Ted Cruz Heads to Sunny Cancun While Winter Storm Cripples Texas

Published on February 18, 2021

Senator Ted Cruz decided to hop on a plane to Cancun with his family for a vacation while fellow Texans are freezing and without power, pictures of him at the airport went viral and backlash was so severe that he had no choice but to immediately book a flight home, United Airlines put out a new video in an attempt to distance themselves from the controversy, Ted released a statement claiming that he was just trying to be a good parent by taking his kids on vacation, the Mexican tourism industry is getting a big shot in the arm thanks to the news coverage, COVID scammers are running wild, Jimmy has a new idea for getting Americans to trust the vaccine, NASA’s Perseverance rover completed its journey to Mars, and an exclusive interview with Ted Cruz! If you want to pitch in and help those who need it right now in Texas, our local affiliate in Houston, ABC 13, has teamed up with the Houston Food Bank. Just text “ABC13” to 41444. For every $1 donated, 3 meals will be given to those who need them.

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  • train diesel 1 week ago

    I wonder what would happen if the dimwits who ran up in the capitol knew buddy’s name is Rafael Cruz and not Ted…

  • Hanna Cook 1 week ago

    They elected him, they probably still support him just like they still support Trump.
    They should sleep in the bed they made, they have no one else to blame, and we should keep our pity to the kids (not adults) that are stuck with no heating in Texas

  • PokeBE 1 week ago

    whats Staceys onlyfans though xD ?

  • olesammie 1 week ago

    Since when is taking your kids to Mexico a requirement to be a good dad? How about having values and morals? Setting a good example?

  • Michelle M 1 week ago

    Well what more should we expect from Cruz, trumps best buddy lol

  • Mike Fontaine 1 week ago

    Why are you asking you if you was to help we’re living through covid-19 ask your billionaire and millionaire friend Jimmy Kimmel it’s the government’s responsibility to help the citizen help citizen.

  • Manny P 1 week ago

    “if you dont like it go back to mexico”

  • andii doode 1 week ago

    How does Ted Cruz get over 10k people supporting he’s trip, and how does he keep getting elected senator?

  • VodkaHindJelly 1 week ago

    Republican voters just never seem to understand that the GOP doesn’t give a crap about them. Why is that?

  • Littlebit 1 week ago

    Sealed his political coffin today in Cancun !

  • S Cee 1 week ago

    Oh Raphael… you guy.

  • Brethren Gaming 1 week ago

    I’ve been pissing outside for a week now…

  • Inner Listening Therapies 1 week ago

    41444 is not working. Message doesn’t go thru

  • Michael Stonehouse 1 week ago

    Hey Ted. Guess what happens when you throw stones. No, seriously. Guess what happens.

  • Corey Wilson 1 week ago

    Nothing says “I care” like heading south on a plane and warming yourself on an island retreat. Drink in hand and sand between your toes shows you how much he cares for those who support him. LoL Ted is getting roasted by everyone over this callous decision.

  • Diana Scales 1 week ago

    Ted Cruz is a hypocritical, grandstanding creep.

  • bobgarner44 1 week ago

    What’s all the fuss about.He can be as useless in Cancun as he is here

  • Sheryl D 1 week ago

    Snake on a plane I love it. Such a great description of him

  • Joyseeker 1 week ago

    Our disdain for Ted Cruz points at our own sickness as well. Kimmel really dragged this out… I hope you’re all focusing on your mental health this year 🙏🧠

  • mamamiya 1 week ago

    Jimmy, great job!
    I love your parody! He deserves this!


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