Sweet Potato Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie – Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson | The Daily Show

Published on November 17, 2022

“First of all, I’m a good person. Okay? So you know for fact that I pick sweet potato. Because ain’t no way on God’s blue marble that I’mma act like that I am going to be eating something that people carve faces to.” – Dulcé Sloan

“I’ve never had a bad pumpkin pie, mainly because they’ve been store bought. But I have had some homemade pumpkin pies that were good.” – Josh Johnson

It’s sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. #DailyShow #HoldUp #Podcast

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  • TwilightArchive 1 year ago

    Pumpkin pie is a lie. Sweet potato pie is forever. Do cars vs trucks.

  • MissKi 1 year ago

    It saddens me that Josh is continually on the wrong side of history.

  • Starship Texas 1 year ago


  • AshyFeet 1 year ago

    I’m judgifying and critifying Josh who 14 minutes in didn’t have the motivation to start defending that pie. But it might not be his fault. Too much nutmeg and cinnamon and them pies taste exactly the same. Sweet potato pie tastes great without all the seasoning. Pumpkin pie doesn’t

  • TnL with TriXieKat 1 year ago

    Wow he went from cute and adorable to hot. That aside pumpkin pies are more healthier than sweet.

  • Lues BabyGirl 1 year ago

    sweet potato all day!

  • chastity baez 1 year ago

    Thanksgiving vs Christmas

  • apatternedhorizon 1 year ago

    Sweet potato is king. Grew up devouring them.
    I’ve had one mixed together too and it was awful, but not as bad as plain pumping pie.

  • Rebecca Stiles 1 year ago

    Dolce I love ya girl but I gotta go with my boy on this one..pumpkin 4 life!

  • Niko Meneses 1 year ago

    Yall can save this one for December but I wanna see what yall got to say about real Christmas trees vs fake

  • Ellie Gee 1 year ago

    Black Folks do eat pumpkins, it became seasonally trendy and now it has a bad name
    my people in the south grew pumpkins, ate it in many forms down to the seeds
    Haitians use pumpkins and other gourds to celebrate their independence and it’s theee best soup!
    As for pie, I prefer sweet potato pie but will eat pumpkin pie if made properly

  • Anthony S 1 year ago

    yo imma just starve on this one.

  • thirzje 1 year ago

    The neck energy sent me! <3 Here for it!

  • caren montgomery 1 year ago

    sweet sweet Dulce…
    must admit to being a white native Californian– I vote 100%
    sweet potato pie with out a doubt!

  • Franchesca Rivera 1 year ago

    Team Sweet Potato Pie

  • Demisia Lockett 1 year ago

    Beta carotene


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