Supreme Court Blocks Trump Administration from Ending DACA

Published on June 19, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, June 18.

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  • Brothers Bampot 2 months ago

    I thought trump only hired the best people?

  • Wayzor 2 months ago

    Drum machines are lame.

  • Adrian Colley 2 months ago

    Trump used the word “ostracized” correctly!

  • Mac Harper 2 months ago

    Seth has termites, a while back he had hornets, does he have any locusts up there in that attic too?

  • GREY Wolf 2 months ago

    While the dimwit (Trump) is in the news every day for saying/doing something stupid, the person he chose to lead the EPA former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is working hard to do away with any and all laws we have to protect the water, air, and environment. Its all about helping the rich get richer, while the dimwitted grifter does/says one ignorant thing after another.

  • Richie Rich 2 months ago

    Chief Justice Roberts may be conservative, but he appear to still believe in “We The People’s” Constitution. The Gentiles must be screaming that these judges are not bowing down to their demands to return us to the Dark Ages. When the filth of man used the name of our Lord to beat down and control the peasants and institute their beast system., it’s a sad day for Democracy. Traitors thomas and kavanaugh are sellouts to their 1% corporate masters, especially the pervert kavanaugh, who lied under oath when testifying to Congress. Everyone of a certain age knows what Boofing and what a Devil’s Triangle is! And it is not farting or a drinking game! You others just do a simple google, you’ll understand!

  • Shelton Golden 2 months ago

    2:00 “What are you in for?”
    “Fixing tuna prices..”

  • GourmetGilda 2 months ago

    Don the con is a downer he and the previous republicans never helped Mr. Obama make any new changes and also wanted to remove what they had done !

  • GourmetGilda 2 months ago

    Hey good news if you hadn’t been up in the attic you would never had found those termites!

  • Diego 2 months ago

    So much losing for dear leader this week. He must be in desperate need of his pep rally.

  • Jenson Wheel 2 months ago

    hey trump, who’s the wacko, wacko?!

  • Mickey 2 months ago

    Lmfao, didn’t he appoint most of the justices. That just goes to show you how much of a loser he is.

  • Sabrina Estep 2 months ago

    They are coming

  • J Randall 2 months ago

    In the famous words of
    Donald Trump
    “Who knew __________?”
    Fill-in the blank…

  • Danika Murthy 2 months ago

    Someone looks happy delivering this headline 😍👍❤️🇨🇦

  • CAP198462 2 months ago

    2:00 when defacing a statue actually improves the statue 🤔

  • Roy Rodgers 2 months ago

    Diaper J tRump stacked the deck and is still catching loses … Did he ever get that glass to his lips ???

  • Psychachu Music 2 months ago

    That fiddle-drumstick line is getting quoted word-to-word to my mate when he comes over. Whoever wrote that line is golddust — I’d never even thought about that before!

  • The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just 2 months ago

    I wonder if trump knows what quotation marks are meant to signify.
    He seems to think they are for emphasis…

  • Meggie Love 2 months ago

    Trump just doesn’t want the real truth to come out! It’s about time it did!

  • starvin 2 months ago

    Bumbawe Atuna!

  • Erica Watson 2 months ago

    Haha! “What time is it where you are?”

  • nicole marcano 2 months ago


  • BrognusBelgen 2 months ago

    Holy crap! Bumblebee Tuna is real?! I thought that was just a joke used for Ace Ventura 2.

  • boyo111 2 months ago

    Funny how the stable genius who will only hire the best seems to have a revolving door where everyone talks smack about him once leaving, it’s as if he is a fraud and incompetent.

  • Megan Herrera 2 months ago

    We’ve been replaced by termites, lol

  • Ariel Levinson 2 months ago

    Seth has that souless look

  • niceguy60 2 months ago

    The Supreme Court guts the voting rights act but saves DACA.

    African Americans you are being replaced and culled and you don’t see it.

  • Frosty Los 2 months ago

    Sometimes I feel bad for trump like “poor old man nobody likes him”

    Then he does something stupid or cringe. Hateful decisions.

    Oh no wonder we hate him, he’s angry at half of the country, he thinks his decisions will make America great but ends up taking us 2 steps back.

  • JP Biscuit 2 months ago

    Ohhhhh Noooooo, Is your attic going to collapse around you Seth?

  • Curly4000 2 months ago

    I love Trump. MAGA Trump 2020

  • B Callahan 2 months ago

    Hey getting a little better on your biases.
    How about the three trillion stimulus in part backs major corporations
    Though guaranteed loans. So they can sell weed?
    Still illegal federally. A lot of small entrepreneurs invested a ton of money in states where legalized. Mostly dem. With no guarantee.
    State’s dragging feet to allow them to open.
    Do to virus so they say.
    I don’t smoke.
    Just seems like Pelosi rather deal Starbucks than the corner store. To get her weed.
    The rest Wal-Mart. Corner store screwed again..
    And big money already filed suits in states limiting sales to local entrepreneurs. And won.
    People put life savings into something they believe in. Wether I think it right or wrong. Legal in state.
    Then to have a stimulus package that was meant to aid existing businesses stay afloat. Funneled money to foreign owned corporations.
    Do to paranoid, uneducated , ill informed politicians on both sides.
    House is out of control.
    Small businesses pay 60 percent or better of taxes in America .
    Grand state o Maine.
    Governor putting businesses under. Causing long lines in and out of stores. Directly against her order. Businesses cannot open, but protest okay?
    Think about it?
    Your being played.
    Only people that benefit from this is the federal reserve.
    History , look back, not so long ago.
    And and in case you don’t know.
    The federal reserve is not the government. It’s a private bank that consisted of the wealthiest that bailed out us government . Late eighteen hundreds early 1900 hundreds.
    Nixon sold out when dropped the gold, silver standard.
    Clinton sold out with NAFTA.
    Our ability to produce a viable product within our own borders.
    Even third world countries don’t ship raw materials these days.
    President ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    In Maine, we’ve been working on investing billions over the decades to clean up. And be able to produce a tangible , functional products.
    With environmental responsibility.
    NAFTA ripped it away.
    Literally pack up plants and send them out of country.
    Trump was elected, because
    Not everyone is a comic, talk show host, rocket scientist, lawyer.
    Worked for a living. Food on table,
    Providing. you know how to cook.?. Power goes out. I’m good. You?
    Called GNP.
    Or a check book.
    You spend more than you take in. Not so good. Called deficit
    Take in more than you spend called profit.
    Break even would be nice.
    State crying.
    Feds aren’t doing enough..
    Today .
    State has still not allocated unemployment funds to entitled recipient’s since layoff do to virus.
    Reason. They found fraud.
    Well imagine that. Golly gee Paw.
    Both state and federal funds..
    Our senator Collins secured 1.2 billion dollars for the state to aid to those businesses and people in need. Yet hangs on to it like it’s her own. And where am I going shopping.
    Or worse yet, a God complex.
    Be lucky if 10 cents on the dollar makes it to its original intention.
    Once again the lesser of two evils.
    Just wish we had the ability to make toilet paper and flour here.
    Not asking for nothing .
    Except one thing.
    When largest employers in the state used to be lumber, pulp. Manufacturing. Fishing.
    Now replaced by the state being the the single largest employer within the state?
    May be one dumbass. Farmer, automechanic,woodcutter, carpenter, furniture maker, cook, worm and clam digger, sewer worker, alarm installation tech. Welder,shipfitter.
    And convenience store clerk.
    Plus more.
    Nature of the beast. Do what you gotta do. Feed the family.
    Don’t steal.
    What comes around, goes around.
    If you don’t know all of history. Your bound repeat.
    By erasing history, even the bad things, one’s destined to repeat.
    But to dwell on it will stunt your ability to move forward.
    Let’s move on.
    Idea,top age limit on presidential candidates.
    Oh we’re screwed.
    Glad you are turning to the gray side.
    May the haze be with you.

  • Katelynne Hansen 2 months ago

    I have always liked this show, but I adore it from his attic.

  • Stella H 2 months ago

    Somebody’s working on a punch card 🤣

  • Theresa Vo 2 months ago

    You just scrolled all the way down then back up to read the comments

  • Kacey Bongarzone 2 months ago

    No Matter Who, Vote Blue

  • Freddy Freddy 2 months ago

    Oh boy!!!! Now the tax payers get to spend their , hard earned, money on them. Idiot.

  • David Fisher 2 months ago

    Stupid is as stupid does you should be on The view

  • Ardro Tokes 2 months ago

    this guy is an ultra douchebag.


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