Talking Dems – Marianne Williamson on Abortion, Bigotry and Flipping the Senate | The Daily Show



  • Omar Monelle 1 year ago

    Ok so her policies are heartfelt, great! What are they though?

  • Louie San Luis 1 year ago

    I really genuinely got emotional coz my hatred came out coz of what the president is doing to our society. And she encouraged us to love more. She’s calming my anger.

  • Roger H Werner 1 year ago

    As a person, I like Williamson, and I like many of her ideas. However, great ideas spoken eloquently by an attractive person with intelligence does not a great president make. I wouldn’t care how spot-on wonderful Williamson’s views are. Great ideas well presented are nothing more than platitudes if they cannot be translated into effective policies and or laws. I will not support any Democratic candidates that possess minimum experience in government, or that lacks relevant government experience creating policy and passing laws. We need a president that knows how the American government is supposed to function. Ms. Williamson has never held elective office or worked for any executive branch of local, state, or federal government. She has no formal background in economics, political science, history, military, business, science, law, or foreign policy (her education is in theater and philosophy). Williamson has experience in the world of not for profit NGOs. How on earth can anyone seriously argue that she’s a qualified candidate for the presidency? Sorry but she is no more qualified than a Donald Trump: Liking her ideas doesn’t automatically qualify her for office, but she’s hoping lovely thoughts and ideas will sway voters. In my view, great ideas must be formulated with a practical plan for their implementation: without a plan, ideas are just so many words.

  • AlJalandhari 1 year ago

    Sanders/Williamson 2020

  • Marcus Wilkins 1 year ago

    165 comments R not a lot, But reading through most of them touches my heart, and gives me reason to believe for a better America .?
    ❤Marianne Williamson 2020 For A Better America ?

  • 74554N 41-5H4TTi 1 year ago

    I see her soul through her eyes

    She’s surprisingly honest

    If you want to know whether a politician is lying or not look at their fucking eyes and see what you read

    If the eyes are talking slowly
    They are genuine

  • Amy Marquess 1 year ago

    She’s not a politician but she’s on to something… maybe this is who we need

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Love! Positivity! Preach it! Her rhetoric is certainly going to make waves somehow. Count on it

  • Lillian 1 year ago

    Even this silly space cadet would make a better POTUS than Trump… but I hope she drops out soon.

  • TheLadsBand4ever 1 year ago

    This format should be a show, daily… a daily show, if you will.

  • Victoria 1 year ago

    Here’s where you can see the problem with the debates. In the first debate especially, Marianne comes across as a bit of a nut job, but when she actually has time to elaborate on her opinions and policies instead of having like 3 times to speak for only a minute, it’s possible to see that she actually has some good ideas

  • the walkin dude 1 year ago

    We should flip the Senate. A little paint, and a fukton of lysol, we could sell that place for at least 10 million.

  • Kai 1 year ago

    7:20 “Wouldn’t it be crazy if people actually elected me?!?!?”

  • ursaltydog 1 year ago

    You can shut down the websites of white supremacists.. but you can’t change their thought processes with mere shutting down of websites and putting these people on watch lists. If you’re going to run on a platform of integrity, on spirituality, on moral leadership, you have to address it from this standpoint. CIA, FBI and others have a lot of powers they are not divulging. We are a police state as a country. Mass surveillance through new cameras installed upon new traffic lights in small towns, under the guise of watching for traffic jams in areas that don’t have traffic jams. We have balloons with surveillance equipment, the best cameras to date in the lower stratosphere floating over the midwest.. why?

  • سَبَنْتَى بن غَيَّاث 1 year ago

    They should be tougher on online advocating for blood. I am a Muslim and few days ago we had Hajj (pilgrimage), I looked up Hajj videos and I’ve found videos with comments calling for bombing the whole Makkah with all worshipers in it. Commenters like this should be held accountable for advocating for terrorism.

  • T W 1 year ago

    She is so incredibly eloquent.

  • Infinity Fazal 1 year ago

    Bernie Sanders is better then you.

  • larry garland 1 year ago

    True that

  • DrKiller Lets Play 1 year ago

    I hate when they use the term “women choice” insteed of the more appropiate term “killing your child” ..ok I see why you don`t like that term but there are others like “interrup pregnacy”, “non planned baby”, or just “abortion” if you feel you need to invent a nicer term for it, is because you know is wrong

  • Robert Johnson 1 year ago

    Energy field? Spirituality? Are you trying to hand Trump the election? To add racism is a mental illness only a idiot would hate someone over skin color. This canadite is miss Cleo with political cliff notes not a good sell to the American people.


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