Susan Sarandon Broke Up With Hillary

Published on April 28, 2016

Susan Sarandon explains why she is still feeling the Bern, and why the Hills have eyes.

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  • faboze 3 years ago


  • victor martone 3 years ago

    apple, Hillary, is tonight’s theme, EVIL?

  • mattmopar440 3 years ago

    Burnie is sadly done !

  • Mischief Managed 3 years ago

    #feelthebern ?

  • denatonium 3 years ago

    I finally figured it out. Colbert went from a charicature of a Republican
    to a charicature of a Democrat.

  • Abbsterss 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh yes! Clinton is so full of shit. All she does is change her
    policies when it affects her agenda, not because she actually gives a shit.
    Our country needs to change and she is going to do nothing to actually make
    a change.

  • habbogigi 3 years ago

    Susan 2016

  • S Harris 3 years ago

    Could I love Susan S more? She is SO right. If you’re concerned with the
    environment, minimum wage, or peace, you simply cannot vote for warmonger
    two-face Hillary.

  • NathanSykes Nicely 3 years ago

    I’m Canadian and I feel really depressed over Bernie rn. Reeeaaally been
    rooting for him ?

  • mattmun12 3 years ago

    She’s a milf. Sucks Bernie will probably lose though.

  • Arka Dhak 3 years ago

    talk about courage and feminism, Susan is the most intellectual.

  • Jojo Gun Fang 3 years ago

    booooo, Meow, worthless people.

  • Jen'Ari-Asha 3 years ago

    Stephen! Is Hillary holding for family captives and forcing you to defend
    her? Blink twice to tell us!

  • Karunjit Singh 3 years ago

    Susan is super awesome. Love her. Brilliant actress and obvioulsy an even
    better person.

  • Noodle 3 years ago

    This interview was absolutely spot on. Kudos to Stephen for letting her

  • How Much For A Gram 3 years ago

    “Fracking is the worst ting you can do to the environment,” says the person
    that doesn’t ;live next a coal plant. You realize natural gas is shutting
    down the coal industry, right? But go ahead and demonize an industry you
    don’t understand.

  • Vaibhav Gupta 3 years ago

    well, a beauty with a brain.

  • mugdays 3 years ago

    Susan Sarandon is so patronizing.

  • ndgv2 3 years ago

    enough politics. this show is supposed to be entertaining.

  • nicotine&gravy 3 years ago

    Steven, he’s not behind by 350, he’s behind by 293. I know it’s still
    incredibly improbable, but I just wanted to make that super clear. Also,
    he’s likely to win at least 4 of the 5 states coming up in May, and also
    California in June. Not saying he’s gonna overtake her in pledged
    delegates, but this is going to a convention no doubt.

  • Iden Hakeem 3 years ago

    Why is it so hard for Colbert to take the truth as it is. Hillary is
    possibly worst than trump and Bernie is 1000 times better than her! Please
    Colbert don’t make me dislike you, please?

  • z4k 3 years ago

    Love this woman. Genuine.

  • Jay Spades 3 years ago

    The way she avoids questions, she should run for president.

  • farfiman 3 years ago

    He is down by about 290.

  • 7searchful 3 years ago

    “He’s gonna have to go against his own values” Yeah because the democrats
    rigged the whole process from the beginning.

  • Dominic Mejorada 3 years ago

    If Bernie doesn’t make it, then what’s the point? Fuck it

  • Master Joe Kerr 3 years ago

    I love Susan Sarandon more than most people.

  • Fletcher G 3 years ago

    She’s gorgeous wow

  • John Adams 3 years ago

    Susan’s great!!! Feel the Bern!!!!
    Never Hillary!!!

  • Ian B 3 years ago

    CBS cant shut bernie down even if they tried. rip in piece CBS, get rekt

  • Neo Ayeri 3 years ago

    These Bernie Supporters are delirious… Susan seems like she escaped from
    a Mental Asylum, where her medication is.

  • Tai Lopez 3 years ago

    fucking feminazi..

  • MsPark 3 years ago

    Uh the $15 minimum wage is not about women’s pay, Susan. And Hillary does
    support a $15 million minimum, as she did in NY; she’s talking about
    initially increasing the federal minimum wage to $12. As for pay equality,
    it’s known Hillary has always supported and fought for it.

    Susan: “[Bernie’s] been consistent”. Me: LOL!

    Susan: “Come on, who’s going to vote for Trump, seriously”.
    I hope all the delusional Berniebots are listening there too.

  • whygotherehuh 3 years ago

    As a Muslim Canadian A part of me wants trump to win now if Bernie doesn”t
    get it. The world needs to see America with it’s mask of “We are the good
    guys” off. The innocents they have killed to this day, and everything that
    trump will do. And watch them even more openly blame Muslims while they
    bomb people. The world needs to see it more openly and trump and his big
    mouth will do that.

  • Pseudonayme 77 3 years ago

    Still a crazy hot redhead Susan :D

  • Misanola 3 years ago

    So cringworthy how Stephan tries to downplay the serious consequences of
    Hillary’s corporate minions.

  • Doctor English 3 years ago

    Empassioned Susan Sarandon in a leg cast is still >>> the angelina jolies
    and the melania trumps of this world put together

  • Brandon Tafalla 3 years ago

    The more she talks, the more I hate her

  • RC AS 3 years ago

    People against fracking are the same people against GMOs. They choose to
    demonize it without actually knowing anything about it.

  • and then i said 3 years ago

    I’ve been hearing more and more minorities with the argument that, like him
    or not, Trump is the only one representing American ideals and the American
    Dream…. It’s been a crazy ride and I don’t think it’s that clear a read
    which demo will vote for x candidate.

    That Bernie is a dreamer that we’ll end up hoping that the whole system
    will keep from flying too close to the sun. Tax to hell in order to build
    That Hillary is a reptilian lord of Omicron-Persei 8 with a mask, master of
    the military industrial complex.

    In the wise words of Bender: “hold on to your dookey, it’s about to get

  • Jack Lin 3 years ago

    I have no idea who this woman is, but I already like her more than most

  • Muriel Ruan S. P. 3 years ago

    She’s an internet stereotype.

  • Douglas Massey 3 years ago

    Just marry me already.

  • Gabriel Maza 3 years ago

    I scream at “La Virgen de Guadalupe” *ríe en español*

  • FreneticKey 3 years ago

    I support blue. berniebros are crazy.

  • PizzaLord 3 years ago

    Hillary looks exactly the same in every picture

  • Gen C 3 years ago

    Thank you, Susan Sarandon! Love her advocacy for the consistent,
    compassionate candidate.

  • Jacob D Wunsch 3 years ago

    I love her… Great discussion!

  • Mr. Vector 3 years ago

    That photo of Hillary and Susan is absolutely 100% fake. The lighting on
    Susan is harsh while on Hillary, it’s much softer (you wouldn’t see a
    shadow under Hillary’s arm if a flash was used from a position indicated by
    the lighting on Susan). You can see a lot of feathering and lazy selection
    tracing around their outlines. The scale and perspective is slightly
    wrong… they’re supposedly about the same height, yes, but you can just
    about see Hillary’s hip/waist with Susan’s upper arm directly behind that
    (human proportions don’t work that way). At first glance, it would appear
    that Hillary is embracing Susan with her arm around her, but you can see
    the upper part of Hillary’s arm is “in front” of Susan shoulder. I am
    certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Photoshopped.

    It doesn’t make sense though. Why would either Susan or someone at The Late
    Show Photoshop a fake picture of Susan and Hillary together?


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