Supreme Court Blocks Extended Voting In Wisconsin, Forces Voters Out To The Polls

Published on April 8, 2020

Stephen Colbert’s at-home monologue, which feels extra right today with the addition of Jon Batiste, takes a look at the Navy Secretary’s tone deaf speech and the tricky situation for primary voters in Wisconsin. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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  • Andy Brown 2 months ago


  • DEATHBYFLYINGCDS 2 months ago

    To make matters worse, southeastern Wisconsin was hit by severe thunderstorms.. I have a friend who had to STAND OUTSIDE IN A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM, WITH HAIL!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SO THEY COULD RISK GETTING CORONAVIRUS, SO THEY COULD VOTE!! WE HERE IN WISCONSIN ARE PISSED OFF! REPUBLICANS, AND DEMOCRATS ALIKE!

  • J B 2 months ago

    *25th Amendment*
    This *IDIOT KING* needs to be hauled out of the Whitehouse, and locked up in a padded cell; before his incompetence results in so many more Americans dying from this pandemic.

  • Reba Henderson 2 months ago

    This former Acting Secretary of the Navy is a disgrace and I guess this moron did not think in this information age his stupid announcement would not go viral either. HAhahaha. Stupip and naive.

  • Tflexxx02 2 months ago

    “Talk loudly and be a big dick.” Great rework of “Talk softly and carry a big stick”.

  • Jim Smedley 2 months ago

    Captain Crunch is under the direct command of Private Bone Spurs
    Captain Crozier? An American HERO!

  • Adrienne Reice 2 months ago

    That conversation with Biden was PERFECT absolutely perfect the most perfect ever!

  • merangreen 2 months ago

    Steven is my spirit animal this week! 🤣🤯

  • Soren Ingram 2 months ago

    It’s why it’s called a village, community state and nation we all dwell experience and rely on our combined and collective narrative rise together cliven we fall

  • marston 2 months ago

    Stephen you are looking good, better than on your TV Show. I don’t know what it is. Your face looks fresh, your hair is more relaxed. Be safe

  • Beth Hyde-Smith 2 months ago

    Come on, man, teenage girls don’t need to be compared to trump. In my experience, teenage girls are much kinder and more insightful than that impression, and even the worst, most annoying ones, are at least more creatively cutting.

  • December27 2 months ago

    Not everyone wants to know the truth, Stephen. Trump’s supporters couldn’t care less about the truth, or science, or their neighbours, or having active brain cells, or…

  • slothfulcobra 2 months ago

    To be technical, he’s not calling the captain stupid, he’s saying that obviously the captain’s leak was intentional, and he’s bitter about the disloyalty to the (fascist) administration in saving lives and allowing the people to know about the danger of the virus in opposition to the administration’s aggressive negligence.

  • Ander A 2 months ago

    I almost spat out my water on that “dirt on Joe Biden” joke. 🤣

  • Clairemyst Charles 2 months ago

    Yes please, more Jon!!

  • Akmundra 2 months ago

    Too bad the concept of “growing up” and “doing a job” are foreign to Donald. And we all know what he thinks about foreigners. Ba-dum-tsh.

  • MatchstalkMan 2 months ago

    $5 for a hand swab?

    $10 for a blow swab. Blow into this tissue and we swab it.

  • Melissa G 2 months ago

    Darwanism…take the safety labels off of everything and let things sort themselves out 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • GoGreen1977 2 months ago

    Those voters in Wisconsin are demonstrating that they, too, are heroes and true patriots. I started to cry when I saw film of obviously physically challenged, older voters were standing in line, making their way into the voting precincts. Heartbreaking at the same time heartwarming.

  • DINOSAUR 1984 2 months ago

    I love the fact that John wasn’t sure if they were doing the show. Confusing times we live in.


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