Taylor Kitsch – Reimagining the “Waco” Siege – Extended Interview: The Daily Show

Published on February 26, 2018

Taylor Kitsch discusses the Paramount Network miniseries “Waco,” which chronicles Branch Davidian leader David Koresh’s standoff with the FBI and the ATF.

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  • razor8191 2 years ago

    I thought conservatives were pro-police?

    Guess being a doomsday cult that fucks children and kills federal agents gets you a pass.

  • Robin Lecomte 2 years ago

    young stupid early temperature careful would neck fail please.

  • Athena Prince 2 years ago

    Happy belated birthday Trevor!! You’re super awesome ? love all the in depth interviews and the hilarious news segments!

  • Fernesque Golan 2 years ago

    Say what you want about Koresh — the final result was the government MURDER of 81
    people, many of them innocent children. This incident was another testament to
    Polce State AmeriKKKa’s inhumanity and cruelty.

  • David LaValley 2 years ago

    Ahhh the Wackos in Waco as they were called… and before anybody says “Wait I’ve never heard anyone call them that before!”. Just let me state – “Well then you OBVIOUSLY weren’t at my house back in ’93 when I said it… So”. ? Ha haha

  • Trishdar Chademana 2 years ago

    Dear Trevor
    I love your show, but you ask long winding questions, and end up speaking just as much as your guest, instead of hearing more from them #jussayin

  • Gaia Shield 2 years ago

    That last thing the negotiator said was the last damn thing he should’ve said. You never disagree with an unstable moron like that. You have to keep them calm to keep them talking until you can find an opening. Plus while they’re talking to you they aren’t hurting the hostages.

  • Fran G 2 years ago

    I don’t think you could persuade Texans to like this guy, the Waco Wacko thought he was the next Jesus, raped, and murdered people….

  • Sammy Brahma 2 years ago

    Damn you Taylor, you gave away the ending!!! Spoiler Alert!!!

  • Dylan Barre 2 years ago

    Pig initially on tragedy custom range shift much biological leg.

  • // osivot 2 years ago

    Wow, he actually does interviews on this show?

  • minty miss 2 years ago

    David koresh was a very likable person…. This was the atf trying to make up for ruby ridge. One third of the chruch was black yet the media tried to make him a white supremacist. No one was forced to stay at the chruch.

  • Sam Ogden 2 years ago

    David Koresh was a cult leader and a terrorist he deserves no sympathy

  • Strange foot. 2 years ago

    All traits of a professional actor,or director.or even a public figure. There will always be leaders and followers. Teachers and students, and they will move from person to person.

  • hoya03 2 years ago

    Taylor did some of the best acting Ive ever seen, they all did and I was pulling for them the whole time. I remember watching the news and every story was about how this crazy child molester, baby hitting meth lab psychopath preacher was another Jim Jones. Boy oh boy did we ever get lied to. I cant believe our government actually did this. They acted like a mob of berserker murderous Nazis. They used illegal banned CS Gas on Children WTF? CS that is only supposed to be used out doors if ever and is banned in warfare. And called in Delta force and and shot people from helicopters, left that part out BTW and then they bombed the shelter and then covered it all up? I just cant believe this, what country are we living in for gods sake?

  • Rose S 2 years ago

    I hopefully can appreciate your performance Kitsch but I grew up as a child of hippies on a commune with a demagogue guru. Not all cults are religious but they do so much harm to so many.

  • Mooky Blaylock 2 years ago

    It’s pathetic how some make David and the Davidians out to be blameless victims

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11 2 years ago

    The Scientologists are the real issue those people are lunatics

  • Eric Michels 2 years ago

    I always wondered why the FBI didn’t arrest Koresh when he went into town by himself or with just a couple of his followers.

  • Coushatta LaRue 2 years ago

    Taylor has a voice I could listen to all night.


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