Superfan Tiffany Haddish Crashes Whoopi Goldberg’s Interview

Published on October 27, 2018

Tiffany Haddish surprises her Nobody’s Fool co-star Whoopi Goldberg mid-interview wearing her infamous Jumpin’ Jack Flash “shredder” dress to pitch a sequel.

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  • Non of your business o_o 2 years ago

    When you are early but you don’t know what to comment ??

  • Jijay Roxas 2 years ago

    *second Comment!!!!!! yayyy i love your show Jimmy!!!! Happy christmas!!Early squadd*

    Hope you have a great christmas
    awwhhh sooo cute………..i want mom like that

  • lisa koola 2 years ago

    my momma ❤️❤️ i’m gonna be the black Jessica Rabbit ??

  • Sumith Peiris 2 years ago

    Sister mary clarence???

  • HowToFun 2 years ago

    Wow lovely video! who else watches Jimmy Fallon
    every day?? ??

    Guys, I’m waiting you on my DIY channel! ❤

  • Lamin Bee 2 years ago

    Love Both Whoopi And Tiffany
    Both Talented And Full Of Positive Energy ❤️??

  • Lamin Bee 2 years ago

    Tiffany Out Here Speaking All The Movies She Wants To Play In Into Existence ???

  • New Message 2 years ago

    It isn’t even Halloween yet.. couldn’t wait for the xmas shirts ’till the 1st?

  • Graham Pawar 2 years ago

    Jimmy changed at 1:13 if you suddenly noticed it!

  • Mridul Nair 2 years ago

    Tiffany is such a fun girl to be around!!

  • Kiana Jai Mae 2 years ago

    When I become an actress, I always wanted Viola Davis to play my mother. I’m going to make that dream happen. Wish me luck. ??

  • Life Hack Cards 2 years ago

    Whoopi is a living legend.

  • TheMovieMyLife 2 years ago

    Looking forward to finding about another one of Tiffany’s dreams that comes true.
    You know she has list.

  • Jo Montanee 2 years ago

    Wow I never see her cry before, that is the first time seeing this funny and tough woman being so sincere, honest and vulnerable. Thank you for this sentimental moment Jimmy!

  • iamsheep 2 years ago

    I feel sorry for Tiffany Hadrian’s mother ?

  • Masechaba 2 years ago

    Whoopi is a legend, loved her from since when she played in an iconic movie here in South Africa which most South African’s grew up watching called Sarafina ❤

  • M M12345 2 years ago

    I wondered why Tiffany’s tear wasn’t moving down her face but then realised it was a mole/wart ?

  • BerriBare 2 years ago

    Whoopi’s a legend & Tiffany’s a legend in the making! Nice seeing these two together!

  • Jasmine Carlisle 2 years ago

    Tiffany is that friend where, she loves her friend’s mother more than her own mother. Whoopi Goldberg, is that woman that is like ‘The-Cool-Grandma’. Or like idk. Ignore me, ?? love you Tiffany and Whoopi!!.

  • bylakop bhu 2 years ago

    Love whoopi …. loved all her movies and still watch her movies when I get chance …..


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