Summary of Barr’s Senate Testimony: “Nah” | The Daily Show

Published on May 1, 2019

Robert Mueller raises concern over how William Barr characterized his report, while Barr gets cagey during Senate testimony, and blames Mueller for not coming to a more concrete conclusion in his report.



  • Zahira Dorder 2 years ago

    Trevor losing it at 1:20 is the cutest thing ever ?

  • Doug Grinbergs 2 years ago

    5:42 Sen Blumenthal: “May we have those notes?” Barr “No.” WTF! He deserves a tall glass of contempt-of-congress!

  • Jari Fuller 2 years ago

    why should you have them? wow…this 2 party is very broken. u r the god damn atty gen of the US! not a republican lawyer for potus

  • Dancing With Nature 2 years ago

    Well played, Senator Hirono! May he have to swim to Honolulu to kiss your State flag!!!?

  • Greuge 31 2 years ago

    Major flaw in American democracy “no defence against someone being a dick” Said in jest, but is the absolute truth ! No defence against Frump and Barr

  • Blessing Sungai 2 years ago

    Whoever is reading this, I hope you are smiling because of the wealth coming your way …

  • Moataz A 2 years ago

    0:50 So hilarious

  • Maggie E 2 years ago

    Omg Sen. Hirono had me shook js

  • Charles Hockenbury 2 years ago

    I’m so sick of this excuse about how it wasn’t a summary. If it wasn’t meant to be a summary, what the fuck was the point of it? I guess he’s just trying to say he meant to lay out what the team came to a conclusion on and not their evidence, but that’s even worse. For all we could have known, he’d could have just given any version of the conclusion he wanted and not have to explain anything. And as we found out with our own eyes and ears, he left out important and crucial context to the information and made his own conclusions when it says right in the report that Muller left it up to Congress for varies legal reasons. The point I’m making here is that he absolutely summarized the report, intentionally or not, and framed it as positive for the president as possible. This is utter bullshit, plain and simple.

  • Elisa Whitney 2 years ago

    I love Trevor ?

  • gigi stoner 2 years ago

    Impeach BARR! Impeach TRUMP!

  • CybershamanX 2 years ago

    I don’t know how Republicans can look at themselves in the mirror. If I was a Republican, I would be disgusted with the party. I think a big clue is the fact that Evangelicals follow them because they think that in the end, they think they will do things they want, like attack abortion rights, make guns easy to get, and keep foreigners out. But, you have got to question your views if the people who are ostensibly on your side are fundamentally evil, for lack of a better word. It’s just horrifying that a large segment of the population are supporting people who are rotting our country from the inside out. :/

  • Vitalis Yangme 2 years ago

    America has no defence against someone being a dick hehehe

  • James Williams 2 years ago


  • Asa Coe 2 years ago

    Barr is as dumb as a house full of Trumps.

    Can we end Trumps Fascist KAKISTOCRACY already?

  • sanoussy cisse 2 years ago

    Mueller did not reach a conclusion because of the DOJ rules that you can’t prosecute a sitting president so he laid out the evidence and suggested Congress to further investigation on these issues. If Mueller thought the president was clear he would not go through the trouble of laying out these possible obstruction cases, he only did because he can’t do anything about it but raise awareness. Come Trevor you gotta be better informed than that. Come on bro

  • i cant splel 2 years ago

    most people wont get that subway joke

  • YAYA 2 years ago

    I will say it again that muller guy is a fraud. tf you finish a report with hmmm idk

  • Tim Manning 2 years ago

    The un-credible Hulk ?

  • Vitalis Yangme 2 years ago

    Senator Richard: May we have those notes
    William: no (looking so pissed)
    Senator Richard: Why not
    William: Why should you have them?
    Senator Richard: ***So shocked.

    The weirdest fight ever hahaha


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