Ted Cruz Out-Slimes Himself, Trump Sues Hillary & the Awful People’s Choice Awards!

Published on March 24, 2022

President Joe Biden is in Brussels for an emergency summit with our NATO allies, President Zelensky of Ukraine in inspiring people all over the world with his fashion sense, Putin products are all over Etsy, Donald Trump may have caught another lucky break thanks to a newly-elected District Attorney who appears to be backing off the case against him, Donny also filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for conspiring to undermine his campaign, Mo Brooks of Alabama urged voters to move on from the 2020 election and is now getting dumped by Trump, Ted Cruz’s tirade at the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings has inspired a spike in sales on Amazon, the nominees have been released for the “Awful People’s Choice Awards,” and a new edition of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.


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  • Mike Mccormack 2 years ago

    So YouTube decides to autoplay this garbage.. I say that cause @4:21 shows Trump and Putin (a really lame Photoshop job) ..
    Now I did not know what this show was, I did know who shaggy and Scooby were but the bearded loser talking.. oh that’s Jimmy kibble?? Yeah okay now I know why late night TV is dead. Your never going to be a Lenno, a Letterman and definitely never Carson.
    It said 332K views and I’m willing to bet most of them were all from autoplay selecting this lame video. Ugh.
    At least it convinced me to turn off the TV and go to sleep.

  • Brian Nano, Sr 2 years ago

    Still making fun of Trump… get a new act Jimmy.

  • Cory ryder 2 years ago

    boris wishing trump was there

  • Stephanie Cornwell 2 years ago

    Unnecessary censorship is a bright spot in my week! Love it!

  • Driving Miss Crazy 2 years ago

    So this is where they hide FJB

  • Michael John Angel 2 years ago

    I LOVED the Boris Johnson moment!!! Thanks for giving it to us, Jimmy! Boris is such a jerk.

  • Cory ryder 2 years ago

    trumps dubious friends docs just look at all his biz partners like russians from bay rock soho project or his bankrupted casino

  • Joe Biggs.sc1 2 years ago

    And he still voted NO on impeachment. That called a cover up, withholding that information is illegal to do!

  • patrick crivello 2 years ago

    now we know where Ted Cruz learned his stuff from.

  • Lisa Kay 2 years ago

    Dog humping is not an indication of sexual orientation. And, I’m dead! Lol

  • Pungent_Fungalism 2 years ago

    This is painful. How isnt this being streamed on Kremlin+? Well we can’t know.

  • Jane Q Public 2 years ago

    You Go Jimmy! It’s open season on Bragg…why is he not moving forward?!?! Hmmm…maybe a Trumper?


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