Ted Cruz Vows to Stop Gun Violence by Abolishing Doors & More Terrible Ideas from Terrible Leaders

Published on May 26, 2022

Ted Cruz is claiming that America has a door problem instead of a gun problem, the Attorney General in Texas wants to arm teachers, Tucker Carlson did his usual “could it be that” routine in an attempt to connect the shooting to the pandemic, Lindsey Graham still can’t put his finger on why these acts of violence keep happening, Marjorie Taylor Greene won her district primary and rallied her many faithful followers with an inspiring speech, former football star Herschel Walker beamed into “Fox and Friends” to share his well-formed thoughts on how to prevent another shooting, an appeals court ruled that Donald, Ivanka and Don Jr. must sit for depositions as part of an investigation into their family business, Trump is pushing back on Kellyanne Conway’s claim that she told him he lost to Joe Biden in 2020, we are getting more details about what Tannibal Lector was doing during the riot on January 6th, a new edition of This Week in Florida, Kanye is in business with McDonald’s, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • Nate Berg 10 months ago

    MTG is going to be shocked when she finds out what a water treatment facility is…

  • Alison Fowler 10 months ago

    The shooter that shot up Top’s in Buffalo, NY. Said he was not mentally ill and refused testing. He’s evil not mentally ill!! Can’t stand you Marjorie TG. Love you J Kimmel

  • Kathy b 10 months ago


  • Charly Bryant 10 months ago

    The irony of Jimmy Kimmel accusing someone else of needing attention. 😂😂😂 You’d think with his consistently declining views, he’d realize the majority of Americans don’t find him funny, but I guess referencing conservatives is his only way to get people to pay attention to him. Amazing how he can put together that an exit sign wouldn’t stop a shooter, yet thinks replacing it with a gun free zone sign or a law on a piece of paper will. Why don’t you give up your own armed security if it’s so outrageous Jimmy??

    Oh look, he mentioned Trump again too. BTS fans aren’t even this obsessed

  • Shah Iskandar 10 months ago

    Ted Cruz logic is to make school like a jail, confine area with full armed officers. Right. What a way to make kids want to go to school.

  • Behzad Parsa 10 months ago


  • Moritz Laszlo 10 months ago

    From a tactical point of view one door doesn’t make sense at all. If the attacker gets in and blocks this one door everyone inside is doomed. What an obscene statement to shift the attention away from the real problem. Too many guns. Way too many.

    I’m from Germany. We have relatively strict gun laws.

    You have to have a gun license. Simular to a drivers license.

    Than you have to proof that you need a gun. You have to be a active hunter or you have to be active member of a gun club.

    Your ammunition and your guns have to be looked away every time in seperat safes.

  • Steven Brannen 10 months ago

    I just finished writing a letter that i will be sending to every rep and senator. just did the mail merge for all of them. over 500 letters costing over $300 in stamps. never mind the paper and envelopes. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT CAN AFFORD IT DO THE SAME. IT IS MY HOPE THAT WE FLOOD THE USPS AND THE CAPITAL WITH LETTERS!!! Make it so they can hide from the message!!

  • mooonie 10 months ago

    The next time some loudmouth from Texas talks about leaving the Union, maybe we should let them, same with Florida.

  • A J 10 months ago

    Ted Cruz is an insurrectionist and an insane lunatic. Vote him out!

  • Mark Nesbit 10 months ago

    I’m truly believing that GA has some of the dumbest voters in this country. Hershel Walker and crazy MTG won their primaries. Like OMG are you serious

  • O. B. 10 months ago

    Yeah, Tucker…for once I agree with you: there *is* a problem with mental health in the US.
    But – so is in the rest of the world.
    Yet, *only in the US* are the mental ill given guns to “make the most out” of their illness.
    Why never address *THAT* part of the problem, I wonder?

  • Tom Sampson 10 months ago

    The “one door policy” pertains to those entering the building. People can get out of the building at any door. Just saying.

    Lindsey Graham seems to have a default answer of “I don’t know” for everything – just what one wants to hear from a “leader”.

  • Amanda Woods 10 months ago

    This underbelly rhetoric coming from a person who has been allowed to hold a public office in Our US House of Representatives.

  • Mike Fetterman 10 months ago

    I hate Cruz, but the number one violent weapon in the world is the knife.

  • Wouldacouldashoulda 10 months ago

    Why the US? Because *only* America *markets* gun culture to volatile people.

  • Creamy Sauce 10 months ago

    Fox News = *head shakes*

  • boonie_MTB 10 months ago

    Ted proving to EVERYONE just how intelligent he is NOT. This is exactly why he’s incapable of doing a REAL job. Herpes strikes again! 🤮

  • Teresa Kaiser 10 months ago

    God I would hate to live in Georgia! Does Georgia have any people who can speak clearly in proper English?

  • Amanda Woods 10 months ago

    Herschel makes more sense than MTG.


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