Ted Cruz Jets To Cancun While Texans Freeze | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 18, 2021

Texas Senator Ted Cruz jets to Cancun as storms and power outages ravage his state, then throws his daughters under the bus when he gets caught. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TedCruz

To help fight food insecurity in Texas resulting from recent snowstorms, go to https://dailyshow.com/HoustonFoodBank



  • mercuryshadow09 3 years ago

    Who tf cares, y’all just need a boogey man to cancel. get f@#ked!

  • Cassidy van Eck 3 years ago

    What you said in the first 20 seconds describes South Africans every day. Now government is putting up fibre cables in townships where they don’t even have access to running water yet. BTW they’re only putting fibre cables in the ground, you still need to pay R600 a month to access the wifi from it. Its such a joke.

  • Sarah Balslev 3 years ago

    Imagine though… Going through your whole life being associated with your father’s bad deeds. And you try and try to be remembered for your own bad deeds. This is the story of a man stepping out of his father’s shadow

  • Catherine Dela Pena 3 years ago

    Texans got what deserved. Sorry but your State has been Republican for years and Republicans don’t care about morals and dignity in their public service. Your powergrid is generated by NATURAL GAS, the Green Deal that Ted and Fox News are talking about is not even In place yet Wake up and impeach Ted Cruz! He would rather listen to his daughters than Texans who are dying of freezing weather without help.

  • The All Nighters 3 years ago

    He wearing that dam mask though

  • joyce Loesch 3 years ago

    This is the opportune time to reveal the many creepy atrocities of the Republi-con leaders.

  • Donald Putin 3 years ago

    Cruz’s ticket to Cancun shows him spending a few days in Cancun, but he stated he was coming back the next day. CRUZ’s LIE OF THE DAY. He left his constituents to suffer instead of finding ways to help. what an asshole!!!!!!!!

  • Erick Alwora 3 years ago

    Is he the one who President Trump said had an ugly wife?

  • tipperary links 3 years ago

    Cruz + Hannity trying to spin this as to how knowledgeable Cruz was about the impending Texas disaster. Then why did he leave for the beaches of Cancun while Texans were in crisis? His wife’s texts indicate they planned for a week in Cancun, $309/night at Ritz-Carlton, doncha know.

  • justalurkr 3 years ago

    Ted Cruz doesn’t give a sh!t

  • Dr. Axiom 3 years ago

    Not the TED Talk I was expecting today.

  • Roy Farley 3 years ago

    Proof that Texas is dumb as hell

  • Danni 3 years ago

    I’m not even a Texan…and it pisses ME off.

  • Vega Guy702 3 years ago

    You know what im gonna buy a ticket to Cancun. Fok it. See ya fellas.

  • Karl Easterly 3 years ago

    I cannot keep being entertained in the low hanging fruit… up yer game man. i wish I knew how to up ones game today, but I have faith in you that you can find a way to help go down that road.

    If media keeps the message every day about this type of hysterics.. we will never move past it.
    Your voice makes concepts real.. use your voice to make the important concepts be heard. Don’t fall to the doller from the masses.. they don’t know.

  • Shadowstorm 3 years ago

    ted cruz: let them eat snow?

  • KJ from OC Podcast 3 years ago

    800 miles, I’m like damn, poor guy.


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