Talking Dems – Kamala Harris Explains Why She Said No to a DACA-for-Wall Deal | The Daily Show

Published on July 6, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris shares why she likes Tupac and explains her philosophy on connecting to voters and her approach to immigration.



  • In Black America Radio 11 months ago

    the only reason Kamala is being propped up is because the dems think if Barack Obama brought “them” out can you imagine what a Mixed Black Woman could do…….the fact is she is not beloved in the Black community and can’t carry the Black vote

  • rain drops 11 months ago

    Trevor looks like the university professors when they bring a guest for the lecture and they are like you have the chance to ask qustions that will help you when he refers to the audience asking them to make questions?

  • Heema Alshekhi 11 months ago

    2pac hates that bitch. I’m a very close friend of him….
    He’s in Bahrain right now

  • Bruce Wayne 11 months ago

    Nah, nah. Don’t make excuses for her trevor. You’re better than this.

  • Free JULIAN ASSANGE 11 months ago

    talk a bunch without saying anything..first questions answer: conversation. yeah coz thats whats lacking in 2019, although she herself was an example of a useless one.

  • lorne Shields 11 months ago

    Truly don’t think the people are random seems set up

  • The End Begins 11 months ago

    I will never vote for Kamala. You have a record like Hillary. .Terrible.

  • Hasman323 11 months ago

    Boooooo kamala Harris booooo

  • nina nina 11 months ago

    I like her and Julian Castro maybe they can team up

  • Tom Gerste 11 months ago

    Agreed, demographics do not matter…except for economic standing. Funny how Repugs raise a stink when class warfare arises…the most important demographic.

  • P M 11 months ago

    Is she the one who’s speaking the most of social issues or stories at its best including mama/2pac. It’s amazing

  • Thomas 11 months ago

    If everyone was like Kamala Harris then this world be a much better place to live in.. ????

  • Soulife 11 months ago

    I thought Jesus was called on from the other side of the studio. Who’s she talking to? Is she answering Jesus’s question to the first person that asked a question? Lol. Because that’s where she was talking towards when the layer asked her question… Maybe she’s speaking towards the wrong camera?

  • Ding-a-ling 11 months ago

    Illegals for Kamala Harris!!!! Please vote Kamala Harris I need healthcare and Mexico won’t provide. Illegals for Kamala Harris!!!!

  • syed farzaan 11 months ago

    Pandering centrist.

  • FREEDOM FOR ALL! 11 months ago

    Kamala is not African American. Need more…. Her dad is, Jamaica and her mom Indian and they were NOT citizens!! Harris is not eligible to run for president! Need more…. She is not ADOS! ( AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY) Kamala has no morals and she is not courageous!  She’s a rude, contentious, smug, Perry Mason “moment” wannabe thug. She’s not interested in truth at all, but just pushing her own agenda! And… she always sounds like she just woke up. Need more…. Kamala Harris and Wille Brown really got to know each other in a very interment way while old Willie Brown was married! Kamala is a textbook example of an unstable state official on the verge of emotional breakdown rendering her inept to handle the office given her. Need more…. Kamala Harris’s performance at the Kavanaugh hearing was/is…people are guilty before proving their innocence…she’s as radical as they come. Need more…. P.S. Kamala Harris’s great grandfather owned 85 confirmed slaves!
    (MABA.. Make America broke again.)

  • Tia H 11 months ago

    BS. She was the one putting the black men in prison.

  • Atrocious Nightmare 11 months ago

    I don’t trust a single word that comes out of this woman. I don’t know precisely why, but she’s far, far too similar to any politician/demagogue I’ve seen in my life.
    Bernie and Buttegieg are on another level for me. Too bad ‘cos I’d love to vote for a black woman.
    Except for the fact I can’t vote ‘cos I’m not American.

  • TooMuchDramaInTheMilkyWay Galaxy 11 months ago

    It’s interesting that she says we have more in common than what separates us which is true, however it’s the media and our politicians who generally try to focus on the things that separates us. My impression from most of our politicians and the media is that you’re either Red or Blue, when the reality is the two party system is what is causing this division.

  • jithin15 11 months ago

    She didn’t answer a single question and mostly just blamed the current administration for not acting.


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