Talib Kweli on Activism, the Black Agenda and Growing Up with Racism



  • James Grant 2 years ago

    Bs, learn your constitution dh, 2and ammendment, you have the right to defend your family n your property . . .fukn fool, racism will end with dumbasses like you stop mentioning it!!!

  • Daniel B 2 years ago

    So we’re condoling riots and violence now? This is not the right message! there is a big difference between rioting and protesting!

  • Pranshav Vyas 2 years ago

    From neutral country….. I m just asking…….
    Will trump be the president again….
    Yes – dislike
    No – comment

  • shit 4 brains 2 years ago

    This might be the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard of. The talib kweli part.

  • Anne Bradley 2 years ago


  • TheHippoking T.V 2 years ago

    Hi Jimmy I’m from Japan

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    jimmy you fixate who went and said what and how they hold a book

    why? that si OCD so you want president trump stand on his knew and say sorry i was holding good upside down. on teh train i had seen a black guy in Calgary on teh street he was riding a c train during real cold weather and he was probably worried to be kicked out so he was pretending he was reading but he was making it more awkward cause he was holding neswspape upside down . some peopel cant even read Jimmy so why you make fund an dhwta perfection you asking so if president trump teh way he walk and what he was holding and how. is that easier for you to focus on this then of the important things you not focusing please 

    it all gets boded down by detail. Why lidbarrye snot atet to homeless people more ??  in calgary also in public library they build peaks made out of concrete to prevent homeless people clean to teh window during cold weather. that si instead do inviting them in giving  bak and a cup of tea

    som people just throw orgies in libraries and pizza party 

    but the team has to be perfect enough

    military coup maybe someone consisted him earlier it is available so he just said that to calm people down but he should have said i hope he doe snot have to use it the military bit he dd not say that thsi specific way so what doe it mean Jimmy ?


    military coup maybe someone consisted him earlier it is available so he just said that to calm people down but he should have said i hope he doe snot have to use it the military bit he dd not say that thsi specific way so what doe it mean Jimmy ?

    that ou would have said it more perfect

    do you sometimes write you down speech who tell you what to say

    how do u knwo when president say what he thin vs what they write fo him to rea don screen 

    plus they do everything so fast they probably scared him a ot watch delaware video fraud they literally posted garbage bins on street to create visibility of fire and a giant unrest 

    no one touches the fire firefighter waits and watch

    yes they give 150 million worth of skittles 

    no he is nt fired he is harrison ford hy do you show drift when there is none


    if some black homeless people go loot forhouse  YOUR

     house u goin to stand on your knees ?

    ha US

    are you jewish that is why u upset he went to that churchnt other?

    the message is any church 

    home eps pack your house put wooden protection on glass etc

    are all churches are dogma 

    see biden at a glans in de LA wear


    lot of thes place in LA not safe to walk especially at night 

    here are no pedestrians there

    so they burn garbage there?? where there are no people and peole think there are pope there?

    is 150 mln cut on prison mainatnec of lease??

    they still get their bonuses fr writing olive reports?

    like they writing books

    he doesnt think they stand for  anything good

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    how he has a will t u l e a v e

    As peaceful protests continue, LAPD to slash budget by up to $150 million to reinvest in communities of color

    As protests over police brutality and the death of George Floyd stretched into a sixth day, Los Angeles officials said Wednesday that they will cut $100 million to $150 million from the city’s police budget as part of a broader effort to reinvest more dollars into the local black community.

    but who decided police budget is that independent budget and that is not police 

    nessesar that is now banished financially 

    what about skid raw?

    where the 150 million was supposed to be originally spend and is that in one year or in 10 year budget ??

    and police budget why police only it need to be sheriffs they have nastiest jails

    and also police budget does it include private jails??

    and the sheriff jails have different budget but they are as brutal and even more actually brutal that police

    also reinvest in communities how??

    is there specific plan??

    there are white peopel depsarte on teh street the black communities is that fund that is called black life matters that is run by obama??

    there is big ruble basically that isntea do changing the law the police gets panished because police is needing directions and rule and audit 

    instead they just get sanctions in similar way lek they sanction russia or the country 

    but why they sanction police into obedience but not sheriffs

    and do peopel knwo that sherifs are violet brutal force?

    plus police budget get sam budget as firefighters and libraries so what they exactly cut 

    w r East 

    all peoel in skid raw have a bg probleem. but actually peopel liek GF hiring hooker and maybe he was just being solicited one not about to hire her

    but anyone is in danger even to talk to that pimp and hooker they may call police and lied tha he aggressed and the pimp and hooker also black and are their life matter and that is brutality and lie against the same black as them 

    it doe snot make sense. but  the pimp and his gf actually they need money donated to them cause their life matters

    maybe they even married and they trick peopel saying their are swingers and peoel feel more safe with married coupl or couple i in long term relation

  • Jacqueline Sevilla 2 years ago


  • Blacklash 225 2 years ago

    Wow! Jimmy is just trying to move it along! While he talks to a friend! Not sure who the executives are, but wow! Get that money, Fallon!! But spread the message

  • Zachary Sawyer 2 years ago

    So cops kill “innocent ” black guy, i use quotes because George floyd had committed armed robbery and put a gun to an innocent WOMAN’S stomach, so now its ok for Black people to go around beating store owners and innocent bystanders to death? And after all that say gimme gimme gimme??? You funny. I work for mine, and I already pay enough taxes as it is. Quit focusing on a promise that was made before you or anyone you know was born. And you wanna talk about racism? Find a white guy, throw some cowboy boots and a camo shirt on him and see how far he gets walking through Detroit, or downtown Atlanta, or memphis etc etc etc. And for the love of sweet Jesus quit lyin about trump. Anyone of ANY RACE who’s looting is a damn thug.

  • Bernie Martinez 2 years ago

    Jimmy putting in work

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago

    is a country
    is that offensive
    also how does it slide t talk about police arrest prostitution and the way peoel get arrested cause police could take car lietarly from guys soliciting hooker and that GF could have a wife with kid and police seizes car and the wife or gf has no way to get the car so what police did with car t seem they towed it
    why thsi person say us all when in al sounds dedicated to bale peopel and he love ophrah
    what word he does not like?

  • Getthefuckoffmylawn 2 years ago

    You lost me on the Trump bashing.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago

    Talib Kweli on AU tivism, the Black Agenda

  • Daniel B 2 years ago

    This is a police issue not just a race issue! White people get murdered by the police too

  • Patricia Schilling 2 years ago

    Best of Late Night. Thanks Jimmy Fallon

  • Ghost 2 years ago

    Loved it


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