Taraji P. Henson – Free Therapy for Underserved Communities | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on May 22, 2020

Taraji P. Henson discusses her foundation’s free virtual therapy campaign and why it’s so important to bring mental health resources to black and brown communities, especially during the pandemic. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TarajiPHenson



  • 11cabadger 2 months ago

    I love that she is on this planet at this time. Both are wonderful people. Here comes the “But”…

    But, there are Red people dying from this virus for all the reasons Black & Brown folks are suffering. The Navajo reservation has more cases per capita than New York. Our Native American brothers and sisters are subject to greater poverty, higher unemployment, mental & emotional difficulties we have no concept of. We need to stop acting like they don’t exist, that they are happy on the Res, and that casinos are cash cows that provide adequate health care, education, and essential services to all tribes.

  • Oddre Vicente 2 months ago

    And now, my day is complete. Thanks Trevor.

  • DigitalArtCurationClub 2 months ago

    My lifelong crush 😍

  • Sridhar C 2 months ago

    She will always be Detective Carter to me, despite that hair!

  • Samieleivine Amen-Ordia 2 months ago

    She’s overly beautiful!!!!

  • yari tza 2 months ago

    What a beautiful person <3 I love when big names give back

  • Ove Hall 2 months ago

    Stop the um, hm and uh in subtitles. It’s really irritating

  • G W 2 months ago

    Taraji rocks!

  • RG COLDWORLD 2 months ago

    TpH so right I’m 52 and was diagnosed with Level One Autism at 52, but its rarely pursued in families of color, and i understand, my 1st experience was a nightmare and feel i was chased out of the program (race) in Jefferson County Colorado 99.9% not of color. It took a year to get it back together and try again. Thanks you Colorado University and Children’s Denver , PhD’s that do real Investigation

  • Demon Got Me 2 months ago

    Beautiful and funny.

  • Felix Leshey 2 months ago


  • slbum kim 2 months ago

    “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”
    This sentence is like a veteran carpenter’s hand skills
    and a performer who plays both hand instruments, (such as piano and guitar)
    If the head orders-
    You have to divide the use of your right hand and left hand separately.
    It means don’t do it in a symmetrical way.
    It means not to mix or skip each use.
    (including all two-handed instruments, farmers, fishermen, soldiers, tailor, hairdressers, boxers, etc.)
    When you work, when you eat, when you breast-feed your baby.
    And the structure of the sentence-
    writing down the thoughts in your head and reading and speaking them are not symmetrical.)

    Imagine you’re holding a tool.
    First of all, the right hand-
    Apply force to the tool and use it at the ‘right’ point.
    But you don’t use it for the ‘wrong’ point. and then you relax.

    And the left hand must point to a place where the use of the right hand is better,
    But if the direction is wrong, you have to fix it.

    The result of using both hands differently to help each other:
    The carpenter’s work is intact.
    The guitarist makes a natural sound.

    The right hand should not apply force to ‘useless place’
    The left hand should not be directed ‘where you don’t know’.
    ->The carpenter will make a wrong work,
    The performer will play “dissonance.”
    There is no one who doesn’t feel dissonance
    The uncomfortable chair is uncomfortable.

    Logical Design of Human Intelligence:
    The power of the right is obtained in the right place, and not in the wrong place.
    The left’s wish is to head for a better place, but to be honest.
    It’s ‘different’ and also ‘together’, so it is-‘As one’.

    This ‘Pureness’ can be seen in your ‘body’ and ‘mind’.
    You prove it yourself.

    Also, when there is dirt in your mind,
    With the “eye” of the truth that we’ve realized,
    You can see it.

    I also confess.
    I looked at the world based on materialism so,
    Many parts of me were against the truth.
    Now I can see the shape of our minds.
    It naturally makes sense why humans, unlike other animals,
    have been able to achieve the present civilization.

    The “selfishness” of a human being with the tools of knowledge and information
    It’s the instinct that no one can deny.
    It is necessary for the life and satisfaction of individuals and families
    But the current society has become informative and anonymous.
    People don’t handle inputs with their own hands on online
    People don’t have to face the result offline.
    Everyone is making money and excreting their emotions without having to face each other.
    It’s full of insensitive antisocial profit-seeking, extreme need for show-off and content addiction.
    The space that harms others who don’t even know their faces is growing in everyone’s mind.

    But never get me wrong. Never!
    It’s not about stopping or not using tools.

    for a long time,
    in two pairs of axles: Right leg-left arm//
    left leg-right arm=X&Ypositioning
    We’ve been using tools to use both hands separately and together and help each other harmoniously.
    So we can develop the left and right brains respectively,
    We’ve reached our present intelligence.
    Whether or not our own selfishness has stepped on the line can be felt with our own minds.
    You can manage wisely so that day-to-day developed tools can be used in a beneficial way.
    If someone’s selfishness is endless, we can stop it together.
    We can discuss how to become a better society,
    and the public can easily spread the moment when justice collapses.

    I hope you wake up.
    Sooner or later, due to rapid changes in the global environment,
    All kinds of crises can come.
    And for a long time, there are people in the world who follow unnatural intelligence.
    They have a spirit that has become symmetrical with only one axis. (like a bird)
    If you take after them for the survival of a few,
    It must be a retrogression of the intelligence and ethics that mankind has achieved.

    Let’s always check the facts on our own to prepare for a crisis.
    Let’s not leave our intelligence to any particular person, group, media, religion and scripture, special notions, symbols.
    If there are reasonable suspicions, let’s take a look and develop our ability to suspect
    and withhold-judge with diverse knowledge and information.
    Let’s look into both ‘truth’ and ‘selfishness’ and let the truth control the selfishness.
    It’s not about being a strict instrument player and scolding a clumsy player.
    Let’s not criticize and hate each other by using fundamental moral principles.
    Let’s thank the truth and conscience are breathing in us.
    If people all around the world join together in ethical and intellectual forces,
    we can overcome the crisis and move on to the future.
    Please send this message to the world (regardless of the source)
    I emphasize again.
    See the “Truth” from “Self”! (not others)

    Thank you, everyone.

  • ricomazito 2 months ago

    36th 😁👍

  • keshia nowden 2 months ago

    I am here for all of this! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • BiggyNoose 2 months ago

    I am here as well

  • Alonzo Johnson 2 months ago

    Did she get married yet?

  • Baba Booie 2 months ago

    She’s so beautiful! She can give me therapy anytime.

  • BiggyNoose 2 months ago

    Trevor is a Youtube comedian, better than TV comedian

  • maimo dzekashu 2 months ago


  • Sir Kay 2 months ago

    black don’t crack black don’t crack!!!!

  • Leigh Star 1 month ago

    People with mental challenges should be careful with the input of bread… Just dont eat bread and bread – like food. Pizza not included

  • marilyn Dear 1 month ago

    He was blushing the whole time lol

  • DasSöldner 1 month ago

    Trevor, are you ok?? I pray you are. Keep your spirit upp.

  • Leon Waterman 1 month ago


  • serious 1 month ago

    I LOVE her hair…she looks beautiful and has an inner beauty to match

  • Betty black. Black 1 month ago


  • Platinum Johncrow 1 month ago

    No matter how much she dresses up, i can still see she from the hood. ghetto marked deep

  • L. Daniels 1 month ago

    I miss Cookie❤️

  • QUEENPUDDING7777777 1 month ago

    Im cracking up on the heads😅his questions about heads and hands!

  • QUEENPUDDING7777777 1 month ago

    Gurl you got products at target…oh wait…

  • Jay Bishop 1 month ago

    Trevor needs to hit her salon and get a shave ,hair cut and some air… He needs to get out the house… I Kno she’ll let him in… Get out the house bruh it’s good!!! Jus keep ur mask wit u. You’ll be alright!!!

  • morris mutunga 1 month ago

    Taraji is so beautiful! 😍😍

  • Michele 1 month ago

    I love the mannequins! As someone who talks to inanimate objects all the time, I would be talking to the heads too.

  • World in Union 1 month ago

    Trevor Noah you charmer boy you. So you had to go and start the sister up with complementing her hair, shweet.

  • Melissa coviello 1 month ago

    Lol loved this.

  • Francisco Benitez 1 month ago

    I love her so much <3

  • Charmaine Maragh 1 month ago

    Listen to her everyone mental health is real. Mental health Works in balance with physical health and inside and outside of our minds listen to her people. People all over the world the Caribbean here in America all over the world we need to listen to her mental health is real. If we’re able to talk to someone about things that are bothering us things that are we’re not surface to talk about with our friends and our families, then this is a total stranger that doesn’t know you a therapist a psychologist mental health is real and this is where we’re able to put different understanding to anything we’re going through as simple as it is or as complex and difficult as we see in our minds. We build walls thin walls the walls then as we get older our walls get thicker and higher. Males females relationship negativity children parents drug abuse these are all factors and more that add up to where mental health can help overcome.

  • Charmaine Maragh 1 month ago

    That’s okay girl I talk to my betta fishs I have two of them I say good morning and I do prayers with them. PK and Phoenix. It’s okay that’s my therapy and I talked to Jesus you go girl. I’m not crazy God bless you

  • Morgan London 1 month ago

    Loved her as Yvette from the movie Baby Boy

  • Monika Eliasz-Kowalska 2 weeks ago

    OMG! I love this girl <3 she is so real <3


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