Talking Dems – Kirsten Gillibrand’s Plan to Unite Americans & Fight Climate Change | The Daily Show



  • John L 2 years ago

    She’s boring and hasn’t done a single since she’s been in office. Her ideas are warmed over Hillary ideas. She needs to drop out NOW.

    Al Franken says hello.

  • Mohammed Dhaouadi 2 years ago

    Donald Dumb likes this ???

  • noneya123 2 years ago

    Trump is racist but he didnt divide the already divided and racist, he’s not the cause, he’s the symptom, though he did make it worse, I think blaming him for all of it is taking the blame off of everyone that contributed and were complicit to it.

  • Daily Cozy 2 years ago

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  • Oliver Cruz 2 years ago

    I like the idea of a race it’s a nice way of making progress

  • Mr Deen 2 years ago

    Good job Trevor

  • SodaPunch 2 years ago

    She stole the JFK quote from Marianne Williamson 🙂

  • Kat 2 years ago

    People in Silicon Valley don’t even know how to sort their recycles

  • Harry Eastwood 2 years ago

    You think she’s going to help YOU? This is a Died in the wool Lefty. Climate Change IS Real, the Climate has been changing since the bigining of time. You think taxes are high now? Wait till this clown gets POWER! Green New Deal? Green lining the pockets of those Calling for it. Follow the $$$

  • Papergaery 2 years ago

    Why Repeat? 😉 Long Holiday Trevor?

  • Adrienne Boullianne 2 years ago

    i wish she gillibrand disappear. she is not presidiential.

  • Coleman Remington 2 years ago

    What I did not understand for a long time was the lefts tactics on government regulation (even though the thought behind it is good) the forceful hand was not. Republicans are calling for private sector innovation since we lead the world in lower emissions and we want to continue that. Regulations was pushing all our innovation off shores and I know it’s multi faceted. The arguement is way deeper about hierarchy of needs. I truly believe a strong economy is needed for climate change innovation.
    But i didn’t realize what I thought would be helpful actually was choking us and preventing us from being great at what we do.
    I am starting to see this more and more.

    Rick Perry among others gave a wide eye opening press conference Wednesday of this week (or Tuesday) on the podium, on our position with energy and how we are exporting cleaner natural gas and no longer relying on dirty plants ran by not so amazing people. How the actions to abolish certain regulations was in fact to provide what they think is a better solution rather than what I believed for a long time was no solution. I heard Lindsey Graham admitting climate change is real on national TV and calling for bi partisan support.
    As someone who would be called alt right I am really a democrat and voted democrat every year. These are some of the things I have noticed that I completely had no clue about that the Trump administration has done so far.

    Passed 124 seperate lands, water, conservation measures that were supported by both sides that had been ignored for too long. Opening up millions of acres of private land for national parks and extra fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation land. Investment in alternative fuel sources and becoming energy independent as a country. Strongest economy in 50 years, lowering unemployment of minorities. Standing up for victims of abuse and rape who never got their voices heard. increased the amount of legal immigrants that were allowed citizenship, up 20-30% from where we were just a few years ago. Edit: battle to have kidney disease under control, soon to be unleashed fight against opioid crisis.

    Instead of making excuses I am going to acknowledge that this administration has been doing some amazing things. I hope this changes people’s perspective on the issues at hand and how we judge others without evidence or proper fact checking. Unfortunately this day and age you have to check everything yourself. Even then, it’s sometimes hard finding things online…

  • Bisquick 2 years ago

    Why do we have to “win” everything? Is the human race surviving not enough incentive?

  • Paul Pardo 2 years ago

    Just make your opinion heard, downvote, its all old stuff, for a few days or weeks already. Same for colbert, they must be cooking something together.

  • Isira Ratnayake 2 years ago


  • ProjectFlashlight612 2 years ago

    “We have 12 minutes to fill. Pretend that you think this earnest bleeding heart stands the remotest chance of being the frontperson for the banking cartels in the next rigged ‘election’, then go back to making fun of Trump’s fake tan and deranged utterances. Do not ever even hint that insurrection is the only obvious course of action.”

  • Scribble Clod 2 years ago

    NOPE! Kamala or Bernie. Better yet pair them together. Gillibrand is a tool

  • ZakAshChan 2 years ago

    Does this mean that Flint, Michigan will be able to drink their water safely once more if she wins?

  • e 2 years ago

    “why did you choose to run?” wow great question, you can see Trevor’s disappointment. He always says to the audience to actually ask good questions… this is why.

  • Alex Treviño 2 years ago

    She needs to drop out already


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