Supreme Court Refuses To Invalidate Pennsylvania’s Mail-In Votes In Major Rebuke Of The President

Published on December 8, 2020

The president was counting on the Supreme Court to side with Republicans and toss out all 2.5 million of Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots, but today the high court rejected the GOP’s lawsuit in a move that might prove fatal to the president’s effort to hang on to power.

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  • Effie Kon 1 month ago

    You’re White House is better watching than Real Houswives

  • Patrick Quibodeaux 1 month ago

    Trump had to work so hard to distinguish legislators from legislatures. I for one am tired of having a mildly retarded “president”.

  • Alpenjodler1 1 month ago

    It’s so simple to see the truth behind why Bill Gates wants to vaccinate me: He wants me to live so I have to suffer his stupid 2-character line feeds for longer. He’s a monster!

  • Libby Breen 1 month ago

    Woop speed

  • 1badhaircut 1 month ago

    You are high from happiness … everyone is. One more coming soon …. when he tries to pardon himself and many more.

  • MrSoggyjocks 1 month ago

    If i was being filmed getting the first vaccine shot, you can bet there would be more symptomatic facial contortions and cackling to go immediately after the injection… maybe running around hooting like an enraged chimpanzee

  • Adam Shaw 1 month ago

    Second Brit…William Shakespeare was done so he can write the Taming of the Flu 🤧

  • Raymond DeLeon 1 month ago

    I haven’t had a longy in awhile, but I have had a drippy fatty aka a Giuliani.

  • Aidan Campbell 1 month ago

    I want the headstone that says “I want a second opinion”

  • Wogan Jones - Brenin Annwn 1 month ago

    NB. Britain is not a country it is an island with 3 countries – England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Flushable Trump 1 month ago

    Study confirmed COVID19 causes Erectile Dysfunction. Trump later explained the EXCEPTION to people with involuntary erection issues.

  • Zaid Roa 1 month ago

    OK listen up Steve and writtter big fan but that Arizona grand Canyon joke was a little bit too far a girl died there man… so I know it’s a comedy show but come on guys do some research. Please still love the show though

  • Paul Butkovich 1 month ago

    If one is moving downward then how is it “skyrocketing”? The whole point of skyrocketing is that you are moving up, towards the sky, like a rocket. I personally think Trump was told that Covid was skyrocketing by someone and in a moment of word association that phrase popped out.

  • Vusumzi Xalabile 1 month ago

    Sky rocket downwards. Trump’s speak.

  • Lee Whiteside 1 month ago

    Bone spurs thought he brought the Supreme Court judges wrong They know if they did what he wants Biden would out them. Look at Barr the shoe is on the other foot now it’s sort witch way the wind blows. It is what it is. Man l am going to sleep well to night 👌👌👌

  • SunburyGeorgia 1 month ago

    Lol, he’s hell bent on stealing the election. So much for the constitution. Republicans stop playing and tell this man and his cult he lost.

  • Jeremiah Blum 1 month ago

    Don’t know if I could have made it through the last 4 years without u Stephen. The nightmare is almost over. Thx bro =)

  • Lacy Claire Whitten 1 month ago

    Now I want my headstone to read “I’d like a second opinion”

  • Eon Reeves 1 month ago

    Republic “Thousands of votes were fraudulent and the machines have been hacked”
    dems “There is no evidence of fraud”
    Republic “but there is, we’ve seen it, everyone has seen it…”
    dems Jedi mind trick wave “There is no fraud”
    Republic “Yeah.. there is no fraud..”

    dems “That is correct, no fraud”

  • AB Ba 1 month ago

    Rikers Island awaits ***rump…


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