T**** And Pence Wage Proxy War In GA | Elon Musk Jokes About Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Published on May 24, 2022

The former president and VP are engaged in a high-profile battle over the Georgia gubernatorial race in what many see as a prelude to the 2024 presidential primary, and the world’s richest man took to Twitter to make light of allegations that he acted inappropriately towards a woman on his private plane. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Blair Brown 2 years ago

    “….and battled Donald Trump for its very Soul.”

  • Cap Marketer 2 years ago

    Colbert won’t say Trump’s name like he wouldn’t say Bernie Sanders name when mainstream media blacked out Sanders so that Biden would get the presidential nomination.

  • Sepp Eisenmann 2 years ago

    GA gov.-hopeful also made racist remarks against his potential democratic rival Stacey Abrams. Racism & other major concerns like domestic terrorism, mass shootings & climate change are no longer in today’s GQP platform.

  • Lec Tran 2 years ago

    Wow that was Steven coberts best joke, “Voting might end this nightmare.” Laught so hard I nearly pissed myself. NO! VOTING DOES NOTHING! WHOS IN CHARGE? WHOS HAD THE MAJORITY OF THE HOUSE? WHO HAS THE PRESIDENTAL SEAT? VOTING DOES NOTHING. ONLY ACTION!!! What action you ask? I don’t know, the second amendment exist right? They want us to use it right? We should use it right! Show the congressmen and nra what the REAL MEANING OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT?

  • Drogus Maxwell 2 years ago

    We also need to do something about the criminally insane amount of the criminally insane.

  • Aiken Odubitan 2 years ago

    Another mass shooting… AGAIN!!! Y’all crazy men!

  • Pit Schmit 2 years ago

    Perdue means “lost” in French… forshadowing…

  • RiiDii 2 years ago

    There’s a difference between 2nd amendment protections and the America the gun lobbyists are selling.
    That difference is like hanging out with friends versus having group orgy sex with all your friends.

  • BUDDAHSAM 2 years ago

    oh lord please someone please please pie that sob asap!!!

  • Blue2sco 2 years ago

    American do something. We had a shooting at Dunblane and we did more than offer thoughts and prayers we changed our gun laws. You may critise our gun laws, and I’ve seen it on other channels, but at least we did SOMETHING.

  • Alex Rice 2 years ago

    Why would anyone doubt that Elon Musk is a predator?! That creepy fuck was born a millionaire, he thinks he can buy anything.

  • Fiona 2 years ago

    05:36 Ummmm that joke was done by Seth Meyers a day ago. #sethmeyers

  • Lucius1958 2 years ago

    Don’t pray. *VOTE.*

  • Leann Bridwell 2 years ago

    I consider that an insult to basset hounds . Watch yourself Colbert.

  • ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Noon Shift 2 years ago

    Elon is the kinda guy that should get Duct Taped to the seat of any vehicle and indoors he is in… sadly he would enjoy it


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