Taika Waititi on Thor, Quarantine with His Daughters and Viral Pic with Rita Ora & Tessa Thompson

Published on August 12, 2021

Taika talks to guest host Sarah Silverman about his show “Reservation Dogs” on FX on Hulu, his Maori upbringing in New Zealand, his mom making him read poetry as a punishment, quarantine with his daughters, and the photo of him Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson being shared all over the internet while he was in Australia shooting Thor.


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  • Ian Ham 2 years ago

    Is he Indian ?

  • piratebg 2 years ago

    Sarah Silverman makes everything worst.

  • My Name Is Row 2 years ago

    this interview was pretty normal, up until she told him to talk in a more understandable accent, didn’t understand why that was wrong, and then awkwardly showed him a picture, not taken by him, of him, his girlfriend, and his leading actress in a threesome kiss, even Jimmy wouldn’t have made this that awkward

  • Dakota Bodendein 2 years ago

    So did Taiki snort a line right before running out?

  • Le Falange 2 years ago

    Women are terrible late night host.

  • peter 2 years ago

    There seems to be a shoal of trolls passing though.

  • Mista 2 2 years ago

    Good old Kiwi lad , check out 1 of his earliest movies with Mike Rea of Brokenwood Mysteries fame called Scarfies , A Kiwi classic

  • Buc_Odie 2 years ago

    So she nailed him about JoJo Rabbit and it was all down hill from there.

  • VinBoy1972 2 years ago

    Well that was uncomfortable. It was nice of TW to not embarrass SS by mentioning that Scarlett Johansson is Jewish (because her mother is) and that she lost family members in the Warsaw ghetto.

  • Nihal 542765 2 years ago

    Taika is so cool

  • K R 2 years ago

    Taika you are the man!

  • Rangifulla 2 years ago

    She made him do all the work

  • nemonius_nihil 2 years ago

    Hilariously realistically lovingly no bs! Reservation Dogs is pure to Jojo Rabbit! I’m IN DEEP NOW!

  • David Simpson 2 years ago

    What an awkward interview. Managed to make probably the most laid-back man in the world uncomfortable. Total cringe.


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