Super Tuesday Sets Up Biden-Sanders Battle, Bloomberg Drops Out: A Closer Look

Published on March 4, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Joe Biden’s big night on Super Tuesday setting up a close two-person race with Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

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  • Thorium Guy 7 months ago


  • rodrigo alvarez 7 months ago

    This seems fishy smells like a fraude

  • Deborah Romilly 7 months ago

    Outstanding, thanks again Seth! You are a light in the darkness!

  • Muhammad Ahmed 7 months ago

    Damn seth is doing Bernie good. If Bernie wins seth deserves a place in the White House

  • mark harrowfield 7 months ago

    Go Bernie Sanders America’s only hope for salvation

  • RockThe Red870 7 months ago

    Biden is clearly senile, anyone paying attention to the race can see it. He is a massive liability, he WILL LOSE if he is nominated.

  • jay Harris 7 months ago

    Donald Trump love blaming Obama for every goddamn thing and you know the reason why his feelings are still hurt for Obama roasting him at the White House dinner this man need to get over it🤣

  • MrJuandiego1988 7 months ago

    This guy is better than Trevor Noah

  • Nothing New 7 months ago

    Donald’s face feels exactly like a cicus peanut. Explains the hue of orange too.

  • Random Lime 7 months ago

    Also note some Republican’s strategy , vote biden in the primaries and vote trump in
    the general to gaurantee their win. (especially open primary states).
    We have several states left and a long way to go yet. ppl make sure to
    Vote in the upcoming primaries !

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro 7 months ago

    1:26 And not just any _Calvin and Hobbes_ but the *origin* _Calvin and Hobbes_ !

  • sabin97 7 months ago

    if that snake warren had dropped out of the race before super tuesday, bernie would have won 9 to 5.
    instead of losing 10 to 4.

  • XAVIERCUERVO 7 months ago

    ”i havent touched my face in weeks ” its Radioactive thats way

  • Karen Hanania 7 months ago

    I’m wondering what took Trump so long to blame Obama for the coronavirus outbreak. Blaming Obama is definitely his go-to.

  • Raytheon Nublinski 7 months ago

    Trump is getting re-elected in November. Good news for this channel. Four more years of closer looks at a buffoon. Keep up the great work Seth. You got much more coming.

  • Amy Tuite 7 months ago

    Obamturage sounds awesome.

  • Risinson Christopher 7 months ago

    If Americans were thinking people they would ask why is it all these other candidates come together to go against Sanders if he isn’t a scare to their establishment elites .

  • ryne green 7 months ago

    Can we acknowledge that maybe Biden is showing signs of Dementia? The media is trying to make his gaffes as something quirky and relatable but I’m wondering if it’s signs of mental decline.
    It would be one thing if he slip up on occasion, everyone does that, however it constantly happening to him and now he’s making up stories about being arrested meeting Mandela and fighting for the civil right movement. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and my mom think Biden is showing signs of it based on what she went through with him.
    Something else that make me question it is his staff try to limit interviews and things like that to keep Biden from slipping up and Obama told Biden that he didn’t have to go through with this. Maybe he saw signs of it as well.
    If that is the case, should we really be voting for him? I get wanting to beat Trump but what good will that do if we replace him with someone on the mental decline?

  • Nick The SPlC Fuentes 7 months ago

    Honestly when trump is himself hes enjoyable and funny…when hes given establishment talking point by his handlers he sounds like a fn idiot. Wish he ditched the swamp and just resorted to golf and hilarious tweets

  • Eddie Kianana2014 7 months ago

    Trump will eat Biden’s Lunch, because Biden was for Iraq war, he was for disaster trade deals, bankruptcy legislation, and so on. Maybe DNC prefer Trump over Sanders, which means, DNC Prefer Cooperate power, and Billionaires over working people, who are the backbone of the Sander’s campaign. If they do, then they rather destroy Democratic Party than, let people’s power to run the Democratic Party.


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