Sue Perkins Delivers Superb Rant About Harvey Weinstein – The Last Leg

Published on October 16, 2017

In the wake of the revelations regarding Harvey Weinstein, Sue Perkins offers her take on the matter.

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  • LivInADream 1 year ago

    That. was. perfect!!!

  • Lee Thomson 1 year ago

    Should be re-named pedowood or nonce wood

  • Judi O'Regan 1 year ago

    Oh man. I have been looking for the Sue Perkins mega rant for ages, and now I’ve found it! She says everything that needs to be said. And for all those insensitive pricks who would rather blame the victims, I think that every one of them should be locked in a hotel room with Weinstein all night, with him wearing just a bath towel and a greasy, shit eating smile.

  • Oliver Payne 1 year ago

    What a great fucking speech

  • Shirley Castle 1 year ago

    It is not ok to keep calling him the most powerful man in Hollywood

  • fmarsh09 1 year ago

    This is amazing

  • La Sarrissa 1 year ago

    Sue, I LOVE YOU

  • Ilona L. 1 year ago

    Yes. Exactly! That was amazing.

  • sianchild 1 year ago

    Yes Sue!!!!!

  • MrEmichan 1 year ago

    four people want to be a bathrobe wearing dinosaur.

  • Jim Norton's Alcoholism 1 year ago

    That one guy has no hands tho

  • bubba luv 1 year ago

    new cocktail in LA called the harvey allbanger

  • Michael Rawson 1 year ago

    I LOVE Sue Perkins!!! Grrreat rant! Fan-TASTIIIIC!

  • budd sumner 1 year ago

    Sue Perkins…a walking advertisement for sharia law

  • Buzz LightBeer 1 year ago

    Learned: Don’t trust actors when they tell you how to vote or live your life

  • EL SCIENCE 1 year ago

    damn i see Stephen Colbert finally got some work done on his face.

  • Harry Starzec 1 year ago

    I love Sue Perkins so, so much.

  • Libya ThinkTank 1 year ago

    Whoopi is one of the enlightened illuminati on the 54-member board of governors of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (If that ain’t enough, keep reading.) She defended Roman Polanski by saying: “I know it wasn’t RAPE rape.” The clip is on YouTube. He plead guilty to drugging and sodomizing a 13-year old at Jack Nicholson’s house. Thank goodness I grew up on a farm in Iowa, spent more time with cows and hogs than ppl. Seldom do animals exhibit violent behavior, except man. If Whoopi and an old fat sow were across the road in a hog lot, wallowing in manure, guess which one I’d be happy to go see.

  • theemissary1313 1 year ago

    And this is why I love you Sue Perkins!

  • futebolcapixabatv 1 year ago

    Harvey is finished. It’s time to go after others sexual predators.
    1 – Terry Richardson
    2 –


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