#TBT to Franklin’s 50th “Peanuts” Anniversary | The Daily Show

Published on November 24, 2020

Remember when “Peanuts” introduced its first black character and then made him sit alone at Thanksgiving? Trevor and Roy Wood, Jr. discuss the cartoon’s cringeworthy relationship with Franklin: #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr #Thanksgiving



  • Jöhñ Piffington 3 months ago

    There was a black kid in the the peanuts gang? I always thought it was just that gross kid with the cloud of dirty always following him

  • DIPALI KHODKE 3 months ago

    Miss you in coat❤️

  • Ma. Glaida Lapitan 3 months ago

    Trevor!! Congrats!!!!! OMG looking forward to how you will host the 2021 GRAMMYs. Idk why I’m so proud of you lol, but I am!!! You go, Trevor Noah!

  • Blauqkween 3 months ago

    I’m watching Cheers and realize they are not a place that knows the names of any minorities. Eeeeeeeevery once in a while you miiiiiiiight see one in the background

  • sagchipkwe31 3 months ago

    Trevor got himself a fade

  • Marcellus 3 months ago

    Frank did kill it every time he dance though 🤷🏽‍♂️. My boy had some moves 👌🏽

  • Kammie Dee 3 months ago

    I remember this segment! Roy Wood Jr is gold! 🤣

  • Mr. Divery 3 months ago

    To say I love franklin would be an understatement…. obviously

  • Paul Phelps 3 months ago

    MLK- great man!!! Judge a man of his character- rather then by the color of his skin-

  • Rainbow sherbet Rattlesnake 3 months ago

    Franklin gots moves

  • dannytheman1313 3 months ago

    Despite the moments of stupidity that the animators thought would look cool to the black audience like Franklin break dancing I still have to give it up to Schultz this was the 60’s and the dude got death threats for having him in there in the first place.

  • Kevin Dwelle 3 months ago

    This Is America!!!

  • Rychy St. Vincent 3 months ago

    There you have it. The pamper wearing man child steps in claiming it’s the right thing to do for the country. Remember his posturing for the last 4 years and all the things that are greater because of his presidency: That trees are taller, that there are more grains of sand, that the races are better off, that science is null’r, that bacon smells better, blah, blah, blah. Now that Mz. Hizzy Fitt Murphy has done her job he wants to claim credit for that too. Will someone please give him a candy cane or an unused toilet paper square with a brown smiley face drawn on it. Our Leader!

  • Matt Hannahs 3 months ago

    50? Not bad. If it was real life he would have been shot and killed or in prison.

  • Ted McFly 3 months ago

    Back when there was a live audience, Trevor got haircuts (I like his hair now, too), and life was normal.

    How we’ve all forgotten what that was like after eight months of a global pandemic.

  • P Durano 3 months ago


  • Alex Jackson 3 months ago

    i fell like trevor should answer the question “Do you have thanksgiving in Africa” LOL

  • nice nice 3 months ago

    I remember seeing this before. I always liked the peanuts

  • Gladys was here. 3 months ago

    Yay, Charles Schultz! So smart, fighting racism starting with our kids.

  • SmarterThenu Meanashell 3 months ago

    This is the new face of Jim Crow in Georgia, voter suppression at it’s worst by the Republican party.


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