Superstar Tennis Champ Naomi Osaka On The Joys Of Going Unrecognized In Public

Published on December 6, 2022

Four-time Grand Slam tennis champion Naomi Osaka drops by for a fascinating interview covering some of her favorite things to do in New York, how she handles the mental health challenges that come with being a famous athlete, the joys of being able to go out in public without being recognized, and the reason she wrote her new book for children, “The Way Champs Play,” which is on sale now.
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  • Counterinfluencer 1 year ago

    What song did they play for her walk-on?

    I wish they could release their set lists because they have some of the most beautiful covers 🙂

  • Just Me 1 year ago

    She is taller than I thought..

  • AppleMac 1 year ago

    I didn’t know she’s that tall.

  • Jigga Henry 1 year ago

    That was hard to watch, as an introvert myself, I feel for her.

  • Tushar Kakkar 1 year ago

    She’s soooo down to earth

  • Nicola Ablett 1 year ago

    What a glorious young woman
    Love the thought on Why work through it, when I confront it, work through it and fix it

  • Linda Hendricks 1 year ago

    Beautiful inside and out.

  • Ken Meredith 1 year ago

    I think after facing down sports reporters looking for a breakdown, talking to a supportive crowd and interviewer is a breath of fresh air for Naomi.
    She’s a smart young woman and I hope she makes more appearances soon!

  • Mr Lewis 1 year ago

    Very beautiful aura

  • Mark Callaghan 1 year ago

    Sports star celebrity interviews are usually a bit boring.Unsurprisingly , given they spend all their time and mental energy on playing their sport well, not honing their anecdotes for tv appearances like many actors.

  • vuidre 1 year ago

    As an introvert myself and dread interviews, she did a great job i dont think i couldve done this myself

  • indrinita 1 year ago

    Why am I absolutely not surprised to see so many trolls on the interview of a fabulous, talented young Black female tennis star. Cope haters!


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