year ago

    He’s such a downer I got secondhand depression from hearing his voice

  • T Reitzel32 1 year ago

    I know it’s a joke and I don’t know the contexts but it’s protected

  • Patrick Harvey 1 year ago

    #Tedcruz just gave a #nazi salute

  • Harold Dominguez 1 year ago


  • Raymond A 1 year ago

    Imagine coming to the defense of someone who does nazi salutes and being completely oblivious to how psycho you sound

  • El Loco 1 year ago

    Try bringing a nazi salute in a country like The Netherlands, and you’re tossed into prison that very same day.

  • Don Surlylyte 1 year ago

    what the absolute fuck.

  • Human Andrade 1 year ago

    I can’t believe this dude still gets to keep his job after the Cancun trip. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Stephanie S 1 year ago

    Nazi sympathizer

  • Alex 35 1 year ago

    No Nazis in the US but lots of Nutzy’s in the republican party, including Ted Cruz.

  • Todd Bell 1 year ago

    What has this world come to

  • jobless.bum7 1 year ago

    Ted Cruz is a total Jackass. under his logic it’s ok to go around and call every black person the n*g*e* because its protection under the constitution, freedom of speech, but its doesn’t make it right.

  • Stew 1 year ago

    Is Texas voters stupid or is the election rigged? Still trying to figure out how he keeps getting elected.

  • anupam anand 1 year ago

    1) not protected by 1st ammendment in case it is intentional hate speech, until hate speech laws are declared unconstitutional and unenforceable for ambiguity.
    2) that salute has been there since before the so called third reich, not actually nazis. they according to some scholars got it from ancient greeks or the romans. heil is lingually kekl where k population is locally absent but is under k’s or h’s heir’archy.

  • bert mahanahaheheho 1 year ago

    This is stupid honestly. There’s a difference between doing the salute because you agree with it and doing the salute as a form of mockery. He wasn’t defending the Nazis by any means. A little silly i think.

  • Ron Anderson 1 year ago

    Cruz must be running for douche bag of the year

  • Bill Funk 1 year ago

    Instead of at least calling the Nazi salute ‘inappropriate” cruz falls into the pit of actually condoning it.
    What is happening is him and his republican cronies are opening the door even further allowing more of the beginning of yet another third Reich. Heil cruz. Remember Jan 6, traitors and supporters of the “stolen election” need to be held accountable.

  • asteverino 1 year ago

    The term I’m thinking of turd. A Cruz poopie.

  • D.E. 1 year ago

    Texas be crazy.

  • CesarConH 1 year ago

    No one gets the big picture. Who cares what Cruz thinks, what should worry you is that 70 million people feel the same way.

  • Wrtgh 1 year ago

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