Take A Ride On The SCOTUS Roller Coaster | Late Show’s Crotch Wotch

Published on June 30, 2022

The last day of this year’s Supreme Court session brought us a potentially devastating ruling that limits the power of the EPA, and the historic swearing in of the country’s first Black woman justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. In lighter news, Stephen introduced a new segment that tracks this summer’s hottest trends, The Late Show’s “Crotch Wotch.” #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • BLT II 2 years ago

    I miss when Stephen colbert once did the colbert report and just did what he’s always been meant to do…..make us laugh. I strive for a time when late night talk show television wasn’t biased towards one side of the political spectrum and was there solely to entertain or make us laugh

  • James Pardue 2 years ago

    “Boris’s Johnson”………..it had to be said. No way around it.

  • Wright Gregson 2 years ago

    the right wing is now achieving what their objective has been ever since FDRoosevelt and the New Deal came on the scene..

  • Greg K 2 years ago

    SC(R)OTUS is exactly what I’d expect when 3 justices were appointed by a criminal TV reality star and fascist wannabe.

  • Rigo Cisneros 2 years ago

    Exactly! An emergency and if Pres. Biden declared it as such it would give him wide powers to deal with the crisis. I sometimes think the Dems are as complicit as the republicans. DO SOMETHING! Don’t just whine that someone is to blame.

  • Opinunate ted 2 years ago

    Since penicilanwas invented in the 1940s, the world has become used to the old time sti like ghoneri, syphelis, clamidea, urinary tract infections and staph inection being treatable with a shot and a bottle of pills. Granted, those pills have gotten harder on the boyd as the bactria keep becoming imune to the old ones so that harsher ones keep having to be developed and used. well, it looks like ghonerea seems to have befcome immune to all of them. It is a brave new world that we are living in. Let’s just hope that the supreme court does not ban condums.

  • ryan summers 2 years ago

    The founding fathers were smart, not many people really understand that they were really really smart in numerous ways and in writing the constitution they applied thoughts of what went wrong and wrote a document to protect future generations from problems they faced and past generations faced. This might be true, from memory, The East Indian Trading Company was extremely wealthy because they existed for so long, they were the major currency, they didn’t devalue the currency. During that time there were numerous currencies that would start with good intentions but keep printing money that devalued them. East ITCo failed because at some point they devalued their currency. So, what the founders did is link currency to gold then silver and we stopped doing that because of large silver and gold rushes and tried to keep control, did we keep control, I still count my quarters, what millionaire would waste the time unless trying to act pious. Gun control, even back then they knew guns were dangerous, the second rule is not taxes on arms, not race, sadly might come later i forget, not any number of thoughts but a major rule, Must Be in a Well Regulated Militia, that showed the thought of knowing the dangers of the guns and the importance of making it not usable by the masses to control people who had these guns followed up , I forget honestly, by rules on militia’s. Republicans stop saluting the flag and acting all its my right or come pry it from my cold dead hands idiocy when not following a very plain rule, well-regulated militia. 20 years for sex trafficking from a major player that I thought also included deaths of children? which begs the question of freedom of press right there at the top meaning NO no talk clauses are legal, but for cocaine that numerous people did you give 25 years, 3 strikes you’re out bs for all non-rich people. Separation of church and state is clearly falling to a church that literally covered up numerous abuses on children let alone tax frauds schemes. The president appoints the judges when the president is now in front of judges, that he appointed that have already shown a clear lean to his side over a coup that could have easily led to civil war with MILLIONS of deaths. Or right now in front of senators or congresspeople that he campaigned for will have the deciding votes on his future that wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t helped them, already 2 time impeached with a similar situation but ow there is a very predictable coup to maintain power and we are still in confusion on this 50/50. These politicians come out as millionaire but there is a clear rule you can’t make any choices in office that will help your company or the thought of that is there but right out of office does it matter if the massive discrepancies of wealth can just pay them off the day they get out. Just on and on and Colbert here and numerous others are reeling from the turmoil of pathetic greed, curious to see what Colbert and others do with thier cash to want so much for your people to rise up not caring the people they step on to get there, this is still happening even after Vietnam We go to war with no clear goals just control a completely different kind of people on the other side of the world for 20 years while not sacrificing any part of our economy actually helping it in the short term, then complaining about inflation when we never budgeted for the war, we owe money, lots of it? You think they will let you just inflate the stock market nothing else so once again the rich get richer, and the hard-working low incomes get stuck cleaning their yacht’s if we’re lucky. Orange closed the EPA now duck dynasties look for coins, what’s going on with killing the alligators, enjoy stupid more deadly pythons. It doesn’t end the lack of logic. The EPA got gutted because the rich don’t make money when it is powerful, very simple logic, but the rich now manipulate the masses into a word not ridiculous enough in our language, the rich are less than 1% control 90% of wealth meaning they are in control, they buy presidents and governors that put judges and cops into place. gotta quit Ryan summers personal public diary #2

  • David Anderson 2 years ago

    From SCOTUS to scrotums in a single segue.

  • Rosemarie Bredahl 2 years ago

    I wish that melting ice caps was our worst problem … but noooo, there will be accelerating extreme weather, fires, droughts, salt-water intrusion, climate refugees, warring over declining resources, overgrowth of opportunistic organisms, extinctions,
    Etc., Etc..

  • Steve Ker 2 years ago

    It’s the Democrat Party on Colbert! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Gutfeld is killing him in the ratings. LUV IT!

  • Walter Stachowicz 2 years ago

    Stephen, you continue to show us the worst of our officials in DC along with a levity that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time! Thank you for helping me to keep my sanity in these trying times. You are the greatest thing on TV since TWTWTW.

  • L Shore 2 years ago

    Justin Trudeau is our ” Prime Minister ” not ” premier” our provinces have premier’s . Sheesh …

  • Bite Th3 Hand 2 years ago

    So he had an open wound hole in his groin area and a collapsed lung….. And he only went to the hospital for a noise….

    There’s just no words for how i feel right now… Confused mostly…


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