Taika Waititi Directed Jojo Rabbit While Dressed as Hitler

Published on January 31, 2020

Taika Waititi gives Seth a drawing of his name and talks about Jojo Rabbit and his cameo in Thor: Ragnarok.

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  • irjoes 2 years ago

    Beautiful soul and intensely funny, how can you not love Taika

  • celso rosero 2 years ago

    comment here guys!

  • kkylaye ⍌ 2 years ago

    thor: ragnarok is my favourite marvel film

  • ShredderFTW 2 years ago

    Jojo Rabbit was such a good film, what a genius!

  • Diego Leonardo 2 years ago

    Bla bla bla BOOBIES

  • elusive 2 years ago

    Taika is so like Tony Stark and I love it.

  • Zombie Jesus 2 years ago

    I loved mojo rabbit, taika was like Hitler before he became a Nazi

  • rod axel 2 years ago

    “Hi my name is Korg I’m made of rock”
    ?. He’s also great in the Mandalorian as IG-88 and the director of the last episode.

  • ageDC 2 years ago

    Viago dressed as Adolf?

  • Gerardo Aguilar 2 years ago

    this guy kinda looks like robert downy jr

  • NEM 2 years ago

    Taika has titanium steel balls for making this film, and proved his critics were wrong!
    Good on yah mate…chur.

  • Marius Thefaker 2 years ago

    There are no snakes in New Zealand. I wonder if he had older siblings that tormented him with tales of nine forked tongues and extendable fangs etc. His wtf snakes could actually be what he thinks they look like ?

  • delfin7461 2 years ago

    Great film from a wonderfully talented man. LOVE Taika!!

  • Aly Dematti 2 years ago

    Taika is so attractive in every way.

  • Cris_T107 2 years ago

    Titty waititi

  • the king of cool 2 years ago

    Quirky like Tim Burton
    Genius like Nolan

  • T BZ 2 years ago

    Not hard to see why he gets along so well with Ryan Reynolds. They are absurdly odd and hilarious.

  • Eurobubble70 2 years ago

    horrible, disgusting movie, warmed up nazi stereotype slapstick comedy with a few “serious” scenes cut inbetween cause the whole thing was actually “not that funny” back then. if you go the absurd route, do it (but more original) but dont try to get cheap laughs off the back of such a tragedy and then do as little possible to pretend you care.


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