Team Trump is Mad at Jimmy Kimmel

Published on October 31, 2019

Another day of testimony and turmoil in Washington DC as former National Security Advisor John Bolton was invited to appear before Congress, Trump has his daily misspelling on Twitter, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is left in the dark, and Team Trump demands a correction from Jimmy despite Trump’s lies about Jimmy and the 14,000 other lies he has told since taking office.

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  • Willie Godbolt 3 years ago

    Trump only gives third grade level speeches made popular by wrestlers at WWE events.

  • The Pals 2 3 years ago

    devil horns 27 seconds in puppets on a freemason stage .

  • nitrous07me 3 years ago

    Sometimes I feel like jimmy kimmel doesn’t like this country ?

  • ibethangel 3 years ago

    9 minutes v. 55 minute speeches. Direct and to the point v. normally you knock… I get no credit, I never do…. some people call it a canine I call it a dog. Died like a dog…zzzzz. Trump is a nut job.

  • brett douglas 3 years ago

    The 300 dislikes thinks Jimmy is being infair

  • Juan Fishing 3 years ago

    Worse thing to do is pick a fight with s comedian lmao he’d going to keep getting roasted

  • Pieter den Boer 3 years ago

    Prepare another 5 years of Trump jokes Jimmy because he will be re-elected because your sorry-Hollywood-ass is so disconnected with reality, living in your own world, you actually think he is unpopular and disliked…Lol!

  • Mark Burle 3 years ago

    So ridiculous, talk show hosts being insanely politically biased

  • pvanganimare 3 years ago

    Shaking his little hands lol.

  • Ken 3 years ago

    I learned a long time ago that kimmel is a sack of congealed taint scrapings collected from about 150 nursing homes. Honestly im surprised he hasnt been doused with lysol yet in an effort to stem the contamination from spreading further.

  • Julio Reguero 3 years ago

    Lock him up!

  • Martin 3 years ago

    Trump supporters: what lies, them are alternative facts. Dam liberals

  • Adi Adrian 3 years ago

    So why is it wrong to open someones door

  • Greg Eckard 3 years ago

    I heard trump lies with 43.682 women every single day

  • Vvs1 LooseStones 3 years ago


  • Ayesha Hussain 3 years ago

    What is Substance?

  • Alex Dragonrider 3 years ago

    He said hello and opened the door… um, that’s what normal people do. (of course, jimmy never did that, the story was a lie but that is beside the point) It is like Trump’s mind cant fathom any action that doesn’t directly and immediately benefit him first.

  • Jeremy Jeremy 3 years ago

    Jimmy, seriously? You care about what Trump said about you? We know he got wide false imagination. We all love your show!

  • Wise Guy4U 3 years ago

    A lot of venom spewing here.


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