“Super Nosy & Curious” – Why Katie Couric Was Born For A Career In Journalism

Published on October 27, 2021

Broadcasting legend Katie Couric, author of the new book “Going There”, was probably destined to become a journalist after spending her childhood idolizing Jane Pauley, writing and indulging her curious nature. Stick around for parts two and three of Katie’s chat with Stephen Colbert.

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  • laalaa99stl 1 year ago

    6:30 Stephen’s reaction to Katie declaring his obsolescence: chef’s kiss

  • alohadave13 1 year ago

    For the record, I love her. She’s a great reporter… [have at it trolls…]

  • Mark F 1 year ago

    Put! Numbers! On! Multiple! Video! Segments! Children shouldn’t be better at this than media industry professionals.

  • Joe Hodgson 1 year ago

    A woman completely unafflicted by modesty

  • jackie blue 1 year ago

    I dont believe observant & nosey Katie didnt know a thing about Matt Lauer miss me with that bs

  • Therese Nydahl 1 year ago

    This interview in full is a really good one and way better than “The View” did with Katie Couric. Let’s just say Sunny did a lousy job🙄

  • Jorge of Albion 1 year ago

    Number your three part segments, how hard is that?!

  • Phyllis Seidl 1 year ago

    Ya, I may be biased (well yea I am)…but listening to the ‘left’ is so sobering, sooo, dare I say normal. Man, compare that to batshit crazy ‘right’. I wonder if they watch Fox they feel the same? Yea. most likely.

  • Koral Davis 1 year ago

    The queen and goddess of news media

  • Berk Ç. 1 year ago

    This section needs secretariat

  • Lemont D'Ettinge 1 year ago

    Why put it all out there, Katie? – Stephen, have you heard of money?


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