Supreme Court Upholds DACA

Published on June 18, 2020

Jimmy addresses Trump facing his second loss in a row with the Supreme Court upholding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and more revelations from John Bolton’s tell-all book in another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

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  • rojy paily 4 months ago

    I love is laugh 😂

  • An Ro 4 months ago

    Go Nancy! still laughing

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    HOA x 

    what is condo fee 

    they have fund 

    but why they increase so much

    the fees

    is Rodger under home arrest?

    About the guest: Roger Jason Stone is an American political consultant, lobbyist, and author. In November 2019, subsequent to the Mueller Report and Special Counsel investigation, he was convicted on seven counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators. 

    Roger Stone has been called the “Dirty Trickster” by media. In this sit down with Patrick Bet-David he opens up about the allegations, being in Trumps campaign mastermind and makes bold predictions. Order Stone’s Rules Book

    soviet union

    they try to build communism now in US with illigal immigrants and beurocratic processes

    second freshness is tainted 



    MU k S UN

    they try to st up MUMU


    pomp A

    but they tell him actually he just cant listen

    that is mistake to star to listen to tellers

    tellers what 2 do

    t u d u

    changing the penguins on diapers  of baby but leaving die per in place

    die persia?

    die p e r s i a n

    slippery slope 

    bored AM

    34 min it was more rodgers ideas then mine

    they were ordering ideas?

    two room in base meant

    bayZ mentA li t  y 

    some lottery 

     l o o t bring 




    can we build the best second class building sponsored and and by government we nee government owned community to get rid of homelessness

    and help peopel save money 

    i p o teka

    tech A

    so roger isn’t in jail

    self represent


    why painted nude breasted woman leaks Rodger?

    so how 40 month in jail??

    in prison

    and seal recors

    what was the deal did they say they want to seal 

    and told Rodger not to speak about anything 

    they control what he is saying

    woke leaks

    wiki leaks

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    what they want to bury elderly in golden coffins to then inherit their estates so it si an atrocity 

    James Corden connects with Anuel and asks him about the list of collaborations on his new album, “Emmanuel,” and Anuel explains how Bob Marley’s music has long been an influence and how special it was to get approval to release “No Llores Mujer” – which he performs on the show.

    frozen or doing?


    Zak pozen

    long don

    start 1 h 19 min

    wait l i ft i ng

    do they use black guy to ask for vouchers because of the color

    privatize and look at expenses very carefully

    they want to steal thes people money and have them rewrite and donate their estate and they want to pay out government money perpetual donation after mortgage is paid 

    that is robbery 

    these peopel save to retire

    to not donate to political party and they probably do not allow to transfer money to relatives

    and what they feed them

    he doe snot run


    y leno




    so they get rid of Rodger as an advisor o president how to make sensible policies and they have W Barr give corrupted advise 

    and run policy that A shift likes especially with voucher fraud robbery

    the old peopel families and old peopel have savings bt the problem is with increase in rent and especially after virus the rents need to be decreased not increase

    and especially it is not that old peopel lost jobs and were not able to pay rent because they did not work to start with so why after pandemic is that older population get to get subsidy in for of vouches

    do not make any sense is literally a robbery and that is after lot of democtract just scooped through the old folks house and already collected they votes that they vote for democtracts or they vote for bloomers or berry who already endorses been so rte goes to ben even f donald trump say to old people i pay your voucher but actually old people do not care then say well i have so much money i left i give it to jp biden ad donation as well. so there is lot of shady station that are very wrong on so many levels about vouchers

    is liek paying rosie after her mortgage paid yup long time ago and ensuring her income 

    do not agree to any vouchers there need to be subside and to the government run old people huss as real estate they can hire a team f nurses that maybe private but do not let them have private owned nurseries receive any vouchers. 

    they also plan to run schema that they enroll some dead peopel into vouches program or not report they are dead after they die str receive subsidies. and the subsidies got to pay rent not t feed them etc so it is an atrocity 

    what ld folks houses they target??

    what locations look at their maps

    they not helloing president trump win cals ethey separated him from any friends

    it is W barr stirs problems 

    mucbin supposed to be paying all thsi and he is not even at the table 

    where hey think money come from

    case sea?

    affirmative action

    triple funding black colleges

    R Nixon


    get Rodger on board with president trump what lawyer not allowed them to talk why

    they can party with women with painted bops but that is about it

    why not Rodget and Guliani help more

    eating meat

    what is very strange that the 4 police waited for something specifically for 9 minutes

    what they were waiting for?? while chocking they were waiting for what??

    did they call EMS?

    to restrain him has his arms not in handcuffs 

    they were

    s what they waiting for?

    the same question I have what is Barr preoccupied with ??

    why W Barr is not helping to dismiss case entirely?

    authorize illigal surveillance of president Kennedy

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    they did not talk what 


    make sure look at text in law and say the word amended right in where ther his amendment can they add contradictory laws and the old laws still apply or they cant fund then and keep on repaplacing 

    so keep same laws that are numbered and any amendment do right n teh text and that old ways need to be crossed out and left as is for next 5 years and over write right in the text what the new rule is make it read and same word AMENDED next to the law and rule so they slice know very well and they nee to be abel t read

    watched until 2:23 u talk 600 per week or month and so what dollars is that 2006?

    in what areas on the map? what about vauchers 

    and they do not talk on white house site about price reforms they publish videos liek Nadler opuses for sweeping reform

    lek they are the ones using president resisting

    police watched as man drowned

    he is not black or blaming

    where is his car again 

    is that reform includes that police offiecers and families not own tow away car places and parking as well as auctions or accounting offices related t bends from towing cars

    did he jump in the water after the way he got harassed during arrest 

    thes arrest are very scary 

    what the police said to 911 who they call to rescue from water?

    what about that they recently arrested and persecuted mom that a very large boy jumped in water and the judge interrogated that women and yet police doesnt get arrested 

    the 4 police there is physiology r crowd and confirmation 

    that is not normal what we are seen here at that table with president trump being convinced the peopel look after old people

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    RAPE in prisons need to be addressed

    how they do not have security cameras in each cell??

    make toilet not visible t camera but pretty low wall separating toilet from camera 

    kind of liek the areas that si not visible to cameras

    when peopel from opposite party have suggestion about police reform include the suggestions together and actually show what questions they include or suggested and they di not get included

    27 ish min 

    they talk about NEW pharmaceutical drugs that out of 1 min commercial talk about benefit for 10 second and 50 seconds do not take them if you are republican

    those recent pills were in 2001JohnDurham

    packaging need to be more simple and biodigrabaley if not recyclable make people pay panalitues for packaging that si not reciblanle or biodegradable

    criminal justice reform allows for secretive investigations without notifying people immediately that the case started opener filed against them??

    what changes

    why i don’t know why proclaim love every time. is that voice over kids think liek that ? when i was a kid i would be disappointed if i though nemo is not nemo and that it is voice over are we over explaining ?

    is similar to make a point to give credit to who real santa is and that there is no santa. 

    is peopel who try to be invited or popular also say i love ellen. she provided voice to a cartoon show the script was written by someone else ellen is a comedian 

    unless she is given credit liek a writer. or 

     she need to find a job in radio commercial peopel tune in he cars

    iron up people decide what thy want to do but why talk about it to kids that ther is supposedly a choice like this

    many gay looking guys in Russia seem to be desperately in love with females 

    look a oleg dal

    then we have a supposedly lesbian girl in love with pharel wife think she is lesbian she feels safe and then they actually experimenting teh type of relation and then someone like pharaoh teaching any type of dogma that i used word retarded 

    that is one re t A r dead situation that happened to him

    also how they have 3 kids was it IVF?

    som emane gravitate to women cause they probably thinking they slide their penis somewhere and there is no poo in there no trouble for them and that summarizes while they prefer to marry women and she of them with OCD do not mind washing so much so they do it with wife maybe maybe not but some of them say they do not and they do and thy lie. cause who is gong to ask the wife. but this Saska and Monica were clearly upset Shnaw stayed with me. So he was lying to them he did not and stayed with me secretly but it is a horrible situation even being wife is difficult basically i do not like to lie

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    when Patrick was a trader he new about positions at work and they even had a type of curfew before getting hired he had to sign documents stating that after he stop working he cant be hired by anyone else for a periodd of time up to a year but that he be paid extra bonuses while he is employed.

    He could not work for anyone else and he could also not disclose or publish anything otherwise he woudl have to return money

    Implement a rule like this

    Unless the case has to do with corruption cause we only need another yellow press type fo documet that discusses about lack of rail atrocity on the trip safety team need to be fired?

    and who tipped even single comedian to talk about it 

    it is like if president trump is not doing anything funy that one day he disappoints everyone and that was the funniest thing that happened that day oder wise entire day si wasted. No one noticed about vouchers atrocity plus that safety team need to be fired we going respect elders when they actually make a good point once in a while?

    watched until 51 seconds 

    hopefully they do not start sodom & ho m o r A

    if white democrat dies or white republican hey care more or less based on political party

  • Jennifer Smith 4 months ago

    Still waiting for my mom’s day gift that will never come & wanting to go back to the 90s so bad, Doc where’s the flux capacitor. I wanna go back!

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    they need pap tests and the screening that they do as government expenses certain only but compbinate of private and basic care they have Alberta Health care so it is provincial heath care not federalists 

    James Corden connects with California Governor Gavin Newsom who provides some context to the state’s approach to combating COVID-19. After, James asks Gov. Newsom about takeaways from his listening tour to hear and learn more about the fight for social justice and police reform. And after showing off a gift he received from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reggie Watts has a paranormal question for Gov. Newsom.

    what they earn in teh state try to keep money pithing the state first before it goes to federal government then federal government give lethal aid to Ukraine instead of helping peopel within the state


    UN g   l ess 

    they nee dto stop sewage rats live in teh sewage

    that is not administration of trump it is administration without head 

    President Trum woudl not sue he woudl only apply to court 4 bankruptcy

    in the 4ll

    washable face mask at check in the airport give them  in LA

    in California

    part of tickets

    Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke.”

    car o k ??

    these 70 lawsuits were inherited

    ames Corden starts his show looking at 3 Things that have recently caught his attention, including English football superstar Marcus Rashford using his platform to help reverse a decision to halt a food voucher program for children in low-income families.

    that alien

    cant they make it known before ethey start jobs

    make them sign to not write books for years about white house unless it is corruption 

    then it needs go to mediators not under seal

    but bolton was court 

    AIDS vacine is antobiotic is syphils when they do not treat it with antibiotic long i nAf

    have a gap

    why not help screening fo illigal immigrants and help then with legal status

    on state level

    not federal?

    cause the taxes collected by state and healthcare is state

    then they do not say deferral obama cares would state want to pay giant vouchers for hospital bills they pay to doctors separately then hospital rental real estate fee

    6 t y 


    what about schools

    what they teach there 

    in skull they teach gender options

    some men 

    why that woman was able to keep apartment 

    in sex and the city

    cause her husband wasnt attracted enough to her

    porno is addictive 

    is like meth

    regulation about porn

    aliens engaged??

    anonymous centers to apply for legal status??

    not DMV

    her greed

    and determination

    count of add e r a t i o n 

    he isnt an actor

    the police did that and threw a woman on the face 

    police does that they throw women on the face moll y g r a ber 

    4r a ll 2 C



    class action

    this is not making sense if they only wear for 5 min in the store but they touch with their hands everything

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    Мир в цифрах. Где много тратят на военные нужды. Графика компании “Меркатор”.

    Графики компании “Меркатор”. Всё главное за одну минуту!

    irrelevant obsolete regulatory guidance that make regulations irrelevant and dinosaur like


    starting Dec 2019 they canceled 3.7K obsolete laws

    distracted on screening

    delete screening everyone makes mistakes wrong tests and FDA made mistakes

    only one virus??

    is that plague during plague cant touch with hands they wear gloves were that gloves had been?


    20 min 

    why trust UN??

    they are militants

    meet only 3 countries so it is not looking like  parent company UN sad so

    3 countries conversation dont bring Authority into it?

    is that same as talking to Rosie need UN as mediator

    but mediators not advising to Ukrain same message then UN said one thing NATO something else US supplies lethal Aid instead of Minsk agreement 

    and encourages death

    what about oil pipeline to Ukain birisma is oil?

    4 INN s t 8

    pound of sand

    until 11 minutes

    history of love b ab a a h n u t 

    ba o b a b 

    as ukrain now asks for loans and support everywhere earlier it was russia russia built lot of industry in ukrain during separation ukraine did not pay russia for this and did not create contract not interrupted business 

    that isnt ok

    is similar to hasty brexit how is that working out for long don

    watched until 1 min 55 seconds

    only chocking isnt allowed?

    anti rassistskoy

    or anturossyiskoy

    what risks specifically 

    i do not understand this vedeowhat they talking about 

    they stealing money

    what contracts who is doing it 

    and casino money laundering

    are these real estate ??

    billion dollar contracts

    childen enlisted

    they create social numbers for kids and use them as a vote what are the ages of kids that died?

    they do not talk about old people giving their estate

    what about these peopel who they let in through border registered them and they do not come back to courts 4 years

    until 3 min 43 seconds

    is that same woman or there was murder

    inherited 300000 pounds in India?

    then inherited 400 not pounds but other currency then she wrote will to give to her child or grandchild 50 pounds good money management ?

    that is with inflation


    he left small fortune for India Harriet 50 pounds?

    i july they new about frenchwoman 

    in october she acts surprised about frenchwoman knew about indian but not french

    she is an actress

    but the people the friends other people do favors that friend on receiving end they do not think that they friend and they actually think the other person thinking their fried is stupid

    is like playing i was not around that woman 

    she looks like serial killer women charlize the ron is playing 

    why she cries

    lek everything is cute



    making sounds non stop

    like dog 

    plant a family tree

    lucky 2 not knowing

    church court

    devaluation of currency

     they say they help kids but they do not do not let them run anything for under privilege kids Help single parent families how

    7000 fake new business that register immediately and apply for very large loans

    did california practice audit?

    they actually voting 

    via app

    but what other electronic passport in that video?

    that looked like

    voting electronically and what possport they dont need passport email them passport or during registration of app register app with personal tax Id

    what paper ballot it creates fraud NO?

    f r  AU  d  


    p u sh Apps

    pu  s h ups

    only allow with personal tax id 

    voting any voting on the app

    what paper??

    small business card??

    what passport it seem he was asking for electronic passport 2 vote?

    there is no need to have passport only personal tax id not business

    but they still can use dead people who already died

    make rule to register death a day after death also via registered system

    maybe they did not pass or accept certain changes that ?

    there isnt problem

    pokazatelny i crizis

    in russia everyone has passport in US they dont


    geder change?

    passports name changes they apply for new tax ID?

    some people say they lost passport

    they keep it

    and have 2

    do not


    anything but only one tax id birthday is that possible people have two tax id ??

    personal tax only one social security number

    first 4:09

    faking while voting on line

    cause of the way they register 

    in russia they do not have tax id

    we cant trust authority because people believe lies and elect wrong people also it has to be law presidential candidates must be investigated and allowed to be investigated so they cant be elected

    watched until 43 min

    at 17 minutes patrick first mentioned

    what mayor of LA does that scars people and in Dallas they doing differently 

    everyone making mistakes


    or matrix


    russians have video ajour N virus mutating

    competition is a sin for example when there’re patents the same as FDA

    it is protectionism that is a problem

    competition is something else

    the problem maybe is too much competition?

    so they want to get credits 

    what they want is to say I implemented thsi idea it is I that matter they compete for idea to be implemented and they fight idea even if it is good that is not theirs and they sell horrible idea to say it was implemented therefor it was good. because they consider only winning is a way to complete. if we add partied and they have the type of boundary that they say winning only matters and not ideas that are helpful that is a problem here

    that is what also called politics

    but funny enough president trump switched parties so many times because he was actually chasing ideas so how to change thsi to not be about competition but about ideas so we have individual responsibility society that is not individualists actually and narsistic

    capitalism and communism are both narsistic and even socialism

    what makes sense

    1 h 22 minutes

    see the contagious ideas 

    is different idea when there is competition between two peopel 

    they do not allow person to make a mistake once in a while but it imposrtan that we talk through the process developing an idea 

    and it is important then cause we can figure it out

    so what about Dallas that doe snot scare peopel that Eric supposedly scaring someone in LA


    what did they mean 

    rumor has it

    why not automatically reassign president the problem if president is not going too have real power 

    and be a puppet i am not sure what exactly the changes are about to remove power or to remove responsibility from russian president it sound it is to distribute it more to governors including  responsibility for not being corrupted but that mean president have to identify the corruption 

    president need to have and feel government more of a col of audit when states in US  and regions in Russia need more self govern so president do not go to state or region level and grab the leaders there like cats and let them smell the pee. right now it looks in Ups everyone educate presidents after they are being assigned about what they do wrong is they put person on pedestal and start tp dissect and make fun of them as a clown is like negative idealilizarion 

    with obama is was like he was black jesus but his speach writers were eloquent

    competition is a sin Dale Carnegies talked about it 

    that was creates car towing businesses and paking ticket businesses like parking tickets is a franchise

    business profit oriented not convenient public service non profit

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    that plane almost touched the ground with its tail at the departure is unfortunate model

    it went up with its nose too fast?

    is scary they all fro that 

    almost touch the ground with the back

    so scary

    is amazing actually to land as well

    app l o u d

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago


    car recycling 

    this is what they need to b able to

    was that oil rigs there??

    that cliff was estimates at 30 thousand how??

    he is robot?

    are they looting trains 

    cliff rail

    fish thinks they are birds

    za mu zhesto


    or state 

    two significant LA managers 

    the worst is to have responsibility but no authority

    win t o w CA

    if Andy and twice switch places 

    Ellen would be accused in humiliation and discrimination

    Andy has how many kids

    I said Andy and Ellen Show I should have said twitch

    competition mean more division

    shifer siehal

    need to set limit see of the land private individual with certain size of land can inherit foreign citizen 

    no problem

    what are the children brought here as single children?

    or they are separated

    and hat are they raised like?

    Are they up for adoption or they are put in prison system

    and raised as nazi??

    thinking that USA is their land like NR

    communists system 

    peopel growing up in prison conditioned like thsi they are not American on their land

  • Pine Cone 4 months ago

    That’s an amazing Gilbert Gottfried.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago

    some people like video games
    and also Kim J
    loves hanging out with US actors and sportsmen and black skinned as well
    so why not keep happy a per so n a with a name sake

  • QueenJaneApproximately 4 months ago

    Sick burn! 5:08

  • Review Girl 4 months ago

    Omg the Trump jokes were on point! 😂😂😂

  • Linda Tuttle 4 months ago

    Jimmy, do more impressions, you are excellent. Very funny jokes !!

  • TD Hawk 4 months ago

    Laughing! Thank you!

  • TD Hawk 4 months ago

    You two are the best together… Lol

  • Gamer online 4 months ago

    Wow!!! So sweet in the frist video starting.

  • George B 4 months ago

    It’s OVER , YOU ARE DONE ……

  • Gary Quarrie 4 months ago new Jamaica female artiste

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    Fallon family: Couple goals & Dad goals & awesome wife goals ♥️😊😂👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Jess Albright 4 months ago

    Wat I mean is u got daddy almond milk . While mum is DRY

  • Otter Feathers 4 months ago

    “That lines up perfectly with my plans.” Haha the beginning of this good.

  • zendiablo 4 months ago

    “Supreme Court Upholds DACA” No they didn’t. They specifically said .. _unanimously_ Homeland Security _had_ the authority to end DACA which was illegally established. The swing vote offered the caveat that the paper work needed more information. That this gets distorted to the caption of this video is par for the course in Democrat Lala land.

  • SAM l 4 months ago

    Love the spontaneous “Ew!” But remember an interview he gave awhile ago included tale how on previous Father’s Day Nancy took kids to Target (or similar) GOT JIMMY 4 Father’s Day basically crafty stuff actual;y for kids – no proper Father’s Day present …. He was devo so hopefully this year went better. Here in Oz Father’s Day ages away.

  • LipSmacker 4 months ago

    Jimmy running from his black face past 👎

  • Elizabeth Lauckhardt 4 months ago

    Got my dad cheesecake and beer for Father’s Day. He was good with that.

  • Tan Shyan 4 months ago

    Congrats for 25mil subs quarter of 100mil

  • Amy L 4 months ago

    He: “I don’t want anything for Fathers Day.” She: “That lines up perfectly with my plans.” LOL

  • yejin So 4 months ago

    Yeah , #happyfathersday edition at home!!!!!!!

  • akaimizu1 4 months ago

    Oddly enough, the Iago joke is weird considering. Hmm….. Guess he didn’t watch Aladdin 2, or maybe just maybe he’s referencing it.

  • Robert Cringle 4 months ago

    Jimmy’s best monologue all month.

  • Suemack24 4 months ago

    You two are too cute together.

  • N L 4 months ago

    Oh nice..I see Jimmy took David Dobrik’s advice about the camera.

  • marylynngaydosh 4 months ago

    Not amused. Stick with the book. Thanks

  • David Thomas 4 months ago

    I’ve kind of lost respect for Jimmy since he’s got all political with his show now go back to Sean your daughters and having fun and cracking jokes you’re a late night talk show host you’re not here to make statements about our country do what you’re paid to do

  • Jamie Wells 4 months ago

    Ladys and gentleman, the “Joe Biden” of late show host. What a FARCE! PUPPET! I guess Drew Barrymore has a little more comnon sense than I thought. F@#$ OFF! TOADIE!

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    Happy father s day buoma festa del papa i lived im usa till i wss thirteen go Brooklyn go love Marigra


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