Susan Sarandon on the Iconic Simpsons Jacket She’s Been Wearing Since 1995 | The Tonight Show

Published on September 7, 2022

Susan Sarandon talks about playing the bad guy in DC’s Blue Beetle, the iconic letterman jacket she’s been wearing since 1995 and her show Monarch.

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  • Lawrence Iverson 1 year ago

    I have thought about getting another cat but I’ m sure my current kitty will murder her.She only likes me, when my son comes to visit, she attacks him. She attacks any other cat she sees.She’s evil, but I love her.

  • kk P 1 year ago

    what a GILF

  • Aver 1 year ago

    Biggest Idiot. I’m surprised she didn’t spread Trump’s BIG LIE.

  • FashionistaStreet 1 year ago

    Sexy and funny!

  • KicriP 1 year ago

    I f***ing love Susan Sarandon.

  • Atlas Vindicem 1 year ago

    To all you gamers out there: her son, Miles Robbins, plays the character of Dylan in The Quarry:)

  • Randy Amerson 1 year ago

    Lets do the time warp again.

  • V C 1 year ago

    Jimmy, we are not fans of your beard and moustache. Sorry

  • kay ge 1 year ago

    Still so cool!!

  • Neil Deep 1 year ago

    there needs to be more comedy films with her.. ala fockers.

  • Md92 1 year ago

    She still looks breathtaking

  • Ace Entertainmnt 1 year ago

    She still turns me on after all these years.

  • Neem Tree 1 year ago

    Great visit!I loved it! 9/7/2022

  • Davinci's Ghost 1 year ago

    Hey Suze! Overly familiar I know but what the hell, after all, this next bit is even bolder. I’m writing to tell you that to restore order in your cat empire you need to sell your “little” apartment and move. Then at the new one you bring all three animals in and release them all at the same time. This, so I’m told, means the dominance pattern is disrupted allowing a reset in an environment new to all of them. Anyhoo… if it doesn’t work at least, you will have doors… useful things doors.

  • Iron Fan 1 year ago

    She’s lookin good man.
    Watch out for Justin and Andy.

  • Jake 1 year ago

    Susan is just a beacon of love & light. Absolutely love her! Also Jimmy is looking FOINE with a beard!!


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