Super Bowl LIV Highlight: J.Lo’s Halftime Show | The Daily Show



  • D. Reyes 3 years ago

    You forgot the political statements Trevor!! They were amazing!

  • Sagicorn24 3 years ago

    My husband and I just had fun saying mahomes about a lot of things

  • Linda van brunt 3 years ago

    There both good!

  • MadaCy 3 years ago

    Shakira KILLED it! Even the butt shaking. Shakira wins!

  • Kay2Jay 3 years ago

    Insert meme about moms loving Adam Levine last year with his shirt off
    Then complain about JLO poll dancing and Shakira telling the truth with her hips
    Kazuma: I yearn for true gender equality

  • Crystal 3 years ago

    Imagine watching the news and seeing yourself sleeping with your mouth open ??

  • Pat Pat 3 years ago

    Shakira! Shakira!

  • Infowars - Alex Jones Channel 3 years ago

    Protecting your daughter and sons from seeing the display of sexual exploitation at the #SuperBowl halftime show is showing love. We have to teach our younger generation that their value and self worth comes from what God says is true about them.

  • Jeremy Byington 3 years ago

    My mouth opened when Shakira played the guitar and then my jaw dropped when she was playing the drums. The only thing cooler would’ve been if she had one of the one-man-band suits with the equipment mounted to every part of her body and the she somehow made it sexy.

  • Hockey Patriot 3 years ago

    Anyone miss that Shakira literally dressed up as her character Gazelle from Zootopia?

  • manuel acosta 3 years ago

    They are both amazing
    But I prefer SHAKIRA 100%

  • Tim O'Neil 3 years ago

    I thought that was one of the worst halftime shows I’ve ever seen. It was all dancing with practically no focus on the music at all. Love ya trevor Noah but that was simply put a bad performance

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 3 years ago

    Sleeping brother just has kids is all. He’s tired.

  • Money Noob 3 years ago

    Trevor man. You da man! Keep it up!

  • angel gift studio 3 years ago

    The Latin Queens were on???
    J-Lo and Shakira thank you for?? representing? Latin women beautiful sexy with heart and soul ???
    Viva La Raza??

  • Brainstormer623 3 years ago

    “Just tell your kids J.Lo’s a firefighter.”

    The sad part is, I’m at least 60% sure that’d work.

  • Lisa Phillips 3 years ago

    ???..Trevor you’re a mess! ?Lol…

  • Bryan Lucas 3 years ago

    So he not gonna comment about shakiras meme worthy moment

  • hobbys cow 3 years ago

    Nobody cares what you say.

  • Geo Gmz 3 years ago

    Super Bowl Halftime Show Reactions:

    White Women: That’s so not classy. Ewww a pole?

    White men: Mmmm.. Low key.. Let me check Trivago real quick travel to Colombia.


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